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Week 4 – Celebrating Shark Week 2022 – How to enlarge a toy pattern to sew a body pillow!

Aug 21, 2022 | Blog, Toy-making TIPS & TUTORIALS

I know Funky Friends Factory fans love SUPER-SIZED toys, so the jumbo project in this blog post is sure to bring some smiles: ocean creature body pillows! Create a kooky, comfy bed with body pillows made from the patterns for Sammy Shark, Dizzy Dolphin pattern, Stu Sea Turtle, William Whale and Monty Manatee.


Check out these
body pillow sized
Funky Friends!

Now, that’s BIG!!!

Alyssa King of Snuggle Soft Designs has sewed some HUGE toys. Here’s a extra large Sammy Shark.

Click HERE to buy the Shark pattern.


From coat to COOL!

Gabi Girndt used a coat to make a mega-size Monty Manatee.

Click HERE to purchase the Manatee Pattern.

Manatee Sewing Pattern


What a BIG HUG!

Karen Bisset has sewn a couple of huge Funky Friends including this awesome Stu Sea Turtle! While this pattern isn’t as easy as the others in this blog post, it would make a great addition to an over-the-top ocean bedroom theme

Click HERE to purchase the Sea Turtle



How big is a body pillow?

Bedding measurements vary greatly by country, but some Internet research has shown me that the most common size range for an adult body pillow is 48 – 54 inches (122 – 138 cm).  I’ve decided to use measurements for a child-size body pillow in this blog post, which are usually 38 inches/ 97cm.


TIP: Want to make an adult-size body pillow?

This blog post includes printer percentages for child-sized body pillows. But if you want to go bigger, I left some tips at the end of the post for the extra adventurous (or those with tons of extra toy stuffing!). Keep in mind you’d be making a nearly life-size dolphin if you enlarge Dizzy to adult body pillow size!! 



Why use an ocean toy pattern?

Re-sizing a pattern is easiest if you pick a toy pattern that has LARGE, easy to cut pieces. These Funky Friends Factory ocean patterns are some of the easiest patterns… plus I think they are also some of the cutest the bunch: William WHALE pattern, Sammy SHARK pattern, Dizzy DOLPHIN pattern, Stu Sea Turtle and Monty MANATEE pattern. Stu Sea Turtle is a little more challenging than the others, but if you’ve sewn him in regular size first (which I would recommend for any pattern before you super-size it) you should be fine.

Re-sizing Basics (how to resize a pattern)

If you’re new to re-sizing patterns, check out this guide to see how re-sizing works on a printer or copy machine. Then come back to this blog post to get the EXACT PERCENTAGES to use on your printer or copy machine when creating body pillows.


TIP: Exact Printing Percentages to make kid-size body pillows:

Please note that the mega-toys pictured with people in this post are just examples and were not printed at the exact percentages I give you below. In other words, the toys in the pics aren’t all exactly 38 inches (97cm) long. Just whip out a tape measure first if you want to know exactly how big a 38 inch (97cm) toy will look in your home space.


Sammy Shark

length 16½”(42cm) ~> 38″(97cm).
Print at 230%


Dizzy Dolphin 

length 16½”(42cm) ~> 38″(97cm).
Print at 230%


William Whale

length 20″(50cm) ~> 38″(97cm).
Print at 195%


Monty Manatee

length 18″(45cm) ~> 38″(97cm).
Print at 215%


Stu Sea Turtle

length 15″(38cm) ~> 38″(97cm).
Print at 255%




Can you print large patterns at home?

Yes, most home computer printers have the “poster print” option that allows you to print large projects over multiple pages, and then tape the pieces together. (I cover this in the how to resize a toy pattern guide!) Of course, you can always take your pattern pieces to a photocopy shop and ask them to do the enlarging.


TIP: Want to go bigger? Or use a different pattern?

If you’d like to create a bigger pillow (or use a pattern I haven’t included here), you need to have the original size of the toy. To get the initial length of the pattern, just find the measurements for any Funky Friends Factory pattern on the product description page in the SHOP section. Here I’ve circled the area listing the length of Sammy Shark.

Make sure to lay out a tape measure so you know exactly how big your new friend will be. Then do the simple math to come up with your printer percentage – using this simple formula: 

Length of pattern at 100% 

DIVIDED by length you want 




Are you going to go BIG????

I’d love to see your sea creatures! Please post a photo for me to see, if you do! 

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  1. Kim Illarietti

    I take the patterns to OfficeWorks, office and stationery supply store, and get them printed on larger size paper. I find it doesn’t cost a lot and I don’t use all the pages printing at home.
    A4 to A3 is 141%
    A4 to A2 is 200%
    A4 to A1 is 283%

    • Pauline

      Hi Kim! Thank you – that is such a great tip!!!! Thank you for sharing it!😃 xxx Pauline

  2. Linda

    I would love to see patterns made for large stuffed wall mount animal heads. Or would I just use a head from a pattern and enlarge it?
    Thank You

    • Pauline

      Hi Linda, there are a number of patterns like this online ALREADY so please don’t adapt my patterns. Try googling for “taxidermy plush toys”. 😀 I personally don’t see myself making patterns for taxidermy animals – I prefer my toys to look alive and be played with!!!! xxx Pauline


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