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Wolf pattern update!

Dec 15, 2021 | Blog, FFF News

Woohoo, the Wolf pattern has a name!

Thank you for ALL of your suggestions – boy, who knew there were so many “W” names? We had some AWESOME suggestions including – Whisper, Willow, Winter, Wyatt, Wren, Wallace, Wilma, Woden, Wendy, Woodsie, Wiggles, Wisteria, Wags, Waggles, Wonder, Wander, Wilde, Wilson, Whittle, Warg, Wilf, Wendell, Whitaker, Whimsy, Wasabi, Woohoo and Wild Thing!


AND the winner is…

Winsome the Wolf!

While I’ve been designing this wolf sewing pattern, I’ve been thinking that a wolf toy would look a bit SCARY BUT when I turned the final prototype right sides out (no. 14!!!!!) and stuffed her little face – the thought struck me…. “She’s Winsome!!!!” 💗
Her face was unexpectedly sweet and her head, turned to the side, gave her such an adorable expression… it was LOVE at first sight for me!!!!


To be honest…. I did have to look in a Dictionary to be sure of the meaning BUT with such a sweet, innocent look on her face, she’s definitely winsome!



Congrats to Diane Berry and Cheryl Lieschke who suggested Winsome. BOTH of you win a free copy of the pattern (once it’s released).


I can’t wait for the final reveal to show her to you. She’s got an entirely unique leg style for a Funky Friend.  I’m just doing some finishing touches and I’ll be sending out a request for testers soon.

So watch your Email for updates!

Pauline McArthur
Till next time, happy sewing,



  1. Gillianne Adams

    Wonderful! Winsome is a perfect name ladies and this is my new favourite funky friend. I want a paper copy in UK! Please Santa!

  2. Shirls Smith

    Congratulations Diane and Cheryl for choosing the perfect name for the cute Wolf!
    Winsome is a great selection.
    I am so looking forward to testing Winsome the Wolf.❤️

  3. Denise

    Great name, and she ended up gorgeous. I know like many kids she gave you a hard time, but she was worth it.

    • Jan Robertson

      Great name !! Can’t wait for this pattern to be in my collection !!

  4. TAMMI Stillion

    Do you now about when your volf pattern is coming out? My new grandson will be here born in late March and the theme in his nursery is woodland animals. Thanks i luv her new namw. I would luv to be a tester.

  5. Kristin Howell

    I cant wIt to try this one. Adorable!

  6. Donna J Kaisner

    Wonderful💗💗💗I love the name & can’t wait to sew her

  7. Jasmin Hutchison

    Can’t wait! She looks amazing already. Winsome is such a cute name. Definitely looking forward to buying the pattern 😍😍 x

  8. Jennifer Redd

    Congratulations! Winsome is the perfect name! I can’t wait to test this baby out!!

  9. Stephanie

    Gorgeous sneak peak. Definitely Winsome! Can’t wait for the final 🙂

  10. Judi

    Oh, she is BEAUTIFUL! I agree – this is the most gorgeous face 🙂 I was always a “Team Jacob”….give me a big furry “dog” any day. Can’t wait for this one. Thank you for all your designing hard work!

  11. Paula


  12. Pauline Edwards

    congrats Diane and Cheryl … that’s a beautiful name … I can’t wait for the Winsome Wolf pattern, she sounds beautiful
    … again congrats

  13. Caroline

    What a lovely little face she has. She will be adored by everyone who sees her 😊😊 xx

  14. Pat

    Beautiful name. I’m ready to test with my upcoming holiday off

  15. Glenda

    Once you see this pattern ..Winsome is perfect

  16. Terry

    Awh. Winsome is so sweet. Love the name. Congrats to the winners!

  17. Teresa Sinor

    Beautiful name (Winsome) fits her perfectly. I am so
    Happy for the authors of her name. I would
    Love to test out the pattern you worked so very
    hard to get her right. 14 test samples, I bet they are
    Cute too. That was a fun contest too.

  18. Laura Coniglario

    SO ADORABLE!! Just waiting on the release, already have the fabric ready!!!

  19. Susan Carter

    Love her name. She looks wonderful at design#14. Can’t wait to purchase the pattern.

  20. Mary Bond

    Absolutely Perfect!

  21. Patricia Mickelsen

    Great name! Congratulations Diane and Cheryl.
    I’ll be watching for the release so I can make Winsome for my own…and a few more for grandkids.

  22. Carla

    I would love to test as a newbie to funky friends but not a novice sewist!!! Beautiful prototype 😊

  23. Peggy G

    Eeep!! I studied wolves and wolf behavior back in college as part of my wildlife biology degree so I MUST SEW WINSOME ASAP!! I love her!!! She looks like a real wolf, but one you can actually hug 😉

  24. Gill Johnson

    Absolutely perfect name. Irresistible face. Welcome to Winsome.

  25. Cheryl Lieschke

    Wow, I cant believe I won something.
    Winsome is a beautiful name and I cant wait to receive my pattern and put her together.

    Thanks Pauline

    • Pauline

      Yay!!! Sending you a link with the Wolf Pattern Prize now that it’s finished! 😀

  26. Kim

    I’m so excited for this pattern to come out 🥰

  27. Pat Pruitt

    Looking forward to sewing her. Love it


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