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Choosing fabric for stuffed animals is half the fun!

Jun 27, 2014 | A day in my life, Blog, NEW Toy Patterns

Who says Bulldogs have to be brown?

I made up a my Bulldog Sewing Pattern in lots of shades of brown but  they just didn’t look right? You wouldn’t think it would be so hard for me to find ‘BROWN BULLDOG’ fabric!


I eventually found a piece of fabric with bulldogs on it,and took it from shop to shop, looking for the perfect shade of bulldog till I found a match!

REAL bulldog fabric

My bulldog softie definitely looked…


BULLDOG stuffed animal patterns - Pauline McArthur

I was a little bit worried that people would have difficulty finding some nice fabric for their Bulldogs… until I saw some of the GORGEOUS bulldogs you guys  have made!!!

How cute is this Butch Bulldog made by Korinas Kreations!

Bulldog toy pattern - Korinas Kreations

she just chooses the most amazing fabrics!!!!!

Bulldog pink fabric made by Korina - Pauline McArthur - Funky Friends Factory


This would make the cutest baby toy!

and look at this sweetie…

Bulldog-pattern-Pauline McArthur made by Korinaskreations

And look how cute the bulldog looks in fleece!!!! This gorgeous French Bulldog was made by Toni – it looks almost real!

Bulldog stuffed toy sewing pattern - FB

…and a white bulldog looks amazing too!!! This cutie pie bulldog was made by Stephanie of Fleece Menagerie!

Bulldog white toy fleece pattern

NOW I think a bull dog would look AWESOME in ANY fabric!!!!!!! 😀

What colour fabric would you make a bulldog?

Pauline McArthur

Till next time…
Happy Sewing,




  1. Mrs e long

    I like the white one, but if I made my own it would have to be purple polka dogs

    • Lorena

      Hola…como puedo acceder a los patrones del perrito de colores

      • Alexandra

        Hola buenas noche .. quisiera el patrón del perrito .. muchas gracias sería de gran ayuda

  2. Caroline

    I love the cupcake and the white one with a bandana … Looks like my old dog when he’s all smart …. Even thou he’s a westie 🙂 , but I’m feeling a denim bulldog ,think he would look really cool lol x

  3. Jeannie

    I would make a Camo one! Either using my husbands military uniform or a traditional Camo fabric

  4. Adrienne Perkins

    Would be the blue. I make dog bandanas and could see a Bulldog in this.

  5. Helen

    Purple and pink!

  6. Britney

    Id make a tan and white bully to match my real bulldog.

  7. Britney

    I’d also make one with paw print or bones fabric with a contrasting colour. Oh there’s too many choices!

  8. Annette

    With mad bulldog (NRL) supporters in the family, I would have to go with Canterbury Bulldog Blue and White!

  9. Rebecca

    I just love bright colours, so I would use a bright patterned cotton or fleece or a patchwork of different bright colours.

  10. Mel Jones

    I love the bones fabric!! I’d make mine out of a cutsie print and do a contrasting colour like yellow or dark blue for the other parts!

  11. dijana

    bone print

  12. Lauren Schulze

    I’d try a plain smooth minky or a spotty minky in bright colours because puppy dogs are just something I always think of as being soft to my touch and their fur practically begs to be stroked. Minky fabric is soft and lovely to touch so it seems like a logical choice. The bright colours would be for fun – because dogs are fun!! 🙂

  13. Kate

    I loved the cupcake fabric. Lovely combination of tough-guy dog and cuteness.

  14. Freya

    black and white would look pretty good!

  15. Debbie Donovan

    Oh I love the coloured bulldogs, I’d love to make one with the red fabric that has orange paw prints … but … that aqua bulldog is very cute too 🙂

  16. Gemma addison

    I love the cupcake fabric! Will be saving for the bull dog pattern- love it!!

  17. D. White

    Maroon and White for my daughter at Mississippi State University, they are the bulldogs!!!

  18. Katie Carr

    I love the paw print fabric paired with the bones 🙂

  19. Helen Stitt

    I think I would choose the white fabric with the dogs heads on. So hard to decide.

  20. melle e

    I have this fabulous shaggy minky type stuff. it’s like long hair minky. It’s a pretty pinky purple but very pale. I’m thinking that, and a shorter haired white or pale pale creamy minky for the belly areas.

    Sooo soft and snuggly!!

  21. Thunder

    I have a grey long sleeve Army T-shirt, I stole from my son…it would make a great dog.sew would the orange fabric with paw prints, from your photo. I can also see a wonderful tie dye bull dog ♡. Oh that just gave me a great idea! Thanks! 🙂

  22. mardi

    I would use russet brown colours for the first one. Then second one would be bright and fun. Love purple so maybe a shades of pirple dog.


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