Pattern in Review

The pattern you are looking for is being UPDATED

I have been designing patterns for twenty years, and periodically I take patterns down to refresh and update them. This means you benefit because the updated patterns have a see me sew tutorial and typically benefit from all the lessons learnt from when they were first released.

    Patterns currently being reviewed include:
  • Artie the Aaardark
  • Batty Bat and Boo
  • Chook the Chicken
  • Chrissy Camel
  • Dippy Dinosaurs
  • Jake the Puppy Jack Russel
  • The Party Animals
  • Preston the Polar Bear
  • Panda Baby Ning
  • Tilly the Tortoise


Life is a little crazy but I will endeavour to get the back online as soon as possible.


If you are desperate for the pattern please request it via the contact us page.