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For my birthday, I climbed a mountain and tickled a wombat!

Posted under A day in my lifeBlog on 2017-09-08 05:11:43

It’s been so hot in Brisbane this winter that we planned a holiday somewhere cool for my birthday this year – Tasmania! As a toy-designer, I was excited to see some of the unusual animals that exist ONLY on this Australian island. BUT first, about that mountain… it was Cradle Mountain and I climbed up far enough to wander around in the snow! Look how proud I was of my rather UNFIT self! 😀

Pauline McArthur climbing Cradle Mountain

On the way back from our hike we saw a bunch of tourist stopping to photographing something on the side of the road. It was a rather chilled-out WOMBAT munching away on the grass verge, totally unaware of the gawking,happy-snapping tourists! It’s one thing to design a toy pattern looking at photos of animals on Google BUT it’s way better to be able to actually SEE the animal in real life. So imagine how excited I was to see a real live wombat!

Wow, a wombat in the WILD!!!

Pauline McArthur - Wombat in the wild


I really wanted see the Tasmanian Devil so we stopped in at a wildlife park. I have to say I was a little dissapointed that it looked nothing like Taz from the Warner Bro’s Looney Tunes cartoons from my childhood!


Tasmanian Devils are still one of the weirdest animals I’ve seen. To me, they are a mixture between a wild cat and a little dog  BUT I don’t think you’d want to get ‘up close and personal’ with them as they have a mouth full of sharp teeth that they like to show off with a big yawn. I have been asked to make a toy pattern for a Tassie Devil in the past but I don’t know if people would like to sew a Tassie Devil that looked like a cartoon Devil or a real-life Devil…. I’m not sure?

Tasmanian Devil


AND one MORE really exciting thing for me was to go to the Thylacine Museum. I was fascinated by the Thylacine which is the latin name for the officially extinct TASMANIAN TIGER! Some people believe the Tassie Tiger may still be alive, hiding in the impenetrable bush! The last Tasmanian Tiger in captivity died at Hobart Zoo in 1936 but every now and then someone claims to have a sighting of this extinct animal and funny enough, just this week there was this report of a thylacine sighting last November – 2016! WOW!

Tasmanian Tiger

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The Funky Friends are OFF to Holland!

Posted under A day in my lifeBlogFFF News on 2016-08-23 21:28:56

I can’t believe it’s actually happening! I have been invited to go to the Netherlands to teach a toy making workshop, in the Stitchee shop in Oud-Beijerland, a village in the Dutch countryside.

Well, to be honest…

I kinda invited MYSELF!!!

It’s true! 😀 I have known Erika for a long time as she is one of the oldest Funky Friends Stockists. We have become friends over the years so when she told me she is celebrating her shop’s 5th birthday in the first week of September and asked if I could donate some prizes for a giveaway during her week long celebrations… I said for sure – and maybe I can come to the party?

Erika from Stitchee
So I will be teaching a workshop in the shop on the 1st of September and we will be making my Fifi Fox Toy Pattern

… in DUTCH!!!!

September toy making workshop

Hopefully I will be able to get by with the Afrikaans I remember from my school days??? 😀


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Llama/Alpaca fabric giveaway!

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When I was at Houston Quilt Market last October my booth was across the way from an interesting guy  – Edward Soloway from Marcie Designs Inc in New York. At first I thought he was selling fabrics and I was really excited because I thought they would look awesome made up as Funky Friends toys, but it turns out…

these are NOT fabrics?

Marcie Designs Inc New York

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Voodoo Rabbit Fabric Skirt Sewing Class

Posted under A day in my life on 2015-09-20 00:57:55

I’m sure you know that Kylie from Voodoo Rabbit is a really good friend of mine….. some would be curious to know if it’s because she has such gorgeous fabrics in her shop.. or if it’s because SHE is really cool….. I’d have to say it’s a bit of BOTH! haha! 😀

Well whichever it is – ONE things for sure… I have a LOT of fabric in my stash courtesy of the Voodoo Rabbit Fabric Shop! :)

Voodoo Rabbit Fabric Shop  Collage

ANOTHER cool thing that Voodoo Rabbit Shop has is SEWING CLASSES and when I heard that they were doing a class with the Ladies Reversible Wrap Skirt Sewing Pattern from Moonshine Design I had to join in.

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Please vote for the MAKER OF THE MONTH – I can’t decide!

Posted under A day in my life on 2015-09-02 00:27:40

I need your help!!!

So many gorgeous feedback photos are being posted on my Facebook page – it’s becoming harder and harder to choose my favorite for the Funky Friends Factory MAKER OF THE MONTH!

This month has been so hard to decide so I thought I’d put it to a vote!


Maker of the Month

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