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#Funky5000 Winner PLUS even more “Me & My Funky Friend” Contest Entries.

Jul 10, 2022 | Blog, Competitions & Giveaways

It’s time to reveal the winner (chosen at random) of our #Funky5000 contest, or as I like to call it, “Me and My Funky Friend.” The first  round-up of “Me and My Funky Friend” photos was such fun, so I thought you’d also like a part 2! What’s the occasion? We’re celebrating reaching 5000 members in our Funky Friends Factory Pattern Fan Club Group with a competition. Read on to find out who the winner of the $50 gift voucher is, but first let’s look at some of the photos of people, pets, and their Funky Friends

Let’s Meet Some Makers…


We got so many pics of gift recipients and their new plush pals, and I love seeing “kids” of all ages in the photos. These two cuties got their own custom Edward and Edwina Elves sewn by Janet Roberta Mahoney.

Click HERE to purchase the Elf pattern.

Elf Pattern


Shirley Bray surprised her co-worker with a sweet little Butch Bulldog complete with a pink, polka dot ribbon. 

Click HERE to purchase the Bulldog pattern.


Cheryl Bock whipped up an eight-legged pal in ”Australiana” fabric with the Ozzie Octopus pattern.

Click HERE to purchase the Octopus pattern.

Octopus Pattern



Janeal Egbert’s lovely mom (age 99 and ½!) asked her for a blue bunny, and this Easter Bunny Buddy now sits on her bed.

Click HERE to purchase the Easter Bunny sewing pattern.



This bee-utiful little girl loves her Bumble the Bee sewn by Janet O’Neil Conlon.

Click HERE to purchase the Bumble Bee pattern.



Honey Teddy makes a great first Funky Friend. This baby’s gift was sewn by Cassandra Helzer.

Looking for a FREE teddy bear pattern?

Honey Teddy Bear is a free pattern that I give to my newsletter subscribers as a  thank you gift. If you haven’t got the pattern already – scroll down to the bottom of the page and sign up for my newsletter.  

Meet - Introducing FREE Teddy Bear Pattern



The Melody Memory Bear Pattern is great for sewing a memory bear from baby clothes. Look how happy this little girl is with her memory bear sewn by Jess Banks.

I think she was a huge hit! 

Click HERE to purchase the Melody Memory Bear Pattern.



The Melody Memory Bear Pattern is also great for sewing a memory bear for a graduation. Theresa Daly used the free Funky Friends Factory mortar board pattern to make a special Melody Memory Bear for her granddaughter’s graduation.

Click HERE to purchase the Melody Memory Bear Pattern.

Want a FREE Mortar Board sewing pattern?

 You can use my free Mortar Board pattern (with video) to make a graduation hat for any Funky Friend, whether you want it to be an autograph toy or not (see the end of this post for more examples).



Mortar board graduation korina dacshund image



This young man’s graduation Melody Bear was sewn from a collection of his school uniforms by Gail McKnight Anderson of Gail’s Little Sewing Room.

Click HERE to purchase the Melody Memory Bear Pattern.

Want to add a collar to your tie toy?


a handy guide to add a collar

to a Memory Bear


Collar bear add a collar to a memory bear by Funky Friends Factory how to

(Melody Memory Bear above sewn by by Gail McKnight Anderson of Gail’s Little Sewing Room.) 



The Melody Memory Bear Pattern is also great for sewing a memory bear for a Christmas present. Ange A. sewed these 2 memory bears for her colleague’s daughters – to remember their Grandma.

Click HERE to purchase the Melody Memory Bear Pattern.



This happy smiley Calico Bear was the first school uniform keepsake that Kristy Grandfield sewed and it turned out great!

Click HERE to purchase the Calico Bear pattern.


FREE printable tags:

In the photo you can see that Kristy is using one of the free tags I designed for toy sellers and gift givers. In addition to a “handmade with love” tag, there’s one pre-printed with proper copyright info so you don’t have to format it yourself. There’s even a tag you can use to give copyright credit to any pattern designer of any type of product, from purses to aprons. You can download several tag designs for free HERE.

Printable PDF craft labels



Here you can see the Ben BEGINNER Bear pattern sewn Nancy M.C. who repurposed some old blankets into this dapper little bear!

Click HERE to purchase the BEGINNER Bear pattern.

Ben Beginner Bear Pattern Product



This little fellow looks so pleased with the Digger Dachshund sewn for him by Lindsey Mortimer. I think it’s because he picked out the fabrics for his doggy himself!

Click HERE to purchase the Dachshund pattern.


Next up is a ginormous Minecraft theme Crocodile Steve sewn by Sadie Behr, who printed it out on A3 so it came to a length of 74cm. Sadie said she had so much fun bringing him to life and her daughter is crazy about him.

Click HERE to purchase the Crocodile Pattern

Crocodile Sewing Pattern

HOW TO enlarge a toy pattern:

For a tutorial on enlarging or reducing a pattern, go here:
HOW TO re-size a toy pattern!

HOW to resize a pattern




Here is a fun pic of some of the toys that Brenda Abernathy has sewn for her granddaughter!!!

Click HERE to purchase the Lion pattern.



Jennifer Newman Brown donated this cute Ozzie Octopus and William Whale to her local library today. The librarians were super excited!

Click HERE to purchase the Whale pattern.

Click HERE to purchase the Octopus pattern.

Octopus Pattern



I LOVE this “action shot” of this Mango Meerkat sewn by Nicole DeGraw. Happiness is a joyride with a meerkat, right!?!

Click HERE to purchase the Meerkat pattern.




Lamkins Lamb Pattern sewn by Carole Jenkins, and fed by bottle by…

Click HERE to purchase the Lamkins Lamb pattern.


Sam Quincey sewed this sweet Daisy Dress Up Doll. I don’t know who’s cuter – Daisy or her new owner?

Click HERE to purchase the Dress Up Doll Pattern




Giraffe sewing pattern sewn by Brittney Quidachay in what I like to call “au naturale fabrics.”

Click HERE to purchase the Giraffe pattern.



Look at this cute dog with it’s OWN toy dog… or dog toy – depending how you say it. This is Poppy the PUPPY Pattern sewn by Karen Kowalik.

Click HERE to purchase the Poppy PUPPY Pattern.

Poppy PUPPY Sewing Pattern



What a fun pic of Laura Peters Cartoscelli – so many toys so little time?

Click HERE to purchase the Fox pattern.


Click HERE to purchase the Puppy Dog pattern.

Click HERE to buy the Triceratops pattern.

Triceratops Dinosaur sewing pattern



This cute kitty is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry curious of the newly arrived Fifi Fox sewn by Jan S.C. 


I think she approves of Fifi because she gave her a nose boop!

Click HERE to purchase the Fox pattern.



A sweet Sammy Shark submitted by Chris Barnes… I love the fishes on the TV in the background!

Click HERE to buy the Sammy Shark pattern.



AND our winner is…

There were so many entries, I’m glad it was a lucky draw and I didn’t have to pick a winner! Congrats goes to this bunch of Calico and Melody Memory bears and their creator, 

Glenda Newton!



a $50 Funky Friends Factory
Gift Voucher


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FREE toy pattern?


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NOT on Facebook? ENTER by email! 😀

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So come on! Share your photos  ~> The next winner could be YOU!!!

Pauline McArthur - Funky Friends Factory.
Till next time,

Happy Sewing,


  1. Nancy M C

    This was a great post!
    So fun to see all the amazing creations.
    Thank you Pauline for sharing all these projects! Xoxo

    • Pauline

      Hey Nancy, thank you – it does take a while for me to gather the toy pics and upload them so I am happy you liked the post!

  2. Chris barnes

    Some fab toys, just a little info it’s actually a fish tank behind my daughter.

    • Pauline

      Oh WOW, sorry Chris! It looked so bright, I guess that’s why I just assumed it was a tv! Lucky you to have such an awesome fish tank!!!

  3. Judy Harding

    Congratulations Glenda! Love your collection of Funky Friends!

  4. Bren

    Good morning Pauline, I purchased poppy puppy and fifi fox for my great nephews. I’m just starting to put the patterns on the cardstock(cereal box). FYI, I am disabled, and having a problem cutting the cereal box mounted pattern pieces. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I tried a rotary cutter, and I tried scissors, without luck. Help

    • Pauline

      Hi Bren, I spoke to a friend who has dexterity issues and she does not paste the pattern pieces onto card. She suggested printing the pattern pages on a slightly thicker paper than standard printer paper, if you can cut that. You’ll can experiment to see if you find a woven fabric or fleece type fabric… different people have different opinions on which is easier to work with. 🙂


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