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Competition time – Can you guess what the next pattern will be?

Jun 21, 2010 | A day in my life, Blog, Competitions & Giveaways

Well, I’ve been feeling guilty as there are a few of you who have been asking me for a new pattern for some time now…

and finally it’s here!

BUT, first I thought I’d have a little fun this time and have a competition for the Funky Friends Factory members to guess what it is going to be!

It’s easy – the first 10 Funky Friends Factory Members to post a correct guess as to what my next FFF Toy Pattern is going to be will WIN the pattern!

So, a few clues –

  • This picture is your first clue –>
  • The Funky Friend is NOT going to be purple.
  • These animals lay eggs that’s a good clue!
  • It is going to be named after one of theΒ Facebook Funky Friends Factory fans, called Stu.


Ooooooh! I don’t want to make it THAT obvious, so that should be enough clues….


Good Luck everyone!


  1. Nicola

    I’m going with snake for the moment! πŸ™‚

  2. Sheena

    I’m thinking it might be Stu the snake.?

  3. Helen

    Or an echidna – lays eggs, has spikes, isn’t purple!

  4. Amanda

    Hmm. Seahorse?

  5. jude

    A goose that lays a Golden egg maybe

  6. Annabel


  7. Net Mardon

    I’m guessing a turtle too πŸ™‚

  8. Jan Koch

    I am guessing Stu is a turtle.

  9. Coleen

    a fish?

  10. Coleen

    Maybe a Dinosaur?

  11. Allie

    I guess stegasaurus:)

  12. Jodie

    I am guessing a stegosaurus too (he would look good next to Timmy)

  13. Jodie

    My guess is an Emu, “Stu the egg laying emu”!

  14. Karen

    My daughter thinks a turtle or maybe a chicken.
    I thought an emu.

  15. Lisa

    Ooo,it could be a dino head. A Stegosaurus or a Scelidosaurus (my cousin would love one of these he likes the bumps and spikes in the armour). It could also be the frill/head on a frilled neck lizard. That would be cool.

  16. Stacey McMillan

    Ooohhhh I’m excited
    Im guessing a Seahorse, I hope it is
    Actually I’m just excited for a new pattern!

  17. Anita

    I’m thinking emu 2

  18. Kath McFarland

    Definitely a spider… or perhaps a snake. Nope a spider.. or a snake.. If I can only choose one, a spider, otherwise a snake….

  19. Kath McFarland

    It’s a snail.. do they lay eggs? hmmm, maybe not, just slime.. πŸ™‚

  20. Lee Cornelius

    Stu the Stegosaurus sounds just right!

  21. sally

    is it a chicken??

  22. Hannah

    I love the fabric, think it would make a lovely sea turtle πŸ™‚

  23. Cat

    A purple turtle, that is not purple?
    No idea, I dont get the clue.

  24. Kayt

    Is it a camel Pauline?
    I can’t wait to find out!

  25. Laura

    I would have to say a stegosaurus

  26. Kayt

    Bactrian camel?*

  27. Susan

    Oh I hope a seahorse as well.
    Although like others I am just happy to see a new patterns.

  28. Kayt

    oops, double post, my bad. I didn’t read the clues too,
    Pterodactyl? some kind of bird-like dinosaur?
    a dinosaur? snake? lizard? some kind of reptile or amphibian or bird?
    a frog? a salamander? Newt? Toad, Bullfrog? seaturtle? turtle? Alligator? Crocodile? Tortoise? Gecko? Terrapin? Duck? Chicken? Turkey? Platypus? Echidna? Bug? Butterflies? Caterpillar? Fish? Dragon? Emu? Ostrich? Stegosaurus?

  29. Lynn

    Hey Pauline, I was thinking Sea Horse too but also like Platypus.

  30. Julie

    is it a turtle?

  31. Dean

    i would have to say turtle

  32. Megan

    I was thinking fish or something but Stu the Seahorse sounds right

  33. Helen

    Stegosaurus? You really have me stumped. Doesn’t help that your website is down and I can’t remember the whole line!

  34. Kath McFarland

    if it’s not spider or snake, then I’m with turtle!

  35. Kath McFarland

    Altho I still like the idea of a snail too..

  36. Wendy Wake

    Is it a penguin?

  37. Heather

    Thinking maybe, hopefully a cat? : )

  38. Coleen

    Okay… my guesses are….
    Fish, Emu, Dinosaur, Turtle, Echidna, Aligator, Crocodile, Newt, Beetle, and Ostrich.

  39. Helen

    Thinking too much …Stu is a male and males don’t lay eggs. But the male seahorse looks after the eggs, so maybe a seahorse.
    Or a snail – they’re hermaphroditic so the male could be the one laying the eggs.

  40. Kate

    an Echidna would be very cool ! how about a Stork?

  41. Emma

    I like the idea of him being a stegosaurus, he’d be fun to make. Or a bird or seahorse!
    Looking forward to whatever he may be.

  42. Stephanie

    Stu the Sturgeon?

  43. Marcela

    I think Its a dinosaur!!!

  44. Nicola

    Nooooooo sorry changing to snail please, would like to see a seahorse but I think the male gives birth to live babies.

  45. Jennie F

    Could it be a snail??

  46. Michelle Brown

    I was thinking of a Swan, but all the other guesses have me guessing now too πŸ™‚

  47. Danielle Caldwell

    Hmm, I think it ‘s a seahorse. Atleast I hope so; wouldn;pt that be cute!

  48. Maria

    I think it might be a dragon!

  49. Adelle

    Stu the Stegosaurus

  50. Maria

    I would say a sea turtle

  51. Ines

    I think it’s a goose or a rooster.

  52. dot

    Can’t wait to see the new pattern. I’m hoping it is an Emu

  53. Annabel

    An echidna?

  54. Annabel

    Or turtle or crocodile?

  55. Jodie C


  56. Jodie

    Ok, either seahorse, peacock or spiny anteater. (This is hard!)

  57. Marie


  58. Kerrie

    I’m going right out there and guessing a CRAB

  59. Jodie

    I keep thinking about it. I know you are working on a camel, but that doesn’t lay eggs. What about an ostrich!!

  60. Miriam


  61. Miriam


  62. deb

    I would love for “STU” to be a dragon…… please be a dragon…

  63. Sarah

    I’m thinking Stu the seahorse

  64. Ellen


  65. Jennie

    Is it going to be a dragon?

  66. Jennie

    An ostrich?

  67. Marie

    owl ?

  68. marie

    Frilled neck lizard

  69. Jodie

    Maybe a snail?

  70. Beth

    OK here’s my second guess, but I’m gonna guess a Dragon just like Deb did. So my guesses are a stegasaurous and a dragon.
    Has anyone guessed right yet?

  71. Vicki

    is it going to be a chicken. “chicken stu”

  72. Coleen

    I’ll jump on the Dragon bandwagon!

  73. Kristin

    not sure if there’s too many of these guesses already, but i’m going to go with Seahorse :o)

  74. Mike

    I’ll say Snail.

  75. Amanda

    I think a stegasaurous aswell

  76. Bruno Soares

    Hi Pauline
    I think it is a sea horse or stegasaurous…Thanks for pattern Honey the Bear.I liked very
    Thanks so much
    Bruno Soares

  77. Allison S.

    Okay…here are some more guesses from me: Dragon….Frilled Lizard…..Cassowary. πŸ™‚ Still convinced he’s a stegosaurus, though!

  78. Jan Koch

    I was thinking… could Stu be an Iguana or a Fish?
    I sure hope so, or maybe even an Ostrich??
    Can’t wait to find out…
    Jan Koch

  79. Allie

    Is it a spiny anteater?

  80. Katrina

    Hi there,
    I think the pattern will be a platypus! And that it will be awesome! x

  81. Sarah

    I am thinking an emu

  82. Alexis

    A stingray?? πŸ™‚

  83. Kath McFarland


  84. Leanne stone

    i will say stu the seahorse – as the female lays her eggs in a pouch in the males belly – therefore a male hatches the eggs!!!

  85. Leanne stone

    i will go spider, or dinosaur too

  86. Leanne stone

    dragon woulod be awesome to see, as would a stegosaurus or a spider or a seahorse!!! please just put us out of our misery!!

  87. DEB

    Is Stu a Duck?????

  88. Rachael

    Seahorse would be cool, as would dinosaur.

  89. Rachael

    Stu the Sea Serpent!!!

  90. Sarah

    I wonder if Stu is a bat

  91. Deb

    Coul Stu be a Shark????? Just putting it out there…… hmmmmm……. keep thinking??????

  92. Helen

    Dragon! I want a dragon!

  93. Rebekah Dundon

    A cat ?

  94. Rebekah Dundon

    OOps -lays eggs!! a fish?

  95. Cleo Weber

    Stegosaurus Stu!

  96. Tara

    another guess have to go with stegasaurus

  97. Allie

    Stu the sea turtle?

  98. Marie

    Is it a turtle?

  99. Pauline

    Hey everyone, this is so exciting – so many clever guesses – I will let everyone know tomorrow!!! Thanks for taking part and the lovely feedback too!! : )

  100. anne

    now my guess has to be a hen or may be a snake

  101. Rosa Davisson

    If my guess isn’t too late-I’m thinking it might be a lizard of some sorts, maybe an iguana?