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February MAKER OF THE MONTH – wins a FREE Funky Friends Factory Pattern!

Mar 29, 2022 | Blog, Competitions & Giveaways

Wow, such a wide range of toys and keepsakes to review in February’s Maker of the Month finalists! We’ve got the furry, the fluffy, the scaly, and the tusked. Plus whatever covers a unicorn! Read on for some funky sewing inspiration and to find out who our February winner is!


We’re starting off this month’s finalists with this amazing custom Larry Lion sewn by Laine Milne. Look how it perfectly matches the recipient’s hair! Read the attached story to find out more about this special gift. 

Lion Patter by Pauline McArthur, sewn by LaineMilne


Larry Lion seems to be popular with kids of ALL ages! Rebecca Karstad used fake fur for this lion’s mane.

Lion pattern sewn by RebeccaKarstad

Click HERE to purchase the Lion pattern.



Katrina Daniel Fisher sewed up this fiery version of the Diggles Dragon Pattern as a gift for her son.

Dragon pattern sewn by by katrinaF

Click HERE to purchase the Dragon Sewing pattern.



Tracey Hunter Vacek’s grandson made this Dizzy Dolphin (almost) all by himself. This is the second kid-sewn dolphin we’ve seen in the last few months. Great job, young man!


Click HERE to buy the Dolphin pattern.

Dolphin pattern cover



Amy Stokes turned a polo shirt into a keepsake in this version of Melody Memory Bear Pattern

Melody Memory Bear pattern by Pauline McArthur, sewn by AmyStokes


Paula Sykes made two Melody Memory Bear Patterns, one from fleece and one from faux fur. Both are so cute, I can’t choose which one I like better! It’s fun to see the same pattern done by the same person in such different fabrics like fleece (the easiest toy fabric) and faux fur (the most difficult).

2 Melody bears
to compare!

Melody Memory Bear pattern by Pauline McArthur, sewn by PaulaSykes


This Melody Memory Bear Pattern sewn by Mary Shaw was one of our most popular posts of the month. Mary was asked to up cycle an 80 year-old coat into this keepsake. 

Melody Memory Bear pattern by Pauline McArthur, sewn by MaeyShaw

Click HERE to purchase the Melody Memory Bear Pattern.



Angie Edwards used the Calico Signature Bear pattern when she was asked to upcycle a coat. The result looks luxurious! 


Click HERE to purchase the Calico Bear pattern.



Barbara Buckley used a playful gingham and a traditional coordinating fabric for this adorable version of the Joey Junior Kangaroo pattern.

Kangaroo pattern by Pauline McArthur sewn by barbarabuckley

Click HERE to purchase the Kangaroo pattern.

Joey Junior Kangaroo pattern



The fabric on this pretty Kelsy Keepsake Unicorn sewn by Petra Parker is perfectly placed! 

Kelsey keepsake unicorn pattern by pauline mcarthur sew by by petra p

Click HERE to purchase the Keepsake Unicorn pattern.



Andrea Lynne Horn added turned pairs of pajamas into these 4 purr-fectly pastel Patch Pussycats .



Click HERE to purchase the Patch Cat Pattern.


Lorraine Leyva Rice added some polka dots to make the ears ‘POP’ on this Elle Elephant.


Click HERE to purchase the Elephant pattern.


This Gertrude Guinea Pig is a retirement gift for Elizabeth Greene’s veterinarian. The custom piggy has the names of all the Guinea pigs Elizabeth’s family has owned over the years on the side.  


Click HERE to purchase the Guinea Pig pattern.



Look how happy this little guy is with the Tristan Triceratops Dinosaur that Linda Reynolds made from his upcycled clothes! 



Click HERE to buy the Triceratops Dinosaur Pattern.

Triceratops Dinosaur sewing pattern



AND this month’s winner is…


Congrats to Lisa Stewart, our February Maker of the Month! Lisa added a bow to the head of this Silly Scrap Snake and gave it to her granddaughter for her fourth birthday. 

a FREE Funky Friends Factory Pattern ~>
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  1. Linda Reynolds

    Hi Pauline

    What a lovely surprise to see you chose to show my grandson and his Tristan Triceratops dinosaur I made from his baby clothes in your February maker of the month. 😁

    I absolutely love your patterns and they are well designed, easy to follow and I have recommended them to crafting friends that love them also.

    Thank you and I will keep “making your beautiful characters “.

    💞 xx

    • Pauline

      Hi Linda! It’ a pleasure! 😁 Thanks for the referrals to your ‘crafty friends”! 😁 xxx Pauline


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