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Toy Society Drop – dress code???

May 15, 2011 | A day in my life, Blog

Well…. Prince Charming is certainly NOT a happy chapie!  Today he had to say goodbye to his new girlfriends

Fuschia and Frangipani.

Toy Society Drop - toy frogs

I know that the people who find them will look after them. Prince Charming still doesn’t quite get what the Toy Society is all about… no matter how much I try and explain it!

Toy Society Letter

When I printed off the Toy Society’s “Take me home ” letters and tags Prince Charming started getting quite upset.

So I had to distract him

and sneak out the house! : )

I decided to drop the froggy ladies in 2 very different spots! I visited the local library and then a nature park by the dam where people go to picnic…

toy society drop -playground

Ooooh, I felt a little sneeky…

and a LOT nervous…

in case I was spotted, dropping off my precious parcels…

even more so

when I stopped to photograph my drop site
and realised
I was still
in my
cosy slippers!!!!

toy society drop -slippers

Well, I hope my little froggies have a good life – it kind of feels like taking a stray dog to the pound and just hoping that his owner is still trying to find him… at least with the Toy Society there’s a link for people to post when they’ve found a toy, so who knows  – maybe I’ll get to see Fuschia or Frangipani there too one day!

I had a blast making and dropping my toys! If you also want to do a drop you can check out the Toy Society blog and join the fun!

Pauline McArthur - Funky Friends Factory

Happy Sewing,


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