Funky Friends Factory - Doll & Stuffed Toy Sewing Patterns.

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Funky Friends Factory Copyright:

The Funky Friends patterns, concepts and logo are protected by international copyright protection: Copyright © 2001 Funky Friends Factory. ®© 070630 Copyright Protection Services International. It is acceptable to make these toys yourself for personal use and gifts or to sell in limited numbers if the toy is labelled/tagged according to the copyright terms and conditions. It is unacceptable to mass-produce the toys or to reproduce the patterns.

If you want to use the Funky Friends Factory sewing patterns to make toys to sell please CLICK HERE to
find out about the copyright guidelines for making Funky Friends softies for sale.

COPYRIGHT POLICY – Terms of use:

(What you can and can’t do with the Funky Friends Factory designs!)

  • The Funky Friends Factory patterns are intended for use, by the individual person purchasing the pattern, and cannot be used for mass-production in any form. So if you want to sell the toys to make some money for yourself, I am happy for you to do this if you make them yourself from start to finish, and in limited numbers. I believe that, whether you sew them by hand or sewing machine, you’d hardly be able to call this mass-producing the toys!
  • It is UNACCEPTABLE to mass-produce the toys or to reproduce the patterns. (I have faith that you will respect the long hours and creative energy that I have put into producing my Funky Friends Factory patterns.)
  • It is ACCEPTABLE to make these toys yourself, for personal use and gifts, or to sell in limited numbers, if the toy is labelled or tagged ‘Made from a Funky Friends Factory pattern’.
  • If you are selling the toys online(eg Etsy,Facebook etc) EACH online listing/Facebook post MUST state that the toy is ‘made using a Funky Friends Factory Pattern’.