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Free memory bear pattern feedback and another free pattern announcement!!!

Posted under A day in my lifeBlogCharityCompetitions & GiveawaysFFF News on 2020-04-25 17:19:50

I have been inspired by the heartfelt messages I received in response to my offering my Calico Bear for FREE to anyone who wants to sew a memory bear during lockdown. Lots of people told me they are going to use the free memory bear pattern to sew lovely keepsakes with their “kiddos” and grand kids. Lots of people said they’d use the pattern to sew gifts for their local first-responders and front-line healthcare workers and sadly some people are making bereavement bears too. LOTS of people said they’d be making sewing toys for charity – like Dorothy who’s husband was lucky to have caught the virus and S-U-R-V-I-V-E-D!!!!!  🙂

Thank you so much for the free bear pattern. My husband was in hospital for 2 weeks and part of the time ICU. He was very sick from COVID 19. He survived and is home now with me and I am so thankful! Dorothy J Erwin

I know that sewing takes MY mind off the crisis so it’s been lovely to be able to share this pattern with the crafting community that has supported me over the years… I was so inspired by the emails I received, I’ve been working on another pattern hack for Calico Bear….

Can you guess what it is????

(There’s a clue in the baby clothes I’m using to make this keepsake…)

Unicorn Pattern Hack


AND because it’s not a whole new pattern – just a small adaptation of my existing Calico Bear Pattern – I am going to give you this Pattern Hack Pattern for FREE!!!!  🙂

Any guesses?

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Free pattern for a Memory Bear!

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I realized it’s been 4 weeks that I’ve been in isolation since I flew back from Brisbane last month…. and the world has completely changed since then in ways I could never have imagined! I think a lot of us are battling to come to grips with our new reality.

PIC: Calico bear sewn by Shirls Smith.


I’ve been battling a roller-coaster of emotions myself as the Covid-crisis has exploded around the world…. from disbelief to shock and horror and despair and depression, thinking of so many people dying and the ONLY thing you can do to help is try NOT to get infected yourself!?

What has really lifted MY spirits has been seeing the wonderful ways people are reaching out to others even when we can’t be together, finding ways to help each other stay positive AND busy while we all wait to see what happens…

I want to do my bit
to add some cheer and

Calico Bear has been one of my most popular patterns for making a Memory Bear and I thought this would be the most universally popular pattern…. so I am giving away my Calico Bear Pattern to anyone who wants to make a memory bear during this lock down so we can sew lovely keepsakes to keep us SANE!

A FREE memory bear pattern 2020


If you’ve ever wanted to
try making a memory bear ~
now is the time!

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Watch a fun toy making SEW-ALONG from Shannon Fabrics!

Posted under A day in my lifeBlogFFF News on 2020-04-19 15:09:37

The fabulous folks at Shannon Fabrics, the maker of the Cuddle fabric brand (and other fabulous fabrics for making Funky Friends) hosted an Ellie Elephant Sew-along last week as part of their “Sew Together” series.


Video SEW ALONG Shannon Fabrics

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Designers sewing masks and lifting spirits! :D

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My friend Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis is an Island Batik fabric designer and they, like so many quilters and stitchers, have been sewing fabric masks for local medical care providers.

*** If you are looking for a free mask pattern
to sew your own or donate to health care workers  –
  Adventurous Quilter has a FREE PDF pattern for sewing masks
on their Blog here!


The Adventurous Quilter FREE PDF mask pattern


With all the doom and gloom we’re being bombarded with on the news, it’s lovely to see the crafting community is helping relieve the mask shortages and keep spirits up!

So who are these
masked designers???


Designers sewing fabric masks


Click the links below to find out more about these lovely designers and the masks they’re making on their blogs here ~>>>

Masked Designers lineup:

Links to mask patterns and tutorials –

Beaquilter –
Canton Village Quilt Works –
Adventurous Quilter –

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Memory Bear making workshops in the UK

Posted under A day in my lifeBlogFFF News on 2019-11-27 09:41:20

I am excited to be working with a lovely customer of mine who is running workshops in the UK, to teach people how to sew lovely keepsakes from baby clothes.

Cheryl is a foster carer who began to sew lovely keepsakes, made from my Funky Friends Factory patterns, for her foster children so they had a special memory to take with them when they move on to their forever homes. She kept getting asked to make keepsakes for other people and realised that if she kept going she could turn her hobby and love of sewing into a business… and that’s how Bear in mind Keepsakes started!

Giraffe animal keepsake - Bear in Mind Keepsakes


Cheryl had an idea to share her love of sewing keepsakes with her community by offering workshops and so we have set her up as a Funky Friends Factory wholesale customer so she can purchase patterns to teach classes with the Funky Friends Factory patterns.


Keepsake Bear Workshop - Bear in Mind Keepsakes and Funky Friends Factory


How does it work – how can you join a workshop?

Please contact Cheryl Lally either via the BEAR In Mind Keepsakes website or via the BEAR In Mind Keepsakes Facebook Page.

Cheryl is offering a beginners class teaching the basic skills to sew your own keepsake bear from my Melody Memory Bear pattern. The cost of the class includes your own printed original pattern to take home with you so you can make more  memory bears after the class!



Cheryl chose to use this pattern for her workshops because she finds this has been her most popular keepsake requested by her own customers but she also makes lots of different animal keepsakes from my other Funky Friends Factory patterns and may do classes with these as a follow on down the track.


I LOVE these treasured keepsakes Cheryl has made from my Timmy T-rex dinosaur Pattern!

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