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A new face at the ‘factory’ : )

Mar 29, 2011 | A day in my life, Blog, FFF News

I am verrrrrrrrrrry excited to introduce my friend Jo who is going to be helping out at the Funky Friends Factory…

As some of you know, I just don’t seem to get much time in the sewing room, these days and it has got to the point where my darling hubby (who is NOT the jealous type!) has started to refer to the computer as
“My OTHER Love!”

I couldn’t be happier as I have found JUST the perfect person to give me a hand, and she comes with LOTS of superb qualifications, she’s smart with computers, she can even sew and most importantly, she has a GREAT sense of humour!

So today I am introducing  you all to Jhona, or ‘Jo” and she is affectionately known.

Jo is the ONLY other person I know who uses as many smiley faces emoticon as I do!  I just have to get her to add a few more exclamation marks at the end of each sentence and she’ll be FULLY QUALIFIED for the job!!! : )

Jo grew up in a house with a sewing machine around because her grandmother was a dressmaker, who I actually suspect may be more excited than Jo’s about her involvement with the FFF, as she gets to sew toys with her grown up granddaughter and reminisce about her childhood!

I asked Jo to tell us a few things about herself…

She says she loves to cook, which is her ‘first love’  and she says  that she also loves to eat!! She loves watching movies and listening to music but if given a chance she likes to go ‘Nature Tripping’. SOUNDS ALL VERY NORMAL till she told me – she wants to try rock climbing, para-sailing and bungee jumping!!!!

So…. what will Jo be getting up to at the ‘Factory’?

Jo will be helping me by answering email queries and she’ll also be helping me with a LOT with  ‘behind the scenes’ computer stuff too. (I’m secretly breathing a HUGE sigh of relief that I won’t be doing absolutely EVERYTHING on my own any more!!!)

Jo on facebook

Jo will also be popping in on the Funky Friends Factory Facebook page to help me with competitions and answer queries…

So look out for her – this will be her profile pic – pretty cute hey!

Well, guys, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have some more time to get back into the sewing room, I have so many designs buzzing in my head…. watch this space! : )

I am so excited that Jo is giving me a hand, please welcome Jo on board as part of the Funky Friends family…. she’s already fitted in so well, Prince Charming has taken to her like…. a frog to a butterfly???? Hmmmmmm? Well…. you know what I mean!

And Jo, I just want to say, thank you ALREADY for being such a help to me, I look forward to many more hours ‘working’ together…



Bye for now,