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Jennifer Jangles – jolly cute fabric for softies!

Jul 10, 2015 | A day in my life, Blog

If you know me, you’ll know I LOVE colour (LOTS of it) and I am sure you can just imagine how much I love the awesomely bright and colourful fabric designs from Jennifer Heynan a.k.a Jennifer Jangles!

LOTS & LOTS!!!!!

Jennifer Jangles fabric

Just look how cute my Plattie Platypus pattern turned out in Jennifer’s fabrics!!!

Plattie Platypus toy pattern Jennifer Jangles fabric

Jennifer’s latest range of fabric is called Bugapalooza – what a cool name! It’s a bright and cheerful combination of checks, dots, flowers…



Bugapalooza Jennifer Heynan (Jennifer Jangles)

I think these fabrics would be very cute for a whole range of soft toy bugs. I can picture all sorts of new Funky Friends Factory bug patterns – a grasshopper, a caterpillar and butterfly perhaps, maybe a wasp or dragon-fly? Even a spider wouldn’t be too scary in such fun fabric!!!

What bug pattern do YOU think would be really cool in these fabrics?

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  1. Trinity Perona

    There are SOOO many of your fabulous patterns that would look awesome in that fabric! I can mention a few, Plattie Platypus, Diggles the Dragon, Dilby Duck, Igor Iguana, Kiki Koala would look awesome in some of those, Larry Lion, Punju Peacock would look sooooooo awesome in any of those cool fabrics! In fact, I think that all of your patterns would look cute in those!

  2. Trinity Perona

    P.S. I think your Ladybug would look cute in those fabrics! 😉

  3. Michelle

    a butterfly would be sew cute in these fabrics

  4. Ashlee

    Omg please make a spider !!!!!!! Please!!!!!! That black bug is the best!!!!

  5. Jen M

    Ooooo a dragonfly using the super bright dragonfly print would be gorgeous!

  6. Wendy

    Prince charming frog or getting gecko!

  7. Kirsty Barnett

    I think bees would look lovely. I’d be happy to win anything.

  8. Clare sherry

    The ladybug would look amazing in these fabrics!

  9. Rowena Willis

    I think your lady bug would look cool in some of these funky fabrics but I’d love to see you do a new pattern for a butterfly! 🙂

  10. em arfee

    I think a bee would be great, as they are all body with tiny wings .. miracle they can fly at all

  11. Quilts49

    I would love to see a dragon fly.

  12. Michelle

    A catipiller or lady bug

  13. Chantal McGraw

    A dragon fly would be Awesome with these fabrics. Dragonflies have always been one of my favourite insects. Would have to make a giant one!

  14. Annaleise

    Perfect opportunity to introduce a FFF ‘Snug-as-a-Bug’ sleeping bag pattern range?

  15. meg Ammerman

    I’d be a ‘rolly polly’. At least that’s what Harlan calls them. And I would want to be one because she loves them so much!!!

  16. Sabrina Chapman

    The lady bug

  17. Brenda Funaro

    Butterfly or beetle bug.

  18. teri

    Love to see a firefly. Miss seeing them where we are now.

  19. Linda Steaples

    I would love any bugs but big butterflies & caterpillars also lady bugs with dots & stripes !!!!! Thanks for the giveaway! !!!

  20. lawana

    Mason jars in blue

  21. Kathy E.

    I have always liked lightening bugs (also known as fireflies). They’d look so cute with their yellow bellies! Lightening bugs are so much fun in the heat of the summer!


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