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Dec 6, 2013 | A day in my life, Blog, Competitions & Giveaways

Woohoo…. it’s competition time, and you can win $50 worth of fabric and patterns with Voodoo Rabbit and Funky Friends Factory!

What’s it all about???

The Voodoo Rabbit gals got so excited when I finally finished my Fleur the flamingo sewing pattern because they have been begging me to design a flamingo toy pattern F-O-R-E-V-E-R!!! I think they have amazing fabrics for making a flamingo softie, I guess that’s why Kylie ended up making THREE!!!!!! We were arguing over which fabric was the cutest…  so we decided to settle things with a


Let us know which Flamingo you think is the cutest  – to be in the running to win, a $25 fabric voucher from voodoo rabbit and a $25 Funky Friends Factory pattern voucher from ME!!!

… and here are the contestant’s!!!

Flamingo photo shoot

First bird on the catwalk is Geekly Chic:

Geekly is wearing Geekly Chic Glasses Hot Pink by Riley Blake and finished off with Premium Solid Magenta by Northcott for her legs and Premium Solid Black by Northcott for her wings and nose.

The next beautiful bird is Rivoli Bubble

Rivoli is wearing Rivoli Bubble Onyx by Alexander Henry and finished off with Premium Solid Rose by Northcott for her legs and Premium Solid Black by Northcott for her wings and beak.

Rivoli Bubble flamingo sewing pattern

This leggy lovely is Rose Pink

Rose is wearing Premium Solid Rose by Northcott and finished off with Outfoxed Stripe Pink by Andover for her legs Rivoli Bubble Onyx by Alexander Henry for her wings and Premium Solid Black by Northcott for her beak.

Rose flamingo stuffed toy sewing pattern

And last but not least is Pauline’s Pretty Preener

She is wearing Premium Solid Bubblegum by Northcott and is finished off with fabrics from Pauline’s stash for her legs and wings and Premium Solid Black by Northcott for her beak.

flamingo soft toy sewing pattern 4

It’s easy to enter:

ALL  you need to do is to choose which stuffed toy flamingo is YOUR favourite.

  1. Leave a comment below,
  2. and leave a comment on the Voodoo Rabbit blog post too for a second chance to win!

***** The winner will be drawn on Friday 13th December, so don’t forget to see ifit is YOUR lucky day!!!*****

Good LUCK everyone – may the best FLAMINGO win!

Pauline McArthur - Funky Friends Factory. .

Till next time…

Happy Sewing,




  1. Korina Fraser

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Rivoli Bubble!!! All the others are cute but he’s my favourite !

  2. Tracey Glasson

    Being a glasses wearing ‘geek’ myself totally love Geekly! Her legs also look fab in the darker fabric

  3. Mrs long

    Defiantly Geekly chic with out a doubt

  4. Jenny Cullen

    Oooo they are all so lovely…but I like rosé pink the best!

  5. Toni Rosser

    Rivoli Bubble
    love this very vintage/model ideal for someone whos not into Pink

  6. Ali Hoskins

    I love the geeky one! She’s so current and cool!

  7. stacey mcconnell

    I love rivoli bubble, she is so delish.

  8. Terri

    rivoli bubble is the one that catches my eye

  9. kristeen marsh

    Ravioli bubble is my fave love the crazy pattern

  10. Helene Owen

    I love Rivoli Bubble the most! I could use some fun and colour at the moment.

  11. Rebecca Stamp

    Rose Pink is my favourite!

  12. Brigette White

    Pretty Preener

  13. Lynne Caplice

    I love Geekly Chic cause she has black glasses just like me

  14. Karen

    I love Geekly. So cool.

  15. Cindi

    Rose pink is definitely my favourite

  16. Helen Stitt

    I like Rose Pink.

  17. Kylie

    I love pink rose. I am being a little obsessed with flamingos.
    I have them in my garden and my birthday had it as a theme…. These are great

  18. Lisa Trump

    I love Rose Pink … Her colors are just perfect!

  19. Cornelia Ludewig

    Rivoli bubble, Rivoli bubble, so cute

  20. Jennifer joshua

    Mine is rose pink 🙂

  21. Tracey

    Geeky is my fav for sure

  22. Beccy Fletcher

    It has to be Rivoli Bubble for me. So adorable and really brings out the green in his eyes. They are all gorgeous but this one she is one gorgeous bird. Must have been eating rainbows 🙂 xx

  23. Emily

    Definitely Rose Pink! She’s gorgeous! 🙂

  24. Jo

    Love the Rose Pink flamingo – nice and simple design with a bit of flair on the wings 🙂 x

  25. Tracey McDonald

    It has to be Rivoli Bubble. She is so bright and funky. Kids would love the vibrancy of her and Adults would love how spunky she looks.

  26. Shirley hunt

    I love them all, so bright and beautiful, but Rivoli Bubble would be the one I choose.

  27. Chelsea

    Rose pink is my favourite.

  28. Sara

    Rose pink is my favorite, I love her legs!

  29. Jill Curtain

    Love ’em all especially Rivoli Bubble

  30. Vivien Wong

    My pick is the lovely Rose Pink, totally adorable with her bubble wings. I hope she wins!

  31. Emma

    I love them all, if I had to pick one then it would be Gleekly Chic!

  32. Lisa

    My son has agreed with me that Rivoli Bubble is our choice.

  33. Danielle Duncan

    I like rose pink the best followed closely by rivilo bubble but they are all really cute. A hard decision

  34. Shirley Bray

    I like them all, but to pick a favourite, it would be Rivoli Bubble. Keep up the great work Pauline!!

  35. Annette

    I love Rose Pink especially those wings. Maybe you could rename the winner after “Greater” the oldest of the last two Flamingos in Australia at the Adelaide Zoo 🙂

  36. Jenni Saunders

    I love them all, but my favourite would have to be Geekly Chic.

  37. jan

    Pauline’s Pretty Preener is my favorite of all…love this new pattern!

  38. Deb Mogridge Dawidowicz

    I love Rivoli Bubble!! perfect colours..

  39. Laurel Moore

    Miss Rose Pink most definitely….. Love the beautiful choice of fabric for the wings!

  40. Amber

    I love Geekly Chic. The colors are natural enough that she looks like a real flamingo, but the glasses make her different and funky. The purple legs are exactly the right colour to combine with the pink and black to really make the sliver of colour in the eye pop. It’s not as obvious a choice of colour as a darker pink would have been, and I love it all the more for it.

  41. toadstooldots

    They are all fabulous! but my fave is tivoli bubble, love that fabric.

    thanks for the give away!

  42. Michelle

    Love geekly chic!!

  43. Lyndall Metzroth

    They’re all lovely but my favourite has to be Rose Pink. Still a traditional flamingo colour but with a bit of flare to make her that little bit individual and special. Nice work!

  44. Sara and Emme

    We love the Geekly Chic!

  45. Anne Cah

    My favourite is Rivoli Bubble, so chic!such style! Love her.

  46. gina

    I love them all but my favourite is Geekly Chic. Love the sunglasses fabric.

  47. Katie Seitz

    Geekly!! They’re all cute, but Geekly made me squeal!

  48. Stacey

    Pretty preener is classic and definitely my favourite 🙂

  49. Stacey

    Pretty preener is classic and definitely my favourite

  50. Julia

    My personal favourite is Pretty Preener. She’s really cute!

  51. Candy

    Oh pretty flamingo, luv the ‘Geekly chic” would love to make her mine.

  52. Mia nelson

    Rose pink is so cute! She’s my favorite!

  53. Natalia crespo

    The cutest is rivoli bubble

  54. melanie de oliveira

    they are all soooo cute! but my eye kept going back to rivoli bubble!!!

  55. Alesha

    Rose Pink is my favorite! <3

  56. Lynn Tilot

    well, if you can believe it, I’m not going with wild nor crazy this time LOL Pretty Preener gets my vote

  57. Kez

    I love Pauline’s Pretty Preener, it is realistic and I love that.
    They are all so adorable though.
    I am a facebook user but it wouldn’t let me post??

  58. stacey morris

    I love Rose Pink she is so cute

  59. Fiona

    Rivolli Bubble is the one that takes the prize for me, so funky

  60. Kelsey Brown

    Absolutely love Pauline’s pretty preener….girly and cute! My cousin would absolutely love it!

  61. Cornette Els

    Love pink so it must be ROSEe PINK!!

  62. Sammy Foster

    Love the pretty preener but they are all cute esp in pink my fav colour x

  63. Penny

    “Pretty Preener” – the shy look on her face defies her name!

  64. Carmel

    Rose Pink is the most beautiful, but Geekly Chic the cutest! I hope I’m not late for the draw, it’s still Dec 12 here 🙂

  65. Pauline

    FRIDAY the 13th is a lucky day for Rivoli Bubble!
    Kylie from Voodoo Rabbit, rang me bright and easrly so we could tally up the votes and draw a prize winner… da, da, daaaaaaaaaaah!!!! DRUM ROLL please……

    Anne Cah who has won a $25 voucher from both me, Funky Friends Factory) and @Voodoo Rabbit. We will be emailing you shortly with your prizes.

    **** THANK YOU to everyone who voted for the cutest flamingo! It was fun to see the results! Watch this space there’ll be more FUNKY FUN coming in 2014!!!!!!!

  66. Candice

    I have been making these to sell at markets and they have been such a huge hit, I just wanted to say thank you! 🙂

    • Pauline

      Thanks Candice!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeez come post some pics on my Facebook page??? 😀


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