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Easter SEWING COMPETITION winner announced!

Apr 1, 2021 | Blog, Competitions & Giveaways

We had so many gorgeous Easter Funky Friends toys posted for the EASTER SEWING COMPETITION I was really glad the competition was a DRAW and I didn’t have to choose a winner myself!


Check out some of the
GORGEOUS entries
and the winner is announced
below too…


First up – Ashleigh Ray sewed this BEAUTIFUL version of the Easter Bunny Pattern which she said was a perfect finish to fill her kids Easter basket. 

Easter Bunny sewing pattern sewn by Ahleigh Ray


Debra Ffode sewed this adorable “carroty” version of the Easter Bunny Buddies  – soooooooo cute!!!!

Easter Bunny sewing pattern sewn by Debra Fforde


This sweet, fluffy version of the Easter Bunny Buddy was sewn by Linda Grace.

Easter Bunny sewing pattern sewn by Linda Grace

Judie F. named her version of the Easter Bunny Buddy “Pinky Sparkles” …and I think that’s pretty perfect! 

Easter Bunny pattern sewn by Judie Flower


Alyssa King has enlarged the Easter Bunny Pattern to make her kiddies the largest Easter Bunny I have seen!!!  

Easter Bunny sewing pattern sewn by AlyssaKing

Click HERE to purchase the Easter Bunny Buddies pattern.


This adorable version of the Baby Bunny was sewn by Lorilyn Wilkes who took her strawberry-eared, bunny out into the garden for an Easter photo shoot in the flower bed! 💗

baby bunny sewn by Lorilyn Wilkes1


Nina Taylor sewed these sweet Baby Bunnies for a friend’s grandchildren for Easter! 

Baby Bunny Pattern sewn by Nina Taylor


And I loved this smiley faced version of Baby Bunny was sewn by Catherine Sutton!!! 

Baby Bunny sewn by Catherine Sutton

Click HERE to purchase the Baby Bunny pattern.

Baby bunny pattern

This sweet version of Egghead the Easter Chick was sewn by for her grand niece. She said, “It may be a bit wonky but I’m hoping she likes it.” (I am sure she will!!!!!)

Easter Chick sewn by Megan Lowndes


And this cheerful version of Egghead the Easter Chick was sewn by Karen Smith… 🐣

Click HERE to purchase the Egghead Easter Chick pattern.


This entry is from heathermakes_sewing on Instagram….. who sewed this adorable version of  Lamkins Lamb  – She makes my “heart melt!” 💛

Lamb sewing pattern sewn by heathermakes_sewing

Click HERE to purchase the Lamkins Lamb pattern.


These are just a few of the Dilby Ducks sewn Andrea Christensen who said her flock of Dilby ducks was so much fun to make that she just had to try out several different colors!

Duck sewing pattern sewn by Andrea Christiansen


AND… how cute is this fluffy version of the Dilby Duck Pattern sewn by Barbara Benson???  

Duck sewing pattern sewn by Barbara Benson

Click HERE to purchase the Dilby Duck pattern.


AND… Our winner is…

Orsolya Czili who posted her version of the Easter Bunny Pattern… I loved her comment too – “Here is my Easter Bunny 🥰🐰 made of my baby’s clothes for her. I’m in love. 😍” 

Easter Bunny sewing pattern sewn by Orsolya Czili 


You win a Funky Friends Factory Pattern GIFT VOUCHER valued at $50!

Gift-Voucher-50 dollars


I have LOVED seeing your Easter Funky Friends

THANK YOU to everyone who entered! 


Pauline McArthur
Till next time,



  1. Sharon Edwards

    I’ve absolutely loved seeing all the beautifully made toys! The patterns are all so good! It’s got me keen to get sewing for a 1yr old who lives on a sheep farm!!

  2. Catherine Sutton

    Congratulations everyone on your beautiful Easter Funky Friends. I was surprised and so excited to see my own among yours! Happy Easter to all! Thank you Pauline for all you do!

    • Orsolya Czili

      I’m so honored that I won! Absolutely made my day! I made a couple of FF so far, but this bunny was the most personal. Thank you again X

    • Jolene Worm

      Congrats to the winner and such cute entries posted… Makes me want to sew them all.

  3. Shirley Smith

    What wonderful Easter toys were submitted for the Easter Bunny Competition.
    It would have been very hard to select the winner as they all were beautifully made.
    Congratulations Orsolya, your Easter Bunny is beautiful.

  4. Sharen Gibbons

    Congrates to Orsolya you are so clever.
    I loved them all my hospital is having such a good time giving them to the kiddies that attend the Emergency Department and the kiddies love them too Happy Easter everyone. I am going to be working on my sewing machine at making more.

    • Judy Harding

      Congratulations Orsolya! Your little one and your bunny are adorable! Happy Easter everyone.

  5. Nina Taylor

    Congratulations 👏🏼
    Well done to everyone who entered! Lovely makes!
    Looking forward to sewing many more gorgeous toys from the amazing patterns Pauline has lovingly created.
    Thank you Pauline! Xxx

  6. Judy Bean

    Congratulations to Orsolya for her beautiful version of the Bunny! All of these are such an inspiration to me! I look forward to the daily posts of everyone’s Funky Friends pictures 🐰🐣. Happy Easter to all!

  7. Kathy L Cuthbertson

    Congratulations to all !! The Easter makes were all so unique and beautiful. I’m sure they inspired alot of people to join in the fun. Wishing all of you a blessed and beautiful Easter 🐰

  8. Diana Sageser

    Congratulations to the winner and to all of the wonderful and creative people who sew FFF patterns.

  9. Karen Rocklin

    Congratulations to the winner and everyone else who made such beautiful stuffies. I just finished my first Teddy and Plattie and loved them! Your creations give me such great inspiration to keep going!

  10. Alice Berntson

    They are all soooo cute! I have been inspired to rummage through my fabric stashes and closets to find “new” sources for many animals to come.

  11. Barbara Benson

    Congratulations Orsolya! Everyone’s friends are each special in their own way. Thank you Pauline for your outstanding patterns! Happy Easter everyone! 🐇

  12. Judy

    Congratulations! Everyone did an amazing job.

  13. Laurie

    What a joy to see all these this morning. They radiate happiness!

    • Pauline

      Thank you Laurie! They totally made my day! 🙂

  14. Anél

    Congratulations😀all the toys are beautiful👏👏love all your patterns, Pauline👏😁may you all have a blessed easter🙏

  15. Carmen K Gunderson

    All so cute

  16. Jeannette Driscoll

    Congratulations Orsolya. Nicely done everyone!

  17. Peggy G

    How fun it is to see everyone’s versions of these Spring Funky Friends! Congrats Orsolya and baby – and Happy Easter weekend y’all!!

  18. Sharon Hale

    Congratulations Orsolya, your bunny is so cute. All the entries were really cute. Nice job everyone.

  19. Christine Pearson

    Congratulations,fantastic entries from fantastic patterns.

  20. Debra Prychun

    Beautiful Easter animals from so many clever FFF sewers! I am in awe. Congratulations to everyone and especially to Orsolya! Brilliant!

  21. Josie from 🇨🇦

    Congratulations to everyone, I love all your entries and inspires me to try the bunny pattern too.

  22. Heather

    Ahhh amazing! Congratulations to the winner! I love the giant bunny! My lambkins is sitting on my desk watching my every stitch and waiting for her friends to come off the sewing machine!! I love your designs Pauline. Thank you so much! Happy sewing all xxx (heathermakes_sewing)

    • Pauline

      Thanks for your lovely comment Heather!


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