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Yeehar ~ the NEW Ben BEGINNER BEAR pattern is READY!

May 9, 2022 | Blog, NEW Toy Patterns

Surprise! I’ve designed a NEW teddy bear sewing pattern!

So you may be asking –

“Why another Bear Pattern
when you have lots of CUTE ones already?”

Well… I guess I am on a bit of a mission to design the perfect “ALL-ROUND BEAR” – one that’s great for beginners, experienced makers AND everyone in between! So Ben the BEGINNER Bear is – ready to become everyone’s new “BEARY BEST FRIEND” ~>  your “go-to” bear pattern for every occasion!


Ben BEGINNER Memory Bear pattern


Ben is extra EASY for beginners, but he also has some of the features that existing FFF sewers have been asking for:


Read on to find out why Ben should join (or begin) your pattern collection!

What size is Ben?

He’s 30cm/12 inches tall (sitting). He has “fixed” arms and legs, so she stays in a seated position.

BEGINNER-Teddy Bear sewing pattern


What fabric can I use?

Ben looks GREAT in ANY fabric!

Look at this sweet pastel Ben the BEGINNER Bear who was sewn in C3 Cuddle® fabric (from Shannon Fabrics) by Michelle Newton. Her children named her bear “Cotton Candy”!

Ben Beginner Memory Bear Pattern sewn by Michelle Newton 6


AND here is Ben the BEGINNER Bear
sewn by Mireille Leurs, who upcycled an old pair of denim jeans!

Ben Beginner Memory Bear Pattern sewn by Mireille Leurs 9


Courtney Schreiner of Monkey in the Mailbox sewed fuzzy version of Ben the BEGINNER Bear in Luxe Cuddle® fabric (from Shannon Fabrics)!

Ben Beginner Memory Bear Pattern sewn by Courtney Schreiner


Fleece is the easiest fabric for beginner sewers, and Ben the BEGINNER Bear looks great in this version sewn in fleece by Shirley Smith.

Ben Beginner Memory Bear Pattern sewn by Shirls Smith (1)


What makes Ben different from the other bears?

You can see all the rest of the Funky Friends Factory teddy bear patterns in the Compare the Bears blog post HERE 

Compare the Bears BEGINNER bear pattern


AND here’s a pic of me and  Ben so you can see his size! 



Ben the BEGINNER Bear is made to be extra easy for new sewers and he ALSO has features experienced sewers of Melody, Calico, and the Keepsake Bear have asked for:

  • Ben has all the best aspects of Melody Memory Bear (seated bear that sits firmly, no joints) but with
  • the EASY ARMS and no-seam front piece of the Keep Me Keepsake Bear.
  • Ben has large, easy pieces like Calico Signature Bear, and Ben is my first bear designed with both a large tummy and no “center seam” on the tummy… that means he’s great for showing off t-shirt logos and other large designs for keepsakes.

Calico Signature Bear, Ben Beginner Bear & Melody Memory Bear Pattern and Keepsake Bear



Calico Bear (left) has joints, but Ben the BEGINNER Bear (right) is babysafe without joints! Ben also has a “no seam down the middle” tummy piece so you can use t-shirt designs like this cute heart design used by Emma Woodley of The Sewing Bumble Bees.

Ben Beginner Memory Bear Pattern sewn by Emma Deacon 2


Why Should you get Ben?

easy no joints memory bear pattern


Ben the BEGINNER Bear Pattern will be great for you if:

  1. You’re a beginner
  2. You want a FAST or easy bear pattern
  3. You like Melody, but find her arms difficult
  4. You make keepsakes and want to put a t-shirt logo or large design on a bear’s tummy
  5. You like Calico, but want a baby-safe, NO JOINTS option
  6. You like pattern pieces with grids to help center embroidery machine hoops or fussy-cutting designs


There are so many
reasons to LOVE Ben!


1. He has a very sweet baby-face!

Look at this sweet smiley Ben the BEGINNER Bear sewn by Sandy Thurlow, sitting out in the sun! 

Ben Beginner Memory Bear Pattern sewn by SandyThurlow


2. Extra-detailed instructions:

I have created my “usual” step-by-step photo tutorial – with lots of clever bear making tips and tricks!

Ben BEGINNER Memory Bear Pattern phototutorial

On top of this – I have packed this pattern with lots of extra-detailed tips for concepts that may be new to beginning sewers, such as how to sew a dart, pinning opposite curves, and stitching an easy bear smile!


How to sew darts


See how to sew a Memory Bear - Tons of Tips & Tricks for beginners.jpg

3. A great bear for Keepsakes!

Even if you’re an experienced sewer, Ben the BEGINNER Bear is a great option for keepsake makers because he looks great made up in a mix of clothing items… his  single piece TUMMY PIECE is the largest tummy space on any of my bear designs which is great for displaying fun clothing prints or special details – or this can be embroidered along with the FOOT PADS. (a 5 inch square embroidery machine hoop easily fits on the tummy and a 4 inch square on the foot pads).

Here is Ben the BEGINNER Bear
sewn from baby clothes
by Lisa Nelson of Sewn 4 You Memory Keepsakes.

Ben Beginner Bear Pattern sewn by LisaNelson


4. A great bear pattern for t-shirt logos & fabric panels

Ben the BEGINNER Bear has a a large flat tummy space which doesn’t have a seam down the middle! (YAY!!!) This makes it perfect for featuring logos/designs from the front of a t-shirt.

Look at the sweet T-shirt design on the tummy of this Ben the BEGINNER Bear sewn by Aleisha Bain of the Onesie Bear Co.

Ben Beginner Memory Bear Pattern sewn by Aleisha Bain


AND she used a cotton fabric panel decorated this Ben the BEGINNER Bear – look how she fussy cut the bee and rainbow on his ears!

Ben Beginner Memory Bear Pattern sewn by Aleisha Bain 1


5. Perfect for owners of Cricut machines & users of Heat Transfer Vinyl 

You can use a cutting machine – like Cricut, Silhouette or Brother Scan & Cut – to make quick HTV (heat transfer vinyl) designs for Ben’s TUMMY.

Haley Sayers of Soft Federation used her Cricut machine to cut an iron-on HTV (heat transfer vinyl) design for her fleece Ben the BEGINNER Bear.


6. Great for Embroidery Machines – pattern grids to center designs!


No need for guesswork when you need to get your embroidery designs centered right on the first try! Ben the BEGINNER Bear has guide marks on the TUMMY PATTERN PIECE and the FOOT PADS for easy centering of fabric details! If you have a heat-transfer vinyl cutting machine (like a Cricut) or an embroidery machine, you can use the 4 inch square grid markings on the FOOT PADS and the 5 inch square guide on the TUMMY PATTERN PIECE to perfectly position your fabric. (The single piece TUMMY is the largest tummy space on any of my bear designs – a 5 inch square embroidery machine hoop easily fits on the TUMMY).

Wendy Bruce of @wendyshomemadecraft used the guide-marks on Ben the BEGINNER Bear’s tummy pattern piece
to center her embroidery machine hoop.

Ben Beginner Bear Pattern sewn by Wendy Bruce-Autism Bear


How sweet!

Lynnette Holland of Sew Dreamy Designs used an embroidery machine to put her mother’s nicknames on the tummy of this Ben the BEGINNER Bear for Mother’s Day.



…and look at this sweet of her Mom with her Mother’s Day bear!


Monograms, baby clothes details, and embroidery birth stats also fit well on the tummy.

💡 Great Idea: 💡 

Make Ben with a t-shirt logo on his tummy
for a FUN gift to go with a t-shirt quilt!



This keepsake t-shirt Ben the BEGINNER Bear sewn by Lorna Moore
goes great with the clothing quilt!

Who got to test this “top secret” bear?

How can you be considered for future top secret project testing? I appreciate it when makers follow the Funky Friends Factory copyright guidelines when selling toys and displaying toys on social media, especially those that always give pattern credit by stating “made from a Funky Friends Factory pattern” on their social media posts or by adding #funkyfriendsfactory. (Sellers who follow copyright rules are the first people I put on the “top secret tester” list).

More Beginner Bear feedback pics…

Here are more Ben bears sewn by the testers!

A Ben bear, a baby, and a puppy…I don’t think you can fit any more “cute” into a collage! Ben the BEGINNER Bear sewn by Paula Blevins.


Elizabeth Percival of Dolli-Mixtures Keepsakes used a vintage cotton look on this adorable Ben the BEGINNER Bear – don’t you love the combination of dots and stripes? ❤️

Ben Beginner Memory Bear Pattern sewn by Elizabeth Percival


I’m LOVING Ben in purple hues…

This Ben the BEGINNER Bear sewn by Shavaugn is great in purple gingham!


And this very pretty flowery version of BEGINNER Memory Bear Toy Pattern sewn by Alyssa King of Snugglysoft Designs . She used Cuddle® fabric (from Shannon Fabrics) and embroidered some pretty funky eyes and Ben’s tummy with machine embroidery.

Ben Beginner Memory Bear Pattern sewn by Alyssa King


Courtney Schreiner of Monkey in the Mailbox used soft Cuddle® (from Shannon Fabrics) for this lovely Ben the BEGINNER Bear.

Ben Beginner Memory Bear Pattern sewn by Courtney Schreiner


And last but NOT least!

Lorretta Barbour had tons of fun sewing her Ben the BEGINNER Bear in African shwe shwe fabric, so she created enough for a whole “Teddy bear’s picnic”!!!

Ben Beginner Memory Bear Pattern sewn by LorettaB4

to ALL the Testers ~>
I love ALL of your lovely feedback photos!!!!


In case you missed the link above – the BEGINNER Bear Toy Pattern is available to download from the website NOW!


P.S. If you’d like to join my free toy-making course (with a free pattern included!) go to my page just for new sewers HERE!

Toy making course

Pauline McArthur - Funky Friends Factory

Till next time – Happy Sewing!



  1. Alice Berntson

    What a wonderful surprise on a Monday morning! This bear is so adorable. Thank you for incorporating feedback on making a bear suitable for everyone—the maker and the recipient. 🤎🤎

    • Pauline

      Thanks Alice! I am so glad you like him… I tried really hard to add in ALL the features people wanted! 😀

  2. Kara

    So cute! I love Melody, but Beginner has such a sweet face!

    • Tina pankow

      I cut out Ben Bear tonight…I love this pattern…you are so kind for the tips and photos…I have made bears years ago but I cut Ben out tonight…what a fun pattern…thank you and God Bless

      • Pauline

        Thanks for your lovely comment Tina! 😆

  3. Nancy

    I love the new bear. If making for an older person , can you use a plastic nose to match the eyes?

    • Pauline

      Hi Nancy, I haven’t seen this particular large shape that I used for Ben. Even so, I don’t like using plastic noses myself as I think it makes the toy look ‘manufactured’, which is why I use felt. 😀

  4. Rachelle Smith

    Oh my goodness Pauline, Ben is so adorable! I have so many bear patterns, but I love this one so much I’m definitely going to have to add this one to my collection. You are so talented and creative! Thank you for sharing those talents with us.

    • Pauline

      Thanks Rachelle!!!!!

  5. Petra

    Hi Pauline
    I’m having some trouble finding your step-by-step tutorial for the beginner bear. The Pinterest link just leads me back to this page. Do you have a link to it by chance?

    • Pauline

      Hi Petra, the photo tutorial is not available to the general public. Please use the link in the pattern (See me sew section). xxx Pauline

  6. Donna Daniels

    How much is the beginner bear patter

  7. LuAnn

    Is the bear in your photo at the end of this post the Ben the beginner bear?

    • Pauline

      Hi LuAnn, most of the bears in this post are of Ben – to show people how nice he looks in different fabrics. I think you are referring to the bunch of 4 bears lying on the grass? Those are Ben sewn in African shwe shwe fabric. xxx

  8. Sherry Simpson

    Wanted an easy pattern

  9. Marty Solomon

    Looks like something I want to try.

  10. Diane Rachal

    I mainly make quilts, but want to venture in something new , different. Love the Bears.

  11. Shirley Lynch

    I love the beginner bear pattern

  12. Renee N Jurgensen

    Are there patterns afailable

    • Pauline

      Hi Renee! Yes! You can see all of my patterns on the website – just scroll to the top of the page and click on SHOP. Or you can click on any of the blue text links in the blog post for Ben the BEGINNER Bear and it will take you to the product page for this specific bear. 😊

    • Lori Ann Adams

      I dont understand the “join face piece here before cutting fabric”direction on Ben Bears face. The tutorial shows a different shape for the face piece. Any help?

      • Pauline

        Hi Lori, the FACE PIECE is too big to fit on one page so I had to ‘split it’ into two parts that you ‘join together before cutting any fabric’. I use paper glue or sticky tape to join the two parts together (depending on what I have around). Once you join them you’ll see the shape of the FACE PIECE is same as what you see in the photo tutorial and in the Layout Diagram.
        There’s a video and graphic explaining this in module 1.4 of my FREE toy-making course. You can join the free toy-making course by clicking the “Beginners start here” button (it’s a red monster) on the main page at https://www.funkyfriendsfactory.com.👍😁


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