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Toy Making Tips & Tutorials

Need a little help with making your Funky Friends?

Check out these toy making articles!


Soft Toy Making Tips

Plush toy making BASICS

Can kids make their own toys? (Which patterns are EASIEST?)

Toy-making supplies, what do I need to get started?

VIDEO – How to ‘read’ a toy pattern Soft Toy Making Tips

Toy Safety Tips for home made toys.

Softie making TECHNIQUES

Put your best foot forward – How to sew PERFECT plushie feet!

Button Jointing for beginners

How to resize a toy pattern

See how to sew a traditional JOINTED Mohair Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Making Tips

How to make a Heat Pack toy

Ideas for toy eyesToy making FINISHING TOUCHES.

How to cut out felt – 5 easy techniques for neat accurate peices!

Ideas for soft toy eyes

Craft/Safety Eyes Photo Tutorial

Googly Eyes Photo Tutorial

How to make Horse’s mane from yarn/wool or fleece.

Toy Stuffing - what can I use to fill my toy?

How to make a ‘NO SEW’ fleece scarf for your Funky Friends! 

PHOTO TUTORIAL - plush toy sewing patternsPlushie making PHOTO TUTORIALs

Simple Softie - PLATYPUS Pattern Photo Tutorial

BABY SAFE BUNNY Toy Pattern Photo Tutorial

Dilby DUCK Toy Pattern Photo Tutorial

Ellie ELEPHANT Toy Pattern Photo Tutorial

Christmas ELF TWINS Toy Pattern Photo Tutorial

Heather HIPPO Toy Pattern Photo Tutorial

Horsey HORSE& Unix UNICORN Toy Pattern Photo Tutorial

Joey Junior KANGAROO Toy Pattern Photo Tutorial

Larry LION Toy Pattern Photo Tutorial

PUPPY PETE Toy Pattern Photo Tutorial

Silly Scraps SNAKE TOY Pattern Photo Tutorial

Wodger WOMBAT Toy Pattern Photo Tutorial

How to sew Reggie Reindeer without button joints!

FREE Toy Sewing Patterns


All about FABRICS

Choosing fabrics for your softies - fussy cutting!

Tips for sewing with Fleece

Where can I buy fleece fabric online?

Wool Felt or Acrylic Felt – which is better for softies?

Organic Fabrics

Washing soft toys – wash day blues!

Recycling, Upcycling, Repurposing – it’s all good for toy-making!


remove the needle plate dust fluff lint in sewing machine

SEWING BASICS Tips and Tricks

Eeeeek! My sewing machine ATE my fabric NOW WHAT?

How often should I have my sewing machine serviced?