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Me and my Chameleon toy!

Sep 6, 2021 | Blog, NEW Toy Patterns

Lots of people have been really surprised at the size of my NEW Chameleon pattern.

I think it’s because it’s hard to tell the size of her in real life just from her beauty shot (below)!!! So I thought I’d show you some pics of the toy with people (and pups) for size reference.




Get ready for LOTS

of Chameleon cuddling!!


Jane Jehne‘s daughter was thrilled with HER new Chameleon!!! I love all the different patterns in the fabric and the ric-rac trim Jane added… and how cute does it look with it’s tail curled around her arm!?! (Too sweet!)

Chameleon Pattern sewn by Jane Jehne


Look who made a new friend! This happy fellow is Odis, a 110lb “goofy” dog belonging to Lynette Holland. Coco Chameleon looks quite happy to be buddies with a canine.

Chameleon Pattern sewn by Lynette Holland Sew Dreamy Designs8


Rainbow fabrics were definitely the most popular choice among the pattern testers. This kiddo has an armful of awesome ombre in this pastel Coco Chameleon sewn by Linda Clark. (I think the look on his face says, “Love me love my Chameleon!”)



There’s nothing like the love between a girl and her giant chameleon, lol. Look how happy Tammi Stillion‘s 2-year-old granddaughter is with her rainbow Coco!

Chameleon Pattern sewn by Tammi Stillion (1)


Next up is a beautiful scrappy Chameleon sewn by Isabelle Andreo. She said she made it totally from fabric scraps (clothes, curtains ..) The exciting thing for me is that Isabelle is French and used Google translate and my photo tutorial and made such a GORGEOUS Chameleon!

*** Isabelle’s dog was also VERY impressed! ***

Chameleon Pattern sewn by Isobelle Andreo


Is it “Tongues Out Tuesday” yet? Britta Watters took her kids to the park while she was stuffing this chameleon toy and she said every single kid came over to ask for one! Sounds like Coco was a huge HIT!

Chameleon Pattern sewn by Britta Watters



In case you missed the link above – the Chameleon toy pattern is available to download from the website NOW!


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  1. Tracey

    Odis looks so happy. I think I may have to make my Labrador her own Chameleon!

    • Pauline

      Hey Tracey! I KNOW – that’s one of my favourite feedback pics! 😀


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