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First Tiger Pattern Tester’s feedback photos!

Apr 17, 2023 | Blog, FFF News

I am so excited to show you the first feedback photos of Taylor the Tiger from our Pattern Testers. Taylor Tiger looks amazing in so many different fabrics – from batik fabric to Cuddle – and more! Whether you want to make a keepsake from clothing, a school mascot memory toy, or a fun playtime companion, Taylor Tiger is happy to oblige!

If you want to sew your own toy Tiger ~>
the Tiger Pattern is available HERE.



Look at
these LOVELY
Tester feedback photos…


Let’s kick off tiger time with some fun, unusual fabric choices. This Taylor Tiger was sewn by Gabi Girndt using batik fabric, which is specially dyed using a wax resist process. You don’t need to use tiger stripe fabric to make a toy that absolutely shouts “I’m a terrific tiger!”



Nat Egan of Rothmore Forever Bears sewed this awesome pink camo Taylor Tiger – isn’t she adorable?! 💗



Judie Flower sewed this bright, multi-coloured Taylor Tiger for her 5 year old granddaughter, who is about to turn 5 and is mad on anything related to a zoo. I LOVE this cute tiger so much, I’m jealous of a 4 year old! LOL


This solid color Taylor Tiger was sewn by Jenny T, who said she really liked the way the tiger came together.. me too, Jenny! Tigers are popular school mascots, so this would be a good option for using school colors on a toy.



Some super stripey fabric Tigers:

Lori LeBlanc said Taylor Tiger was a fun pattern with just the perfect amount of challenge, and she totally enjoyed making him! Lori used cotton interlock fabric which is quite stretchy, so she interfaced all the fabric pieces pieces before sewing. This type of fabric is frequently used in clothing and shows off how you could make a cute Taylor Tiger from a striped shirt.


I LOVE the way the stripes look at the back. There’s a lot of white in the striped fabric so Lori’s choice of a darker fabric for the contrast fabric (instead of white) looks GREAT!



Amanda Roots was really excited to get the Taylor Tiger Pattern  as tigers are one of her very favourite animals. She used black and white striped fabric to create this ADORABLE white Tiger! Once again, I think this stripey Taylor could be a good example of how to used a striped shirt with this pattern.



This sweet stripey Taylor Tiger was sewn by Vicki Wheeler, and she used a thicker linen-type fabric. These unusual colors make a fun toy!



A Tiger makes a cute keepsake toy!

This Taylor Tiger was sewn by Kirsty Allen of The Embroidered Fox using a few of her son’s clothes he had outgrown! I’m sure a lot of kids would love a keepsake like this one.


This Taylor Tiger was sewn by Katy Sinar. She said she’s so happy with her tiger that there’s a problem: she made Taylor as a gift but she wants to keep him! 💗



The tiger pattern looks TERRIFIC in tiger print!

This Taylor Tiger in the snow was sewn by Kirsten K in Canada. I LOVE the way Tayor has turned out in Tiger print fabric!!!



This adventurous Taylor Tiger frolicking in the grass was sewn by Rebecca Lane.

What a sweet face!


A wonderful hand painted white Tiger!

This AMAZING white Taylor Tiger was sewn by Kirsty Barnet in luxe minky and she hand-painted the stripes!!!! WOW, isn’t she talented? (I could never do that!)



AND one more…

This Taylor Tiger sewn by Sandra Thurlow who said she was very happy with how the tiger turned out BUT next time she won’t use fur for the chin as it was a bit much!


That should have given you LOTS of inspiration for your own Tiger!

In case you missed the link – the Tiger Pattern is available on the website HERE.

Till next time, Happy sewing!

Pauline McArthur - Funky Friends Factory

Bye for now




  1. Kirsty Barnett

    Thank you for including mine. I really do love him

    • Pauline

      Credit where credit’s due, Kirsty!!!!! 🤩

  2. Karen Harvey

    All sooo cute💚

  3. Susan Lipka

    I am following this pattern with great interest. I’m fairly new to toy-making and love Pauline’s patterns; so far I’ve learned on Honey Bear, Horsey/Unix, which I made as a unicorn, and am working on Giddy Goat now. Having become addicted early on, I’ve purchased several more patterns to learn and hope to add Tiger to them. I’m a little nervous to see so many comments that, while instructions are clear, Tiger is a more complex and difficult pattern than others; can someone clarify for me what makes it so challenging? Too much so for a novice? My other learner pieces have or are turning out well, sometimes it feels like it will never work but I just keep looking at the tutorials, matching the letters/markings, and it does work!

    • Pauline

      Hi Susan, I’d say that the Tiger toy pattern is an advanced pattern because Taylor has lots of similar shaped pieces, which means there are LOTS of opportunities for muddling/mismatching the pieces. None of the testers have had much trouble sewing Taylor because they all followed my advice about transferring all of the pattern markings and letters to the fabric pattern pieces. Some testers are beginners and said they found it challenging but it came together really well – so I am verrrrry pleased with that outcome! xxx Pauline

      • Susan Lipka

        Thank you for the encouraging reply! I’m going to take the Tiger plunge. If it’s a matter of putting all markings on all pieces and following directions, that I can do; I look at your tutorials constantly while sewing. The only real mistake I’ve made on any of my learner stuffies so far, I made because I marked a piece incorrectly.

    • Karen Rainey

      I don’t think it is as bad as I thought it was going to be. The picture tutorial helped me with the couple od items I was not sure of. I love how my tiger has turned out my pictures to be up loaded shortly.

  4. Jane M Clopton

    I love the Taylor the Tiger made in Tiger material. (The Picture of Taylor the Tiger made by Kirsten K in Canada.) My Favorite!

  5. Joyce

    These are amazing – such talent and creativity

    • Pauline

      Thanks Joyce, isn’t it amazing how unique each Tiger is!?


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