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Guess what I got this weekend? Something W-I-L-D !!!!

Apr 18, 2011 | A day in my life, Blog

I went to the animal shelter on Sunday…



at the cats…

…and look what happened!!!!

If you are moggy about moggies – read on…

I was a bit worried about how a cat would fit in with the rest of the family BUT things are going brilliantly!!!

I am in love with the cat…

love that cat

the dogs are excited about a new friend!

Labrador and cat


the cat is ignoring the dogs, it’s WAY more interested in our chooks/chickens!

When it got dark, I suddenly realised that the cat needed a place to sleep so I used up some of fleece scraps to make a cat bed and ‘Tiger’ immediately made himself at home!!!


Soppy cat photos to follow!!!

This cat is staying

Tiger cat arrives

Fleece cat bed


One MAJOR hurdle

had to be crossed BEFORE Tiger could officially STAY!

Hubby is NOT particularly mad about cats, so in usual cat-fashion, Tiger made a bee-line for him and proceeded to wrangle his way into his heart! Hubby didn’t have a hope of resisting such affection!!!

This CAT is STAYING!!!!!

Had to share that PURR-FECT news!!

Bye for now,

Pauline and PUSS CAT!


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