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What a fun toy making class!

Sep 14, 2012 | A day in my life, Blog, Uncategorized

Thank you to Sasha from Fabric Fusion for including me in her OPEN DAY celebrations! I had LOTS of fun teaching the Pattie Platypus toy making class in her nice sunshine-filled shop! 🙂

Fabric Fushion toy making class

Fabric Fusion shop - plush toy sewing class
The fabrics we used were absolutely AWESOME!

Toy making sewing class Brisbane Surface Art & Veritas are two Australian Designers that Sasha is now stocking in her Fabric Fusion store.

LOOK how cute the platypus turned out made up in the Veritas design called Warratah Blossoms.

Veritas Designs - Warratah Blossoms

Besides the Platypusses/Platypii(???) that we made in the class…

I also made up some Funky Friends samples in the other fabrics and I just LOVE the big bold prints!  This is Randy Rhino made up in Surface Art – Japanese Floral Green-Charcoal. LOOKS like he’s hiding in a leafy jungle!

Surface Art - Japanese Floral - Green- charcoal

This is Heather Hippo made in Surface Art Japanese Floral – Orange.

Surface Art Fabric- Japanese Floral orange

This is Larry Lion made up in Veritas – Warratah Blossom. Love the pink and gray combination!

Veritas Designs - Warratah Blooms

This is Ollie OWL made up in Surface Art  – Mikko Red and Green

Surface Art  Fabric - Mikko - Owl

If you look closely you can see the little BIRDS in the fabric print!Surface Art Fabric - Mikko

And LAST BUT not least,

This is Plattie Platypus made in Veritas – Red Centre… 

Veritas Australian Designer fabric - Red CentreCan you see he’s a Brisbane Platypus???

I loved seeing how the Funky Friends turned out in these fabrics as they are so different to what I would usually pick for my toys… and I have to admit I was blown away with them!

I think my favourite has to be Randy Rhino! 🙂

I wonder which fabric is your favourite?

Pauline McArthur - Funky Friends Factory.

Bye for now,


  1. Carol Smith

    My favorite is Veritas – Red Centre… as it has my home town brisbane on it

  2. Kim Ward

    I think my favourite is Surface Art – Japanese Floral Green-Charcoal – Randy Rhino looks fab in it!!

  3. Kim Wardle

    I really like them all, but as I have to choose one I have to say: Veritas: Warratah Blossoms.
    I love the Warratah, a beautiful Australian native, 🙂

  4. Jodie Cusack

    Japanese Floral in Orange! The hippo looks amazing!

  5. Donna Gregory

    their fabric is beautiful the one on the website called bush tomato is wonderful out of the ones you have here I love Surface Art Japanese Floral – Orange.but then I think that I just love all of them would love a piece to try it out but if I dont get to win think I will get some anyways, thank you for this opportunity good luck everyone

  6. Shelle

    All beautiful – my favourite is the Surface Art Japanese Floral orange. I think the hippo is gorgeous in her orange and white!

  7. Barb

    Oh Warratah Blossoms.What a fun fabric!

  8. Charlotte Amaro

    My favorite is Veritas – Warratah Blossom.


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