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How to sew a flat cap for a teddy bear!

I have been asked to design a flat cap pattern by people sewing my teddy bear patterns. I have created this step-by-step photo tutorial so you can see how to sew my FREE flat cap sewing pattern…


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step-by-step photos!



There are so many variations and names for the simple flat cap – Gatsby cap, ivy cap, driving cap, sixpence cap, duckbill cap, paddy cap, cabbie cap, golf cap, bicycle cap and peaky blinders hat!?!?😯 It was almost too confusing so I chose the version with the 6-pieced top like Thomas Shelby wore in Peaky Blinders.



Choose fabric for your flat cap:

Traditionally flat caps are made out of thick, warm tweed or wool. You can sew this flat cap from most fabrics BUT I recommend soft fabrics that will give you a floppy (sloppy?) look. Corduroy fabric is awesome for a flat cap as it’s soft and will flop nicely. Soft denim or cotton fabrics can be good too – only if they’re not too stiff!


Some really cool feedback pics of the flat cap:

Look at this smart fellow sewn by Natalie Booysens.


This adorable Buttons the BEST DRESSED Bear sewn by Jennifer Taylor
look how cute a flat cap is in stripes!

Click HERE to buy the BEST DRESSED Bear pattern.



I think of Ben the BEGINNER Bear as my ‘baby bear’ BUT even he looks great wearing a flat cap!
This keepsake bear was sewn by Sue Plant.


Ben the BEGINNER Bear sewn by Jude Law
– love the purple flat cap!!! 💜


The flat cap pattern ALSO looks great in black and white too!
Ben the BEGINNER Bear
sewn by Jennifer Churcher.

Click HERE to buy the BEGINNER Bear pattern.


Right, let’s get sewing!


Flat Cap sewing Pattern instructions:

I designed a 6-pieced top flat cap pattern because I think this makes a really easy flat cap. ALL 6 pieces of the flap cap top, are the SAME shape. 


Download my free flat cap sewing pattern for teddy bears and toys!

The sewing  instructions are HERE
(on this page!)
Scroll down to see HOW to sew a flat cap!


FREE Flat Cap Pattern




Sew 2 of the CAP PIECES together along the side.



Sew a 3rd CAP PIECE to the side of one of the 1st two pieces. to form one side of the cap. 



Repeat step 1a and 1b for the remaining three CAP PIECES.

TIP: You now have 2 halves of the cap sewn.


Sew the 2 halves of the CAP PIECES together along the sides, to form the top of the flat cap.



Cut 1 PEAK PIECE from medium interfacing and iron it to the wrong side of the fabric.

TIP: Test the iron on a scrap of fabric first to make sure it’s not too hot. You don’t want to melt the fabric like I did first time! 😱 You can prevent melting by covering the fabric with a piece of calico/muslin (or similar cotton fabric) when you iron on the interfacing.



Pin the fabric piece with the interfacing PEAK PIECE ironed to it, to another piece of fabric, with the RIGHT SIDES FACING TOGETHER. Sew around the outside of the PEAK PIECE.


Cut out the PEAK PIECES leaving a 3mm seam allowance around the outside.


Turn the PEAK right sides out, pin it closed along the open edge and sew it closed, with a 3mm(1/8 inch) seam allowance. 


Pin the PEAK to the right sides of the CAP PIECES, matching up the middle of the PEAK with the middle of one of the CAP PIECES and sew the PEAK to the right sides of the CAP PIECES



Sew the PEAK to the right sides of the CAP PIECES



Pull the PEAK out of the cap. Transfer the sewing line to the PEAK PIECE.



Push the PEAK back inside the CAP and pin it to the right sides of the CAP PIECES. Sew the PEAK to the CAP PIECES along the peak sewing line.

TIP: This is difficult to sew as you have to hold the other cap pieces out of the way as you sew. If this is too hard, you can sew the PEAK to the CAP PIECES by hand.



Sew around the unfinished edges with a zig-zag stitch (or a serger/overlocker).



Fold the CAP PIECES in, about 12mm(½ inch), to form a ‘hem’.



Sew a line of stitching 12mm (½ inch) in from the edge to hold the the edge under.

TIP: Make sure to sew onto the PEAK a little bit on each side to hold it under at the edges.


Pin the Flat Cap onto your teddy bear. Make sure to pin it above one ear (see the purple arrow in the photo below) and below the other ear (see the green arrow in the photo below). 



Hand sew the flat cap in place by hand. 


STEP 12a

Push the cap down so it covers the head like a flat cap. 


STEP 12b

Pin the sides down and when you are happy with how the flat cap is looking – sew them to the head in this position.

TIP: If you absolutely hate hand sewing I guess you could use fabric glue (or a hot glue gun) to secure the flat cap to your bear’s head. 

Your teddy bear
(in his dashing flat cap)
 is ready to LOVE!



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