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Toy-making Tips - newsletter archives.

Funky Friends Factory Newsletter Archive
Hi there,
I just want to thank everyone who has sent me such lovely feedback telling me how much fun they had making their Honey Teddy. This email from Sandee really made my day - she sounded so excited! 
Wow Pauline,
I love your tips esp the 'tick' boxes i remember how often i go and do something very important
[like sleep and its 4am as im so excited making the bear!!] i go back to do something and think omg where was i up to ?
I also love the pattern idea for the nose what a neat trick thankyou for sharing your knowledge
Image - Facebook FEEDBACK PHOTOS
* These are a only a few of the cute photos people have sent me of their Honey Teddy Bears.

If you want some inspiration for YOUR teddy you can check out the fabulous fabrics people have used for Honey
in the Funky Friends Feedback Gallery and also on my Funky Friends Facebook page.

I really LOVE to see how your Funky Friends toys turn out ~>

So.... I am inviting you to show off your Funky Friends  by posting a photo
on my
Funky Friends Facebook page

and YOU could win a FREE PATTERN!

* Find out more about my Monthly Pattern Giveaway.



If you are NOT on Facebook...
Don't worry, you can ALSO be in the draw each week if you email me a photo of your Funky Friend!
So have a look at the Gallery and Facebook and get inspired!!!!

And don't forget to enter your toys....
Who knows, YOUR Funky Friend could be famous too!


Till next time,
Happy sewing,

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