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Inspirations – Sheri Berry

Nov 30, 2011 | A day in my life, Blog

Sheri Seibold - Sheri Berry FabricThey say it’s NOT WHAT you know,

but WHO you know

and I am now proud to say I know the very talented fabric designer behind these fabulous
Sheri Berry fabrics that inspired my Chrissy Camel pattern – Sheri Seibold

Camel soft toy pattern

..and as it turns out -Chrissy has been an inspiration for Sheri too!



Well, here’s how it happened, in Sheri’s words…

So, here’s a funny round-about story. I was googling camels to get the shape right for a new piece of art I’ve been working on. That’s how I found your cute Chrissy camel. So in a round about way, my fabric became your camel which then influenced my new camel art that I just worked on. It was so funny that when I googled camel, yours is one that came up. What a coincidence. If I hadn’t been working on camel art, I would never have found you. So, it really is a small world, after all. 🙂 How lucky for me.

Gosh – that made me feel really chuffed that I could have had EVEN the TINIEST influence on such a talented designer as Sheri…. : )

Sheri Berry Fabric

Sheri has sent me her camel art so I could post it on my blog … and YES, I CAN see
a slight resemblance –

BOTH camels have a REALLY SMUG look on their face!!!

You can see the more of Sheri’s Wee are the World collection on her  beautiful blog.
If you anything like me, you’ll be lost for HOURS looking at all the marvellous designs Sheri creates –  NOT ONLY FABRIC – she also designs holiday ornaments, murals, scrapbooking and crafting supplies, cards, stuffed animals, checks and wallets, baby clothing and decor, stationery products,  decorative giftware and greeting cards!


WOW – who wouldn’t be inspired by such a talented lady?

Pauline McArthur - Funky Friends Factory.

Till next time,

Happy Sewing,


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