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Sew a GREEN TOY for St. Patrick’s day.

Mar 14, 2022 | Blog, Customer Feedback

It’s so exciting for me to seeing  all the GORGEOUS GREEN toys our Funky Friends fans have sewn for St. Patrick’s day this year. ☘️

Check out
these cute green toys!


Georgie the Good Luck elephant comes with his own shamrock. Put it on his head as in the pattern or in his trunk as Rebecca Karstad did here.

Click HERE to purchase the Good Luck Elephant pattern.

Good Luck Elephant Sewing Pattern


Sharon Vennard sewed up a Calico Signature Bear in shamrock fabric.

Click HERE to purchase the Calico Bear pattern.



Glenda Newton‘s Kelsey Keepsake Unicorn is glorious in green. 

Click HERE to purchase the Keepsake Unicorn pattern.



There’s a fantastic floral display of green daisies and shamrocks on this Melody Memory Bear by Kathy Cuthbertson

Click HERE to purchase the Melody Memory Bear Pattern.



This lucky Irish trio (Easter Bunny Buddies and Melody Memory Bear) by Jaime Marie Cox got rave reviews in our Facebook group.

Click HERE to purchase the Easter Bunny Buddies pattern.



Abigail Garrison used jolly St. Patrick’s Day fabric for the new Poppy the Puppy pattern.

Click HERE to purchase the Poppy PUPPY pattern.

Poppy PUPPY Sewing Pattern


It’s a Irish turkey! This unexpectedly delightful toy was sewn by Susan Jones.

Click HERE to purchase the Turkey pattern.




There’s some shamrock fabric hiding on the tummy of this Prince Charming Frogs by Kina Bonilla Chapman. Steve the Croc came along for moral support in the photo session.

Click HERE to purchase the Crocodile Pattern

Crocodile Sewing Pattern


Click HERE to purchase the Prince Charming Frog Pattern

Frog Pattern


This Digger Dachshund sewn by Vikki Taylor is close to the ground on his stocky little legs and ready to sniff out some four leaf clovers.

Click HERE to purchase the Dachshund pattern.



Sheila DeMerritt‘s sewing creations are ready or a party this week. 

Click HERE to buy the Giddy Goat pattern.

Goat Sewing Pattern


Click HERE to buy the T-Rex Dinosaur sewing pattern.




☘️ A St Patrick’s Day treat for you! ☘️

Looking for a free Shamrock pattern for St Patrick’s Day toys?  Now you can make ANY Funky Friends Factory toy their own lucky 4 leaf clover or shamrock from felt. I have made a selection of sizes so you can choose a shamrock size,  according to the size of the Funky Friend you’re sewing.


to download my
FREE shamrock & 4 leaf clover Pattern>



☘️ That should get you into the St Patrick’s Day mood  – to be sure, to be sure!!!


Want to win a
FREE toy pattern?


It’s so EASY to enter the Pattern GIVEAWAY!


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So come on! Share your photos  ~> The next winner could be YOU!!!

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Happy Sewing,


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