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Inspirations – dearest darlink dad!!!!

Apr 26, 2012 | A day in my life, Blog

I’ve been a bit quiet of late because I have had something very sad happen. My dear dad passed away recently and it has been a huge shock. Even though he was getting old and frail… you always think your parents will be there forever!

I am all cried out now! He has left a big gap in all of our lives BUT right now we are sharing and celebrating the funny, crazy, happy, poignant, silly, fun,  and occasionally sad memories we have of him…

I realise now more than ever before that I am so lucky to have had SUCH a special Dad!

I feel so blessed to have  such wonderful memories of him, and his AWESOME sense of humour! Oh AND he made the best ever scones and chocolate sauce!!!

He always loved to tease… Here he is behaving like a naughty kid in the back seat

– “NO! We’re NOT there YET, Dad!!!!!! 🙂

It is a joy to know he lived a happy and fulfilled life, (AND that he didn’t suffer.)

Mom and Dad LOVED their visit with us here in Australia!

and so did we!!!!

I love the way Dad got such enjoyment from nature, how he could imitate bird calls and make animal sounds – he opened my eyes to so many things… Dad got me interested in gardening and animals… and chooks!

I am so comforted to know that he loved me so much and was so proud of me. Here he is folding some of my very first Funky Friends Factory patterns. He believed in me right from the start – Thanks DAD!!!!

I feel so proud that he was loved and admired by so many people….

(well that goes for mom too!!!)

I am thankful for, and extremely proud of EVERYTHING he was!


Just wanted to let you know….


Pauline McArthur - Funky Friends Factory.

Till next time,

bye for now,


  1. clare's craftroom

    I have no words to help you but know that you are in my thoughts xxx

  2. Nina

    I’m so sorry for your loss. This post is a beautiful tribute to a special man.

  3. abby glassenberg

    It is clear that your Dad was dearly loved. I really get a sense of his personality from this post and I especially love the photo of him folding some of your first Funky Friends Factory patterns. A beautiful tribute indeed.

  4. Elizabeth Ferguson

    Pauline, I am so very sorry to hear about the passing of your dad. He was an inspiration and the poster child for what a dad should be. My mother passed away 6yrs ago. She was our rock and our inspiration. So, I know about the grief that comes w/the loss of a loved one. Surround yourself w/your memories and let them comfort you, cheer you up, lift you up. You are in my heart, thoughts, and prayers.

  5. Sue

    I am so sorry to hear your sad news. It is great that you have such wonderful memories of him and can remember the happy times which in turn will help you get through this very sad time. Thinking of you. Sue x

  6. Harmony

    Oh Pauline how I wish I could hope through the internet and give you a hug. I lost my father a few years ago… for me it was like a permanent hole was put in my heart…. it never goes away but you eventually get use to the way it feels. How lovely that you had such a champion of a dad! That fact can never be taken from you.

  7. Pauline

    I am reading all these comments again and looking at my ‘happy snapshots’ and it is wonderfully comforting… thanks for all your caring messages! 🙂


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