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Christmas sewing feedback photos 2022!

Dec 19, 2022 | Blog, Customer Feedback

Are you finished with your Christmas sewing yet? If you need some inspiration, this week’s round-up of holiday toys is just for YOU! 🎅


Let’s start with
the Christmas sewing patterns…




Our first Chiristmas Funky Friend is…

Reggie Reindeer sewn by Janet McBee in cute gingerbread man fabric!


This perky plaid version of the Reggie Reindeer sewing pattern was sewn by Darvi Mayo.


Reggie Reindeer looks sweet in spots too as you can see with this cutie sewn by Jonell Hart


Another spotty Reggie Reindeer! This one was sewn by Sandy Thurlow.


And this last sweet Reggie Reindeer was sewn by Brenda Hill. in Christmas fabric prints

Click HERE to purchase the Reindeer pattern.


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa!

This cute surfer dude version of the Santa Sewing pattern was sewn by Jenny Templeton. He’s on display in the library but he looks as though he’s about to catch a wave! 


Lynn Vanderheiden-Antle added a pom-pom instead of a bell on the Christmas Hat for her version of the Santa Sewing pattern.


I love all the Christmas fabrics Kat Howell. used for her cheerful Santa. – look at the cute animals on the beard fabric!


Jaqueline-Elliot. sewed her Santa in Grinch fabric! (Great fussy cutting Jaqueline!)


And, one more cute Santa Claus!

This fun, FLUFFY version of the Santa Sewing pattern was sewn by Jan Hardisty.

Click HERE to purchase the Santa Sewing pattern.

Santa pattern cover


You don’t need to have a white Christmas to have a snowman!

This sweet Slush Snowman sewn by Kathryn Farmer.


This Slush Snowman was sewn by Stephanie Wells – he’s perfect for her first snowman!


Why not use my FREE Christmas Hat Pattern to add some colour to your Slush Snowman like Sandra-Hughes did? Scroll down for the link in the tip box below…

You can get my
FREE Santa Hat pattern HERE ~>
to sew Santa hats for all the
toys, kids, pets and adults in your life!

Funky Friends Factory free Christmas hats sewing pattern


Click HERE to purchase the Snowman pattern.


It’s Elf on the shelf time of year again!

This sweet pair of Christmas Elves was sewn by Di Ward


Sandy Thurlow. couldn’t stop at twins – she sewed up this quadruplet set of Christmas Elves!


Elf pattern sewn by Jaqueline Elliot… just look at the adorable freckles she added to their noses!!!! 

Click HERE to purchase the Elf pattern.

Elf Pattern


Cute Christmas doll pattern photos

These Adorable Angels sewn by Carrie Anciaux… they look like they’re sleeping so soundly it’s going to be a Silent Night!

Click HERE to purchase the Angel pattern.


AND this pretty pink Sugar Plum Fairy sewn by Gill Reirsen is so cute, I am sure she’s going to make a little someone verrrrrrry happy this Christmas!

Click HERE to purchase the Sugar Plum Fairy pattern.



Chrissy Camel is a Christmas favourite!

I love this blue Christmas version of Chrissy Camel sewn by Emilie Gorham!


Continuing the blue theme – Chris Hastings repurposed an old quilt to make this cute Chrissy Camel – hanging out in the blue glow of the Christmas lights!


Tracey Eley sewed this festive Christmassy Chrissy Camel using more ‘traditional’ Christmas coloured fabrics!

Click HERE to purchase the Camel pattern.



Cute Christmas Teddy bears…

This teddy bear twosome was sewn by Sally Walker . I think her friend’s granddaughters are going to LOVE their Christmas Calico bears – who can resist a teddy in a Christmas hat, right? (Click this link for my FREE Christmas Hat pattern!)


This Christmas version of the Calico Bear pattern was sewn by Leanne Passmore as a special keepsake bear from a loved one’s clothing. 

Click HERE to purchase the Calico Bear pattern.



This sweet fluffy version of Ben the BEGINNER Bear was sewn by Renai Hollywood. (She also used my FREE Christmas Hat pattern!)

Click HERE to purchase the BEGINNER Bear pattern.



AND this magical Melody Memory Bear was sewn by Angie Robertson.

Click HERE to purchase the Melody Memory Bear Pattern.



This is Buttons the BEST DRESSED Bear – all dressed up for Christmas – sewn by Christine Pearson… isn’t he ADORABLE?


Another gorgeous Buttons BEST DRESSED Bear dressed up for Christmas – sewn by Debbie Young.


And this is Buttons BEST DRESSED Bear sewn AS SANTA!!! Sewn by Freya-Green


Buttons BEST DRESSED Bear sewn as a precious keepsake bear by Debbie Young. from her late father’s favorite jumper, jeans and t-shirt.

Click HERE to purchase the BEST DRESSED Bear pattern.


You don’t need a CHRISTMAS Pattern to sew a Christmas toy!

ANY Funky Friend can be sewn up for Christmas – just add a Christmassy ribbon or use Christmas fabric.

Pat Pruit sewed Rascal the Raccoon for Christmas – she added a bright tartan ribbon to make him look festive as he hangs out by the Christmas tree scrounging for crumbs of Christmas cake!

Click HERE to purchase the Racoon Pattern


Alice Nagy sewed this sweet festive version of Sue Squirrel in Christmas fabrics.

Click HERE to purchase the Squirrel pattern.

Squirrel Pattern



EVEYONE wants a hippopotamus for Christmas!

I’m loving this Heather Hippo sewn for Christmas by Marleen Johnston.

Click HERE to purchase the Hippo pattern.


Looking for free printable tags?

I have a little bonus for you… it is Christmas after all!

Sometimes it can be a challenge to wrap a large toy, so I’ve made some printable gift tags that you can tie on an ear or antler. In addition to the regular “Handmade with Love” tags, I added some that say “Happy Handmade Christmas.”
Just go HERE to print them out. ~>





From all the Funky Friends, have a holly jolly Christmas! 🎄

Pauline McArthur - Funky Friends Factory.
Till next time,
Happy Sewing,

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  1. Cathy Lynn Geary

    I love all your patterns, and would love to have all of them. I am disabled and I am trying to buy them as I can. I have the unicorn and and one of the bears and getting ready to buy the t-rex. It may take me awhile, but I will get the ones I really want. Thank you


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