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Kangaroo sewing pattern phototutorial

My Joey Junior Kangaroo sewing pattern is my NEWEST Australian soft toy pattern and I think he’s going to popular with children of all ages but especially as a baby toy as he has the cutest little baby kangaroo face! I’ve put together a photo tutorial so you can see how to sew your own stuffed toy kangaroo ~> scroll down for step-by-step photos!

baby kangaroo sewing pattern


The FULL PATTERN IS NOT included here.


I have made this photo tutorial so people who have purchased the pattern can SEE how to sew this stuffed toy kangaroo! (I wanted to explain this so you are not disappointed if you have found this page via a search engine and not from the link in my Joey Junior Kangaroo toy sewing pattern!)


Choose some fabric to sew a kangaroo!

Joey Junior does not need to be BROWN – he looks great in ALL sorts of colours! I had this adorable Australian animals fabric I found a while ago. I think ‘dotty’ Aboriginal fabric would be great for a kangaroo too.

Australian fabric

Let’s start with the TUMMY:


Sew the dart in the TUMMY PIECE. (The fabric looks faded in this photo because the piece is folded with the fabric right sides together to sew the dart!)



Sew the BASE PIECE to the TUMMY PIECES, from D – E – D.

Kangaroo joey junior base



Sew the INSIDE LEG PIECES to the TUMMY PIECES from C to D, matching the star pattern marking.

inside leg


Pin one of the OUTSIDE LEG PIECES to one of the INSIDE LEG PIECES.

sew legs


Sew the OUTSIDE LEG PIECES to the INSIDE LEG PIECES. Repeat on the other side.

* I have shown this with the dashed line in the photo below.



Sew the ARM PIECES together in pairs. Clip the curved seam well then turn the ARMS right sides out.

sew arms


Stuff the ‘hands’ with some toy stuffing, leave the back 25mm/1inch un-stuffed so the ARMS will lie flat.

* I have shown this with the dashed lines in the photo below.

stuff arms


Pin the ARMS to the TUMMY PIECE using the pattern markings to guide you with their position.

pin arms to tummy



Sew the BODY PIECES together from S – H.

sew body


Pin and sew the BODY PIECES to the TUMMY and LEG PIECES from G – J, with the ARMS sandwiched in between.

TIP: Use LOTS of pins to stop the pieces from slipping as you sew. Sew with the TUMMY PIECES up so you can smooth out any wrinkles/puckers as you sew.

* I have shown this with the dashed lines in the photo below.

sew body to tummy and legs

STEP 10a

Pin the INSIDE LEG and OUTSIDE LEG PIECE together at the back of one LEG from K – D and continue pinning the BASE PIECE to the BODY PIECE on the same side from D – L.

pin kangaroo at base

STEP 10b

Sew this side closed from K – D – to the dot pattern marking at L. (*Do not sew all the way to the edge of the BASE PIECE at L, stop at the dot pattern marking.*)

STEP 11a

Fold BASE PIECE at L , as shown on the pattern markings, before you pin the other side.

fold base pieces at L

STEP 11b

Pin the LEG PIECES on the other side from K – D, pin the BASE PIECE to the BODY PIECE from D – L and, this time, continue to pin the BODY PIECES closed up to H. Sew this side closed from K – D – L – H.

* I have shown this with the dashed line in the photo below.

sew closed at base and tail



Pin and sew the FOOT PAD PIECES to the LEG PIECES.

sew the footpads

TIP: I have a photo tutorial on my blog with step-by-step photos how to sew perfect feet without any ugly wrinkles! ~>

How to sew perfect plushie feet



Sew the HEAD PIECES together from A – B.


Sew the GUSSET PIECE to the HEAD PIECES from M – A – M.

TIP: Sew with the GUSSET PIECE down. Use LOTS of pins especially at the front of the GUSSET PIECE, this will help prevent wrinkles. Don’t worry if you get some wrinkles here – they will get covered with the felt NOSE PIECE later!

sew gusset


If you are using CRAFT EYES insert them now.

craft eyes

TIP: I have a great tutorial for how to insert craft eyes on my blog! ~>

Craft eyes tutorial - how to insert

STEP 16a

Sew the EAR PIECES together, one in main fabric and one in contrasting fabric, turn them right side out.

pin ears

STEP 16b

Fold the sides of the EAR PIECES in to the centre at the open edge. Pin or hand sew each ear in this position so they won’t slip when you sew them in place.fold ears


Pin the EARS to the FACE PIECES, with the contrast fabric touching the FACE PIECES.

pin ears to face

* Use the dot pattern markings to guide you.

ear diagram


Sew the BACK HEAD PIECES together from T – P.

** Do NOT sew the pieces from P and O so it’s easy to sew the HEAD to the BODY! **

sew back head


Sew the HEAD & GUSSET PIECE to the BACK HEAD PIECES, matching point T.

pin head

STEP 20a

Turn the HEAD right sides out and place it inside the BODY so you can pin the pieces right sides together at the neck seam.

head to body

STEP 20b

Pin and sew the neck seam. 🙂

neck seam pinned


Turn the HEAD wrong sides out again and sew the kangaroo at the back from P – Q – R on the BODY PIECES, leaving it open between R and S for turning.

sew closed at back


STEP 22a

Turn the kangaroo right sides out. Stuff the head really firmly with toy stuffing, especially the nose area.

stuff the nose well!

STEP 22b

Stuff the tail and feet firmly then the knees and neck areas, and finally the rest of the body.

stuff tail and body

TIP: A children’s paint brush is a fantastic stuffing tool – especially for pushing small bits of toy stuffing into skinny places like the tail tip!


Sew the stuffing gap closed on the BODY PIECES. Use a double strand of machine thread and make your stitches as small as you can to make it nice and neat!

ladder stitch toy closed


Cut out the NOSE PIECE from felt, using the template. Pin (or use a non-toxic glue to stick) the nose in position, and then sew it in place with embroidery thread.

sew kangaroo toy nose

TIP: If you are sewing the kangaroo toy for a baby or child under the age of 3 years old, embroider 2 black circles for the eyes or use felt circles for the eyes. Attach them the same way as you did the nose

Your Roo is ready to LOVE!


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