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    DinosaursToy Sewing Pattern

Dippy Dinosaurs (Snugglies) INSTANT DOWNLOAD Sewing Pattern PDF

Finished Toy Size: 17”/43cm

Snugglemuffin, Dizzy and Buttercup were inspired by this season’s bright and cheery fleece colours. These are the first IMAGINARY Funky Friends. I think this is what dinosaurs would have looked like if they existed in the 1960’s! Toddlers seem to find these cuddlesome monsters simply adorable... maybe it’s those fun, googly eyes?


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Instant DOWNLOAD Toy Sewing Pattern includes:

  • Ready to print sewing pattern (no need to resize)
  • A colour picture of the completed Funky Friend toy
  • A full list of material requirements
  • Layout diagram
  • Easy to follow instructions


The Dippy Dinosaur pattern can be sewn with most fabrics. I think they are easiest sewn in fleece but they can also be sewn in quilting cottons. If you don’t have fake fur - there are 2 different shapes included for a fabric frill.

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some more difficult spots Review by Kim
I made all 3 of these at once and I wouldn't suggest doing this. What I mean is I cut out all 3 and sewed each step on all 3 as I went, so I did all 3 snouts, all 3 necks at the same time. This meant when I got to the end I had 12 feet to sew! I thought I would get them done quicker but I think it took longer as I would do something that needed a bit more concentration and care on one and not want to have to do that on the next one straight away.
I wish I could give this pattern a range of stars for difficulty because the fur necked one is much easier than the other 2 and I would suggest a beginner who has done one or two other toys would be able to do this one but the other 2 are more difficult. (Posted on 10/31/2017)