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Feb 6, 2022 | Blog, Customer Feedback

Ready to see some super special sewing? The Maker of the Month contest celebrates the finest in creativity from Funky Friends fans all year long, so I thought you’d enjoy a 2021 wrap-up post! Below you’ll find last year’s 12 winners collected in one place for easy viewing… make sure to scroll to the end to find out how you can enter our MAKER OF THE MONTH competition to WIN a free  Funky Friends Factory Pattern of your choice!

Let’s look back at the 2021 winners…

January 2021

Our winner was Arja Emilia who posted her polka dot “party” version of the Randy Rhino Sewing Pattern. She asked the other Members of our Pattern Fan Club how many rhinos she should make and the overwhelming answer was, “If they’re this cute, you need a whole herd!

Rhino pattern sewn by ArjaEmilia

Click HERE to purchase the Rhino pattern.


February 2021

Hayley Sayers taught her daughter to sew (by hand) and nine-year-old Rebecca made this Dizzy Dolphin all by herself! (Mom helped with a ladder stitch on the stuffing gap, but Rebecca did the rest on her own). 

Dolphin kids sewing sewn by HayleySayers daughter

Click HERE to buy the Dolphin pattern.

Dolphin pattern cover


March 2021

March’s winner combined spring flower fabric with the Calico Bear pattern to create a toy that will bring smiles all year long. Congratulations Lisa French

Click HERE to purchase the Calico Bear pattern.


April 2021

Our winner, Jennifer Mueller, made this adorable version of the Raff Giraffe Pattern from a dress her daughter wore to the famous Cheyenne Mountain Zoo giraffe exhibit, where she got to feed a real giraffe. What a cute toy and a fabulous keepsake!   

Giraffe sewing pattern sewn by Jennifer Mueller

Click HERE to purchase the Giraffe pattern.


May 2021

Our May Maker of the month, Lizzy Newstead-Bentham, sewed this stunning Larry Lion as a wedding keepsake made from both the wedding dress and groom’s suit. Even the back and tail include incredible details! This may be the first “wedding lion” I’ve seen, but I don’t think it will be the last!

Lion Pattern sewn by LizzyN-B

Click HERE to purchase the Lion pattern.


June 2021

Congrats to this month’s winner, Elizabeth Percival! Ruffles, stripes, gingham and bows all blend beautifully in this delightful (and creative!) school uniform keepsake from Elizabeth Percival. This pattern is great for easily mixing coordinated fabrics, so I hope we see more keepsake versions of the Gertrude Guinea Pig Pattern in the future!

Click HERE to purchase the Guinea Pig pattern.


July 2021

 Ginny Murphy is this month’s winner. Not only is this a wonderful version of the Melody Memory Bear Pattern, it has a great story. Plus this was Ginny’s FIRST EVER BEAR, she used the challenging fabrics of denim tartan, and look how well she matched the stripes on the plaid! I’m going to let Ginny tell you this story herself! Here’s her post: “A while ago I told you about a bear I made for a former neighbor. He had told me that he had never had a teddy bear, so for his 94th birthday I made my first ever Melody Bear and gave it to him today. He’s Scottish so I made it out of Anderson tartan as that’s his surname. As you can see, he was delighted with it.” Happy 94th Birthday Mr. Anderson and congrats to Ginny! 

Click HERE to purchase the Melody Memory Bear Pattern.


August 2021

Congrats to this month’s MAKER OF THE MONTH – Rebecca KarstadTalk about a fantastic fabric upcycle! Rebecca found this pink velvet in an old costume shop and gave it an extra fabulous second life as a Sue Squirrel! The “very rare Pink Squirrel,” seen here in its natural habitat, has a poofy tail, fluff-tipped ears, and an added acorn treat. 

Squirrel Pattern in faux fur sewn by RebeccaKarstad

Click HERE to purchase the Squirrel pattern.

Squirrel Pattern



September 2021

This month’s winner, with this version of the Larry Lion Pattern sewn by Judie Flower, is certainly a head-turner. Judie says Larry is constantly fluffing his mane to show he has the most luscious locks in the jungle.

Lion Pattern with rainbow mane sewn by judieF

Click HERE to purchase the Lion Sewing pattern.


October 2021

Congrats to our October Maker of the Month, Jan MitchellSuch happiness! Jan made a gorgeous version of my new Kelsey Keepsake Unicorn pattern for this little cutie’s birthday. The tutu is included in the pattern, but Jan also added a necklace, a butterfly, and lots of other bling!!!!

Kelsey keepsake Unicorn Pattern sewn by Jan Mitchell

Click HERE to purchase the Keepsake Unicorn pattern.


November 2021

Congrats to November Maker of the Month Julie Jordan!

 This Calico Signature Bear keepsake required lots of planning, as the vintage scarf and skirt materials were made of multiple fabrics and beaded embellishments. Julie reached out to our Facebook group for advice and the finished keepsake is lovely!


Click HERE to purchase the Calico Bear pattern.

December 2021

Congrats to Jo Ann Carroll, our December Maker of the Month!  Jo Ann submitted multiple toys this month, and each one of them could have been the winner on its own but her delightful collection of Prince Charming Frogs took my heart!

Frog sewing pattern by Pauline McArthur sewn by JoAnnCarroll

Click HERE to purchase the Frog Pattern

Frog Pattern


For more examples of fabulous toys, check out the “finalists” featured in each individual Maker of the Month post here on the blog. Just hit the button to view older blog posts and you’ll happen upon them. 

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