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Competition Time – still time to post your guess..

Jun 27, 2010 | A day in my life, Blog, Competitions & Giveaways

Well, what an exciting response!

I know some of you are desperate to know who the winners are and I cannot tell a lie… some of you HAVE guessed correctly already!


BUT I am going to let everyone have a bit more time to post your guesses.

As some of you may be aware, I kind of crashed the website with my free teddy offer and competition time!!! So there are a lot of people who wouldn’t have got to vote straight away…

So in the interests of FAIRNESS  – I am going to give away an EXTRA 5 patterns of Stu which will be chosen from ALL of the correct guesses that come in AFTER the first 10 correct guesses. So even if you weren’t one of the FIRST 10 to guess correctly, you still have a second chance to win this latest Funky Friends Factory pattern….even if you guess today!


Here are some more clues for you:

  • This fabric photo is another clue
  • AND the biggest clue of all: These animals can live to be older than 100 years (even over 200 years!)


I will be announcing the 15 winners in a weeks time…

Good luck everyone,


  1. Susan

    I’ll have another guess – a lizard or goanna?

  2. Sheila Kelly

    Oooo oooo I think Stu is a turtle/tortoise. Although I know there already is Tilly the tortoise, so maybe a turtle is the answer. I love all the Aussie animals especially one of your first ones Platy the platypus

  3. jen

    Its a cockaroach!

  4. Jodie C

    Sea Turtle

  5. Raschael

    Stu the Sea Turtle?

  6. Tara Homer

    I think its going to be a shark,

  7. Alex and Dade Homer

    we think it will be a sea turtle or alligator

  8. Sarah

    ok stu the turtle
    it is the only animal I can think of right now that can live that long

  9. Jodie

    Ok, maybe a lobster, a sea turtle or plan old turtle or even a starfish. Who knows! (Pauline does!!!!!)

  10. Stacey McMillan

    Ooohhh with that clue in mind I am going to say A sea Turtle.

  11. Coleen

    Snapping Turtle,Sea Turtle, Aligator or crocodile. 🙂

  12. lisa

    Stu the giant tortoise, they can live 150 and over

  13. Stephanie Pecor

    It must be a sea turtle or tortoise

  14. sarah

    Oh it must be a sea turtle

  15. Kath McFarland

    its gotta be a turtle or tortoise?!?!?!

  16. Kath McFarland

    🙁 I really wanted it to be a cute snail!

  17. Kath McFarland

    .. but realistically I guess it has to be a turtle (box turtle). Fortunately mother-in-laws do not lay eggs 😉

  18. Heather

    Is he a turtle??

  19. Allison

    Okay….my new guesses are sturgeon, sea turtle, and tortoise. 🙂 Thanks for the extra clue!!

  20. Deb

    Here we go again…. I’ll go with a tortoise or sea turtle as well…. I would still really love to see a dragon in your collection…. I just love dragons…

  21. leanne stone

    it would have to be a turtle then 😛

  22. sara

    It must be a sea turtle or tortoise

  23. Heather Ferguson

    its a sea tortoise!!

  24. Helen


  25. Sarah


  26. Monica


  27. Helen

    Or sea turtle

  28. Pauline

    OOOOOOH, this is getting unbearable – one more sleep to go, and just want to let the cat out of the bag!!! (It’s NOT a cat – but I will let everyone know what it is tomorrow!!!
    Thanks to everyone for taking part and the lovely feedback too – GOOD LUCK EVERONE!!!!!

  29. Katrina

    Hi there…I see there is already a platypus pattern… I will guess a swan, or shark, or snail. Your pattern will be lovely 🙂

  30. Jo Outtrim

    Turtle or sturgeon