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May MAKER OF THE MONTH – wins a FREE Funky Friends Factory Pattern!

Jun 26, 2022 | Blog, Competitions & Giveaways

It’s time to announce our May MAKER of the MONTH finalists and winner! 

Let’s take a look…


This bee-utiful version of the Bumble Bee toy pattern was sewn by Sheila DeMeritt. I love the way the blue stripes look on this toy. 

Bee toy pattern sewn by Sheila DeMeritt

Click HERE to purchase the Bumble Bee pattern.


Cheri MoellerTruesdale made this Artie Aardvark for a retiring co-worker from her favorite scrub top. How thoughtful!

Click HERE to purchase the Aardvark pattern.




Jonell Hart enlarged the Mix & Match Monsters pattern to 140% for a reading pillow and reduced it to 40% to use as a bookmark. It’s good to use an easy pattern like the Mix & Match Monsters when enlarging or reducing a pattern for the first time.

Mix & Match Monsters sewn by Jonell Hart

Click HERE to purchase the Mix & Match Monsters pattern.



HOW TO re-size a toy pattern:

For a tutorial on enlarging or reducing a pattern, go here:
HOW TO re-size a toy pattern!

HOW to resize a pattern


Lisa Nelson of Sewn 4 You Memory Keepsakes used a fuzzy white sweater and a striped top to make this adorable memory bear version of Calico Signature Bear.


And another memory bear!

Judy Blankenship Eaton has started a fun new trend in our Patterns Fan Club by adding sentimental costume jewelry to her creations. This Calico Signature Bear looks effortlessly elegant in pearls.

Click HERE to purchase the Calico Bear pattern.



This jaunty version of the Melody Memory Bear Pattern was sewn by Tania Walkom as the first of a set of keepsake toys. I love the fussy-cutting Tania did on the clothing items.

Click HERE to purchase the Melody Memory Bear Pattern.



Julie Holmes made this Ben the BEGINNER Bear as a signature keepsake so a young primary school graduate could have a special momento that wouldn’t just languish in a drawer. 

Click HERE to purchase the BEGINNER Bear pattern.

Ben Beginner Bear Pattern Product



This pink Slowpoke Sloth sewn by Caroline Moyer has been a big hit in our Patterns Fan Club, but it hadn’t been gifted to its new owner yet and had to be kept a secret. Now it’s free to meet the world.

Sloth sewing pattern sewn in pink fur


It’s so cute  – especially hanging out in Caroline’s sewing room! 

Sloth toy sewing pattern in fake fur

Click HERE to purchase the Sloth pattern.


Every day is a good day to dress up when you’re a Daisy Dress Up Dolll. With multiple outfit and hair possibilities, Daisy stays in style all the time. This doll sewn by Wendy Bruce even has leather shoes. 

Click HERE to purchase the Dress Up Doll Pattern



This Lloyd Llama pattern sewn by Teri Wolf is covered in tiny llamas…just the way things should be, I think!

Click HERE to purchase the Llama & Alpaca Pattern.



These Coco Chameleons sewn by Andrea Nettles look gorgeous in Shannon Cuddle™️, and they’re definitely easier to feed than the real thing because these plush critters come with felt flowers to nibble. The matching pink and blue eyes are a great touch.

Chameleon sewing pattern sewn by Andrea Nettles@z

Click HERE to purchase the Chameleon pattern.



The Gertrude Guinea pig pattern produces some of the most realistic Funky Friends, especially when made with fluffy fabrics. Jo Ann Carroll whipped up these cuties in Shannon Cuddle™️.  


Click HERE to purchase the Guinea Pig pattern.



This Mickey Moose sewn by Cheryl Bock looks gorgeous in cute Alaskan fabric.

Moose toy sewing pattern

Click HERE to buy the Mickey Moose pattern.



Jeanette Aubert sewed this GORGEOUS Diggles Dragon as a birthday present for her doggy!

What a lucky pup!

Dragon pet dog sewn by Jeanette aubert 2

Click HERE to purchase the Dragon Sewing pattern.



Shirley Smith says her dog never goes to sleep without a Funky Friend head rest. This one happens to be Digger Dachshund.

Click HERE to purchase the Dachshund pattern.


And one more happy dog!!!!!


I’m loving this happy version of the Lucky Labrador sewing pattern sewn by MaggieWeindorfer

Labrador sewing pattern seewn by MaggieWeindorfer

Click HERE to purchase the Labrador pattern.



This bright and cheerful version of the Nate Narwhal pattern was sewn in batik fabric by Alicia McLean.

Click HERE to purchase the Narwhal pattern.

Narwhal Pattern



AND this month’s winner is…Stephanie Hardy

Congrats to this month’s winner, Stephanie Hardy!

a FREE Funky Friends Factory Pattern ~>
of your choice!


Click HERE to purchase the Squirrel pattern.

Squirrel Pattern



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  1. Peggy G

    Wow!! There are so many talented people in this group!!! I love it!! Thanks for putting these pics together each month, Pauline. Happy mail in my inbox!!

    Congrats to Stephanie! I love squirrels and I actually collect squirrel-related things – yes, really! Your squirrel is adorable!!!

    • Pauline

      Thanks Peggy, it’s great for me to know we add some fu to your inbox – and that you also love looking at the feedback photos!

  2. Susan

    You are all so creative! I loved each and every Critter!

    • Pauline

      Thanks Susan, it’s so hard to pick which to put in the post and which to leave out as there are always such a cute bunch to choose from!


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