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COSY PROJECT – Wodger Wombat KITS 25% off for YOU!!!

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I’m really excited to tell you about project I have been involved with in connection with Cosy PROJECT who have produced some cute KITS of my Wodger Wombat Pattern. Wodger is so cute that it’s not surprising he has been an ALL time favourite since he made his debut appearance in the Homespun magazine back in 2012.

Cosy Project sewing kits


COSY PROJECT is an online marketplace filled with online craft lessons and patterns from some of the world’s most well-known and inspiring teachers and designers. The company behind Cosy PROJECT is Universal Media Co., Australia’s largest niche media company and producers of Homespun magazine. The COSY PROJECT website has patterns and online classes to suit all tastes and styles, great gift ideas, quick projects and seasonal designs – all ready to be handmade by you!

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What to do if you’re NOT getting my emails?

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I’m writing this blog post to tell you what you can do if you are NOT getting my emails!


If you have subscribed to my newsletter or have joined the Sew Many Funky Friends Club and you are NOT getting any emails from me… something is wrong! You may not have a SPAM FILTER but your Email Service Provider (ESP) can still block my emails from getting through to your inbox – even if you WANT to read THEM! This is a very common issue. Unfortunately, it’s just something that ESPs do because it’s an easy way for them to apply a ‘blanket fix’ to keep you safe from SPAM.

Unfortunately, it also blocks
legitimate emails
~ like mine!

Even though you can hardly consider me an internet crook!!!



How do we fix this?

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Maybe you’re curious why I’m going BIG this year?

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I want to get a little bit serious (just for a change!) because I want to let you in on the reason behind this big thing I’m working on.

You might not believe it
but it’s taken a long time for me
to become comfortable telling people that I design soft toys for a living!

I trained as an optometrist and in comparison, sewing toys seemed a rather silly (even childish?) thing to do for a job! Often I think that there are so many awful things happening around the world, how can designing fluffy toys be a worthwhile thing to spend your whole life doing?

announcing toys eyes in da house

BUT over the years, having people tell me how much my toy patterns have meant to them… has meant so much to me!

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Have you joined the Free MONSTER SEW ALONG?

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I was only going to tell my newsletter subscribers about this HUGE, BIG, exciting project that I am working on because I was a little nervous about how it was going to be received. My newsletter subscribers are my biggest fans – they’re always keen to hear from me, they love it when I release a new pattern and I think they generally (genuinely?) love what I do. So  THEY would be the most forgiving audience, which is very important when you’re trying

for the first time!!!


It seems… they are LOVING the LIVE CALLS… and I am having such fun!




So I want to let you know – there’s still time for yout come join us! As a grand kick-off celebration for the Sew Many Funky Friends Club… I’ll tell you more about that later, I’m hosting a

FREE online

The sew-along centred around my easy monster sewing pattern – The Mix & Match Monsters pattern. It’s a quick, SIMPLE toy sewing pattern so you can ALL come and sew with me! AND guess what – if you come and join in for the MONSTER SEW-ALONG you will get the pattern for free!


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NEW YEAR and something NEW for FFF!

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I’m getting really excited because things are heating up around here! Yeah, yeah, it’s summertime in Australia, I know, BUT I am cooking up something really fun for you this year!

Last year was a crazy-whirlwind for me so my New Year’s resolution for 2018 is simply to slow down and…


Whether you’re sewing toys for babies, children, friends, family, customers, work-colleagues or just for yourself, sewing toys is all about FUN…and guess what? I’m planning more of it in 2018 for me and you!


Do more of what makes you happy

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