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Apr 30, 2022 | Blog, Competitions & Giveaways

Check out these highlights from this month’s feedback pics. We had such a wonderful selection of GORGEOUS Funky Friends this month – it was hard to whittle them down to just these!

Take a look…

First up we have an AWESOME Larry Lion sewn by Laine Milne. This Lion was auctioned off for charity and the winner, this baby’s mom, sent Laine a photo of her with her new Lion buddy.


Click HERE to purchase the Lion pattern.



This happy smiley Sammy Shark was sewn by Kathryn Farmer… who had LOTS of fun creating this sweet fellow!

Shark sewing pattern sewn by KathrynFarmer

Click HERE to buy the Sammy Shark pattern.



This vibrant, colorful Mickey Moose sewn by Susan Flora Kanour certainly cheers up a snowy day!

Moose sewing pattern sewn by Susan Flora Kanour



This kitty doesn’t seem particularly cheered by the presence of this awesome Mickey Moose sewn by Dan Jen Marzu – hopefully she warms to him soon! 

Click HERE to buy the Mickey Moose pattern.



I think this sweet Lucky Labrador sewn by Trish Mcbride is so ADORABLE that I had to show you both photos she posted of her pup!

Labrador sewing pattern sewn by Trish Mc bride



No, you’re NOT seeing triple!!!! Pat Pruit has “gone the extra mile” and sewed 3 Lucky Labradors in 3 colourways – Black, Golden and CHOCOLATE!!!

Labrador sewing pattern sewn by PatPruitt

Click HERE to purchase the Labrador pattern.


This pretty pair of tourquoise Patty Cows was sewn by Connie Hendrikson Sievers.

Cow sewing pattern sewn by ConnieHendriksonSievers

Click HERE to purchase the Cow pattern.



This is the very first Melody Memory Bear sewn by Jonell Hart sewed – and look how adorable she is!!!



Carol Cullen sewed this very special Melody Memory Bear from her late husband’s favourite items of clothing. He looks like a wonderfully comforting momento. 💙  

Melody Memory Bear sewn by CarolCullen

Click HERE to purchase the Melody Memory Bear Pattern.



This Dilby Duck sewn by Alice Ready (from a pre-loved/recycled towel) was one of our most popular posts in the Facebook Pattern Fan Club this month – with a sweet little pout like that – I’m sure you can tell why he was such a hit!

Duck sewing pattern sewn by AliceReady

Click HERE to purchase the Duck pattern.



Look at these AWESOME embroidered eyes Laila Pye has added to her veryyyyy beautiful version of Bumble the Bee. I think this may be one of those instances where I say someone’s Funky Friend is better than my original!!!

Click HERE to purchase the Bumble Bee pattern.



This pastel, cuddly version of Belinda Butterfly was sewn by Reen Wilcoxson using Cuddle fabric from Shannon Fabrics. I love how she has combined the different textures… and don’t you love the sparkly wings? 



There’s a sweet story behind these next (TWO) Belinda Butterflies sewn by – Melissa Bryden! The butterfly with the yellow head belongs to this baby’s cousin, but she liked it so much (look at the grip she has it it!) that her grandmother Melissa made her one of her very own (the one with the purple head) for her first birthday! What a fun family photo, too.

Click HERE to purchase the Butterfly Sewing Pattern



This super sweet version of the Prince Charming Frog Pattern was sewn by Ixora T. who perched him on a rock made from felt.

Click HERE to purchase the Prince Charming Frog Pattern

Frog Pattern


Look how sweet Fleur Flamingo looks made up as a keepsake toy by Julia Cox. I love the combination of tiny floral prints and the fussy cutting (special placement) of the graphic – Born in 2021 on her wing!

Flamingo sewing pattern sewn by JuliaCox

Click HERE to purchase the Flamingo Pattern




AND this month’s winner is…

Congrats to this month’s winner, Andrea Christensen! I love this version of the Joey Junior Kangaroo Pattern!

a FREE Funky Friends Factory Pattern ~>
of your choice!


Kangaroo sewing pattern sewn by AndreaChristensen2

Click HERE to purchase the Kangaroo pattern.

Joey Junior Kangaroo pattern



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  1. Beth

    Absolutely love the ballerina kangaroo – kudos to

    • Pauline

      Thanks for your lovely comment Beth, it’s adorable isn’t it! 😁


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