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Peaceful picnic?????

Apr 11, 2011 | A day in my life, Blog

After being ‘GLUED to MY COMPUTER SCREEN’ for the last few months , I have decided I really MUST  take more opportunities to ‘stop and smell the roses’.

So when my hubby’s Sunday job was cancelled… we decided to take the opportunity to go for a drive and a picnic, something we haven’t done in YEARS!!!

Mt Mee Day Trip

What a gorgeous day – blue skies and sunshine… not too hot as it’s autumn now, here in Australia… and I think that must have been why… we were NOT the only one’s out for a little bit of sunshine!


Carpet python snake close up

This has got to be THE BIGGEST snake I have seen in the bush!!!!!

I am not really scared of these snakes as they are NOT poisonous, so I took lots of close -ish pics, BUT you can see why we got SUCH a fright – they are so well camouflaged that hubby nearly trod right on him!!!

carpet python


We saw 3 snakes and 3 goanas (BIG lizards – for non-Aussies)

So much for

a peaceful day…



… and one REALLY cute grasshopper

that calmed me down a bit!

: )


This cute little fella landed on our windscreen and stayed long enough for me to snap a quick pic!

Of the 3, I have to say I want to make a GRASSHOPPER PATTERN the MOST!

Which would be YOUR favourite?

Feeling a just a teeny little bit more chilled….

Bye for now,



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