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NEW Gorilla toy pattern!

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Yeehar! Finally, the time has come to release my NEW Gorilla toy pattern! I know I say that I fall in love with each new toy pattern I design BUT this little fellow has such a sweet face –

you just want to pick him up
and give him a cuddle!



Gregory has a sweet little gorilla with a cute smiley face and he will look good in all  sorts of colours and textures.

Just look at all these
lovely feedback photos!!!!


Is there a Gorilla Pattern tutorial?


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NEW Keepsake Bear Pattern for you to sew lovely keepsakes with! 💗🧸💗

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Yeehar! Finally, the time has come to release my NEW Keep Me KEEPSAKE BEAR pattern BUT first, I want to apologise to those of you who have been waiting so long, I think you’ll understand once I explain why.

I haven’t been keeping you
waiting for nothing.

I have been through what can only be described as a personal hell since February 2019, both mentally and physically. You may already know that I have been involved in a copyright dispute with one of my customers but now that the dispute has been settled in my favour, and the settlement money has cleared in my account – I feel it’s important that I let everyone know what has happened and how devastating it has been for me to have to defend my life’s work like this and hopefully I can have some closure and move on with my life! The settlement payment will cover my legal costs (I have paid over $20,000 in legal fees!) and also compensate for lost income from lost sales due to reduced web traffic BUT it will NEVER compensate me for the personal toll this has taken on me and my family – which has been so devastating that I feel I have literally lost 18 months of my life dealing with this. My health has been affected to the point I’ve needed medication. I have been put on anti-depressants because I was in such a bad way mentally, at the end of last year, that at times I was crying uncontrollably and unable to concentrate on work and unable to sleep through the night, waking up from grinding my teeth and disturbing my husband (as I was apparently thrashing around so much). I’ve spent over 20 years of hard work developing my sewing patterns and my business and it’s a real body-blow when others copy my sewing patterns.

This matter, which I consider involved one of my customers blatantly copying one of my sewing patterns, has been legally settled and I can’t even begin to explain how incredible it feels to say it’s finally O-V-E-R!


It’s a HUGE relief knowing I can rely on my copyright to protect my patterns and my business

The sad thing is that this situation is not unique to ME and the Funky Friends Factory sewing patterns… In writing this blog post I want to give hope to other pattern designers and members of the crafting community who have had their work copied.


I want you to know that when someone copies your original work you don’t just have to “accept it” – something CAN be done! 


Although I am a great believer in the concept that “everything happens for a reason” – I still haven’t figured out why I had to go through an experience as stressful as this legal dispute. I guess one positive is that the delay has given me time to tweak my Keepsake Bear Pattern ~ and BOY did I tweak!


Here’s me with the final Keepsake Bear – Prototype No.10  – which is why we decided to score him 10/10!!!!

Keepsake Bear Pattern finished


Let’s get back to the HAPPY NEWS  –

It’s time to introduce the latest Funky Friends Factory pattern!


Meet the new Keep Me KEEPSAKE Bear Pattern


This baby-faced teddy bear was specifically designed for sewing keepsakes. With an adorable heart-shaped nose, cute upturned muzzle, arms and legs sewn into seams (for easy construction), large flat spaces for embroidery or HTV (heat transfer vinyl) letters….. and a chubby little bottom for extra “hugginess” –  this is a perfect pattern for you to sew lovely keepsakes with!

How many items of baby clothes do you need for a baby bear keepsake?

I used about 8 – 10 pieces of baby clothing to make each baby keepsake. The Keep Me Keepsake Bear Pattern has a large flat TUMMY PIECE which is great for embroidery and there is enough space on the ARMS and the FOOT PADS to add birth dates and details – so this is also a great bear pattern for embroidery or HTV (heat transfer vinyl) lettering.

*** For the embroiderers out there – you can fit a 4inch/10cm square embroidery design on the TUMMY, ARM, BACK and PAW PAD PIECES.  ***

The Keepsake Bear is not just for baby keepsakes, it can be used for a bereavement bear too. You can use most fabrics for the Keepsake Bear. One of the testers used some lovely soft Luxe Cuddle from Shannon Fabrics to create plain fluffy bears which were just as cute (if not cuter?) than anything I have seen in a store!!!!

Look at all these lovely feedback photos!!!!


Is there a Keepsake Bear Pattern tutorial?

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NEW Funky Friends Factory pattern – Licorice the Lemur – who loves to “Move it, move it!

Posted under BlogNEW Softie Patterns on 2020-07-03 12:57:07

Yeehar! My Lemur sewing pattern is ready for release to the general public!


So without further ado ~>

Licorice the


Lemur sewing pattern


Licorice is a big-eyed, baby lemur who loves to “Move it, move it! 🙂 I designed his tail, arms and legs so that he can sit down or leap around from tree to tree, just like a REAL lemur! He has lots of pieces so I wouldn’t recommend this pattern for a beginner BUT he’s so cute you’ll definitely want to give him a go, once you’ve tried one of my easy toy patterns, (if you are a beginner sewer or are new to sewing toys).

Recommended Lemur fabrics:

The Lemur toy can be sewn in most fabrics. I sewed Licorice out of quilting cottons but stretch (knit) fabrics like fleece or Cuddle would be nice and snuggly! He also looks great in every colour combination you could think of. 

Look at all these lovely feedback photos!!!!

Lemur sewing pattern customer feedback collage


There were so many lovely Lemurs created by our Sew Many Funky Friends Club Members that I made a second feedback collage!!!

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FREE Unicorn Keepsake Pattern to sew in Lockdown!🦄

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The FREE Unicorn Keepsake Pattern ADD-ON for my Calico Bear is ready!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!! 😁

I’m sorry it’s taken ages –
I’ve been
a bit sick…




Turns out I’ve got a severe sinusitis – not covid, THANK GOODNESS!

It’s just been hard to get stuff done when it feels like my head’s on fire! BUT I’m really excited to share this memory bear pattern ADD-ON with you, so you can sew lovely keepsakes, while we’re in lockdown!

I’m LOVING how she turned out!!!!

FREE Calico UNICORN Keepsake Pattern ADD-ON

HOW do you get the UNICORN Keepsake Pattern ADD-ON for FREE?

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A new Funky Friends Factory dinosaur sewing pattern!

Posted under BlogNEW Softie Patterns on 2020-04-12 13:51:26

Yeehar! My TICERATOPS Dinosaur toy sewing pattern is ready for release to the general public! Kids LOVE dinosaurs… and lots of adults do too! So I was really excited when our Club Members voted for a Triceratops Pattern. Two frill options are included so you can choose between Trixie with a more realistic, flatter frill or Tristan with a more cartoon-like, upright, spiky frill.

So without further ado ~>
meet Tristan & Trixie


TRICERATOPS dinosaur pattern


These chunky dinosuar toys will look great in all sorts of colours and textures!



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