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Toy Club 2017 – it’s where all the cool toy-sewists hang out!!!!

Posted under BlogFFF News on 2017-04-08 01:55:06

I am soooooooooooooo excited because I have been invited to join in with Toy Club 2017, the funky Toy Sewing Club being run by my fabulous friend Kylie from the Voodoo Rabbit Fabric Shopor did I invite MYSELF? Doesn’t matter – I get to cut up Tula Pink fabric for the Patch Pussy Cat KITS!!!


So what is Toy Club?

It’s a Subscription Sewing Club for people who LOVE to sew Funky Friends Factory Soft Toys in super-cool fabrics! Over six months you will get 6 Toy Kits made up with Funky Friends Factory patterns combined with awesome fabrics and necessary notions from Voodoo Rabbit Fabric – it’s a match made in toy-making heaven!

How does Toy Club work?

This year we’ve decided to spice things up a little bit because a lot of you have a LOT of my patterns already (Thank you!) and we want you to have the option to get some totally NEW Toy Kits!

First up, you get to choose 3 of these 6 existing Kits that we have already prepared 3 of these 6 existing Kits that we have already prepared that we have already prepared…

Choose 3 Kits

Why ONLY 3 you ask?

Well, this is the exciting bit – you will also receive 3 ‘surprise’ KITS!!! These kits will have brand NEW (never before released) Funky Friends Factory Patterns…. that’s right…. 3 totally NEW, NEVER BEFORE RELEASED toy patterns that no one has ever seen – pretty cool huh?!

You get 6 Toy Kits over 6 months

Once a month, for 6 months you will get a Toy Kit. These Kits will be the 3 you selected plus 3 brand NEW ones. ALL 6 Toy Kits will come with the Pattern and all the fabrics and notions you will need to complete the toy which will be posted out from the ultra-cool Voodoo Rabbit Fabric Shop.


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The Funky Friends are OFF to Holland!

Posted under A day in my lifeBlogFFF News on 2016-08-23 21:28:56

I can’t believe it’s actually happening! I have been invited to go to the Netherlands to teach a toy making workshop, in the Stitchee shop in Oud-Beijerland, a village in the Dutch countryside.

Well, to be honest…

I kinda invited MYSELF!!!

It’s true! 😀 I have known Erika for a long time as she is one of the oldest Funky Friends Stockists. We have become friends over the years so when she told me she is celebrating her shop’s 5th birthday in the first week of September and asked if I could donate some prizes for a giveaway during her week long celebrations… I said for sure – and maybe I can come to the party?

Erika from Stitchee
So I will be teaching a workshop in the shop on the 1st of September and we will be making my Fifi Fox Toy Pattern

… in DUTCH!!!!

September toy making workshop

Hopefully I will be able to get by with the Afrikaans I remember from my school days??? 😀


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Funky Friends Factory is coming to AMERICA!!!

Posted under A day in my lifeBlogFFF NewsMarkets & ExhibitionsNEW Softie Patterns on 2015-05-05 22:03:16

I’m so excited because I am going have a booth at the International Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis this year!!!!

International Quilt Market Minneapolis

I have to admit I am also getting a bit nervous about going to America…

It’s such a BIG STEP for me, besides the cost and logistics of getting myself and my Funky Friends half way around the world, the time-frame is making me feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew? BUT …. I guess – you just have to go for it or you get nowhere? 😀

So to celebrate the occasion, I couldn’t resist designing my first

AMERICAN toy pattern ~

Bill the Bald Eagle!

Bald Eagle sewing patternn
The Bald Eagle Pattern is available as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF pattern so you can get it right now, download it right NOW and start sewing! : )

You will be able to sew the Bald Eagle real quick too because I have made a detailed photo tutorial to show you how easy it is to sew your own bald eagle toy!
Bald Eagle photo tutorial

I can’t believe I am actually going to be in the USA!

I am still pinching myself!


If any of you are going to be at Quilt Market, I thought I had better let you know where I’ll be so you can come and say g’day to me. I will be at booth 237.

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Posted under BlogFFF News on 2015-04-14 21:19:41

I am super excited to be collaborating with the awesome team from with the production of my Takeandmake Kawaii Cat Softie Kit. Take and make is ‘the home of the DIY kit’ which means that they help indie designers like me to package together fabulous branded crafty kits ready for crafters around the world to buy and make!!!

How cool is that?

Takeandmake toy kit

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Hobby Horse commission for Love Sewing Magazine!

Posted under A day in my lifeBlogFFF NewsNEW Softie Patterns on 2014-12-24 04:15:25

Earlier this year I was commissioned to make a sewing pattern for a Hobby Horse for a new magazine, Love Sewing Australia . I’ve been busting to show you these but had to keep them secret until the magazine was published. Well finally the time has come and I can show off

Harper the happy
Hobby Horse!

Love Sewing Magazine Issue 5

I LOVED making the hobby horse so much…

I had to make TWO!!!! 😀

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