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Some funky Father’s Day gift ideas for you!

Jun 11, 2021 | Blog, Toy-making TIPS & TUTORIALS

Dads can be hard to find
gifts for, right?


That’s why they so often get socks and neck ties for Father’s Day! This year surprise Dad or Grandpa with a custom Funky Friends Factory gift he’ll never forget… you can even include a tiny neck tie for the sake of tradition 😂.


These toys weren’t all made for dads, but they’re fun examples of gift themes that the dads on your list might enjoy.


Make a memorabilia Momento!

If your dad is a music fan and has a favourite band or group – you can use a concert t-shirt or other memorabilia clothing items to make him a very special father’s day gift.Caroline Jones used a concert tour shirt to make this manly version of the Melody Memory Bear Pattern.


Click HERE to purchase the Melody Memory Bear pattern.

Memory Bear Sewing Pattern


Here is an amazing memory toy made from Iron Maiden concert memorabilia… using the Igor Iguana Pattern sewn by Michelle Jones.

Iguana Pattern sewn by MichelleJones

Click HERE to purchase the Iguana pattern.



Got a dad with LOTS of interests?

You can make a “collage” toy incorporating things that make your dad smile. Megan Koshurba used custom-printed fabric to make this perfectly personalized version of the Heather Hippo Pattern for a “golf and Labrador-loving’ dentist.”!!!

Hippo Pattern sewn by MeganKoshurba

Click HERE to purchase the Hippo pattern.

Make your dad a special family Memento.

This very precious version of the Melody Memory Bear Pattern was a gift for a “dad-to-be” who is a pilot. His father, the new baby’s grandfather, is also a pilot and contributed his pilot anniversary pin to the project. If your family has a history in a certain profession, you can include several generations in a single family memento!

Click HERE to purchase the Melody Memory Bear pattern.

Memory Bear Sewing Pattern


Is you dad a huge sports fan?

Maybe your dad would like a new couch buddy for watching games? Jayne Cash made this Keep Me Keepsake Bear for a Manchester City Football fan. I like how both ears have perfectly placed fabric.

Keepsake Bear Pattern sewn by JayneCash

Click HERE to purchase the Keepsake Bear pattern.


This gorgeous Melody Memory Bear sewn by Crystal Nichols shows off the team colors for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Crystal used a team t-shirt and added animal print fabric.


Cindy Alpaugh used a Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey jersey for this Melody Memory Bear. The stripes and patches came together in eye-catching patterns.

Melody Memory Bear Pattern sewn by CindyAlpugh

Click HERE to purchase the Melody Memory Bear pattern.

Memory Bear Sewing Pattern



Here is a great use for neck ties!

You can raid your dad’s drawer of old ties and make a gift from them! [How to do it: Apply on iron-on Interfacing to the tie fabric, like you would any clothing item, or patchwork the ties together to make a large piece of fabric to cut your pattern pieces from.] Joy Davies made this stunning version of the Joey Junior Kangaroo Pattern from her uncle’s neck ties and some extra fleece. Joey is even wearing his own tiny tie!

* TIP *
 I have a FREE neck tie pattern that you
can use for any of your Funky Friends!


Free tie pattern



Kangaroo-pattern-sewn-for-father's-day-by Joy Davies

Click HERE to purchase the Kangaroo pattern.

Joey Junior Kangaroo pattern


This version of the Calico Bear Pattern was sewn by Susan Hunter and it is made entirely from neck ties!


Click HERE to purchase the Calico Bear pattern.

Calico signature bear pattern cover


Alice Bernston used the same neck tie craft technique to make this version of the Patch Pussy Cat Sewing Pattern.

Patch Cat sewing pattern sewn from neck ties by AliceBerntson

Click HERE to purchase the Patch Cat pattern.


Another neck tie idea… just tie on a real one! Jane Tate made this version of the Keep Me Keepsake Bear Pattern so that he’s wearing an actual neck tie.

Keepsake Bear pattern sewn from neck ties - CatherineTate

Click HERE to purchase the Keepsake Bear pattern.


What about a BOW tie?

Maybe your dad or grandpa is more of the dapper bow tie type? Or loves a good plaid shirt? Make a toy that’s wearing items from a favorite set of clothes (just make sure they’re not his CURRENT favorite clothes!). Julie Silguero used bow ties to dress up these Melody Memory Bears.

Melody Bear Pattern sewn by JulieSilguero


* TIP *
I have a FREE bow tie pattern here too!


FREE Bow Tie Pattern



Now I can’t wait to see what lovely father’s day gifts get sewn for your dad’s THIS father’s day! 


Pauline McArthur
Till next time, happy sewing,



  1. Tracey

    The pilot memory bear is awesome. I want to make one for my father now.

    • Pauline

      Ooh, I’m excited to see how your memory bear turns out! Please post a pic on the Funky Friends Factory FB page for us to see – you could be drawn as our MAKER OF THE MONTH???


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