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My what big craft eyes you’ve got!

Jul 11, 2014 | A day in my life, Blog, Toy-making TIPS & TUTORIALS

I am always excited to see my toy patterns made up by other people because I get to see their fabric choices, colour preferences, imagination and personality poured into the pattern. I still find it fascinating that 2 people using the same toy pattern can create 2 toys that look completely different! Of course you can see they have both used the same Funky Friends Factory toy pattern but their finished toys are totally unique!

Does toy eye SIZE make a difference?

You might think the size of a toy’s eyes won’t make much difference, but it’s quite incredible that something as small as the size of the craft eyes…

has a very
BIG impact!


Toy eyes Funky Friends Factory Pauline McArthur


In the photos below you can see how the SAME toy pattern looks quite DIFFERENT when you use a different size toy eyes.


Take a look at the dinosaur eyes…

When I first designed my Timy T-Rex Dinosaur toy pattern I used 6mm beads for eyes my stuffed dinosaur.

TIMMY T-Rex soft toy dinosaur

Then I decided they were a bit small so I remade my toy prototype with 12mm (½ inch) cats eyes. I thought Timmy T-Rex looked pretty cool until….

A dinosaur toy pattern - Pauline McArthur

…I saw the tattoo fabric T-Rex that Kylie from www.voodoorabbit.com.au made with EXTRA LARGE  18mm black craft eyes.

A dinosaur toy with big black safety craft eyes

And puppy dog eyes…

When I made Puppy Dog Pete toy pattern I used size 12 mm black craft eyes. I thought he looked pretty cute until…

Puppy Dog Pete - simple softies sewing pattern

I saw the EXTRA BIG eyes that Kylie from voodoorabbit.com used for her Puppy Pete.  I think the 18mm black craft eyes give him a really cute baby – look!

A dog toy with big black safety craft eyes

And different sized cat eyes…

When I first designed my Kitty Kate CAT toy pattern I used 9mm black craft eyes for her.

Stuffe toy cat sewing pattern Pauline McArthur

I liked the look of the Suncatcher Shimmer mint craft eyes for Kitty Kate CAT too…. They look smaller because they are not solid black  BUT they are the same size.

A cat toy sewing pattern Pauline McArthur


Look how cute Kitty CAT Kate looks with the  18mm black craft eyes!!!!

I think they make her look like a very sweet SCAREDY CAT!

A cat toy with big black safety craft eyes Pauline McArthur

YOU get to choose what EYE size to use!

I will have a recommended size for eyes in ALL of my patterns. Take this as a guide but you can use any SIZE you like! 

I wonder if you have tried using different sized eyes or would you like to try it?

Pauline McArthur
. .
Till next time…
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  1. Sian

    So glad you got these craft eyes now. I hate the Spotlight ones!

    • Pauline

      Me too Sian!!!!!! 😀

  2. Stephanie Hardy

    Love this topic! If I have to choose between two different sets, I go with the bigger eyes. They really do make a difference. I love your scaredy cat, haha!

    • Pauline

      Thanks Stephanie! I have been using larger and larger eyes lately myself! I think they give the toy a more child-like look, more of a “baby-face”.

  3. Colleen

    Oddly enough I was just deciding what eyes to order for my pink glitter/white fur honey bear I’m making when your timely email popped into my inbox😝 Thank you. I’m dying to try Kiri the Kiwi but thought I’d better see if I was capable of making the Teddy first! Delighted to be part of the Funky Friends fan club.

    • Pauline

      Hi Colleen… I am sure you can make Honey!!!! Take it slow and enjoy the process! 🙂


    i have a question about eyes how do u get them even when placing on animals FACE? THANKS I love how the different eyes change the look and its great there are so many choices

    • Pattern Fan Club Admin

      Hi Shirleen, there are marks on the pattern pieces indicating where you should place the eyes. Mark the center of the eye marking on the fabric with a pencil, then use a tool like an awl to poke a hole. You can poke a hole in the paper pattern piece itself to make the center eye marking on the fabric under it, if needed. In each pattern with craft eyes there is a link to a blog post about how to insert them. Refer to the blog post for tips.


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