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Sobre nosotros

Sobre nosotros Hello everyone, I'm Pauline and I'm addicted to sewing toys! It's true .... I can not stop! PIC - Pauline in sewing studio - I started sewing toys when I was 7 years old. I made my own dolls and designed their clothes. Over the years I did a lot of creative things, but I started designing toys when all my friends had babies ... LOTS of babies! PIC - A lot of babies - Now all of these babies have become teenagers and I have designed many toy sewing patterns! PIC - Now the Funky Friends Factory goes Worldwide! I am very excited because my friend Mariana is helping me to translate the patterns into Spanish. The great thing about Mariana is that she has sewn many Funky Friends toy patterns! That's how we became friends! PIC of Mariana's Funky Friends When I found out she likes to make my patterns AND that she speaks Spanish ... I had the idea of translating my patterns. I asked if she wanted to help translate and she said 'YES'! It is now very exciting for us to work together on this project so that we can offer you Spanish toy patterns.