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Diary of a beginner toy maker – Plattie Platypus

Aug 3, 2011 | A day in my life, Blog, Toy-making TIPS & TUTORIALS

Since I became a part of the team at the  Funky Friends Factory, I have been sewing my way through the Funky Friends Factory patterns so I know what it is like to sew EACH one.

After sewing my first Funky Friend I couldn’t think of anything else…

… other than to sew
ANOTHER Funky Friend!

Plattie Fabrics

I settled on Pattie Platypus… as he is one of the easiest patterns and recommend for children and beginners to start with. I found some great polka dot fabric amongst my grandma’s fabric scraps. It was easy to find fabric to use because Plattie Platypus can be made in stretch AND non-stretch fabric.

Plattie was easy to make, and very quick too. I finished Plattie Platypus in two hours! Pauline was amazed and said I am already a ‘Pro’ …BUT she wanted to know if there was anything that I found difficult about Plattie, like sewing the edges of the bill? I was a bit embarassed and had to admit – I actually left that step OUT! She said that it’s OK, A lot of people do, BUT the extra seam around Plattie’s bill really finishes it off nicely and makes it really cute, and it’s also the same with Dilby Duck’s bill – so a good technique to try!

I think the  hardest part in making Plattie was making the feet. I unpicked my seams a couple times as they just didn’t look right? Each foot was out of shape when I turned it. I knew I was doing something wrong so I asked my grandma’s help. She told me to snip the seams just like Step 5 in the blog post Put your best foot forward – How to sew PERFECT plushie feet! so the curves will turn nicely.

And here he is…

I named him “Spotty“. His eyes were made from pink pearl buttons which are also raided from my Grandma’s supplies!

Plattie Platypus

After a few months,

I sewed another Plattie but not like the first one,

it’s a HUGE Platypus!!!!

resize pattern larger

When my cousins are here with us for vacation, they are always playing around, jumping on the bed, and riding the pillows and pillow fighting. So one day, I found one of my pillows had a big hole and the stuffing was coming out!!!! Instead of repairing it, I decided to use the stuffing to make a huge Platypus  Pillow! I made it 250% the normal size (77cm long 59 cm wide including the feet), which I can use as a pillow.

Pauline was so excited when she saw my giant Plattie, she said we should have a COMPETITION to see who could make the SMALLEST Plattie Platypus… I was so excited as the only rule was, ANY fabric – it must JUST LOOK like Plattie Platypus!

resized pattern 6 cm

Pauline’s TINY Plattie Platypus was felt fabric, blanket stitch, and  measured 6 cm long….

resize pattern smaller

… and here are the TINY Platties that I sewed, each one getting smaller. I used a printed Spandex for the body and pink felt for the bill and feet.

resized pattern smaller - Jo

And my smallest Plattie Platypus measured only 4.5 cm.

YAY – I was the winner!!!!!!

Drop me a comment and let me know – what is the smallest Funky Friends Toy YOU have made?


Till next time,

Happy Sewing,

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  1. Trinity Perona

    Wow! I think I have the plattie Platypus pattern somewhere! I must look for it! They all look awesome by the way!


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