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See how to sew a cute witch doll with my new Halloween sewing pattern!

I had so much fun designing my Witch sewing pattern, choosing the Halloween fabrics for her and sewing her together.

I made this photo tutorial so you can see how to sew my Sewing Pattern ~> scroll down for step-by-step photos!

Witch sewing pattern Pauline McArthur funkyfriendsfactory


I have made this photo tutorial so people who have purchased the pattern can SEE how to sew this witch doll sewing pattern! (I wanted to explain this so you are not disappointed if you have found this page via a search engine and not from the link in my Whitney Witch sewing pattern!)

Right, let’s sew a cute
Halloween witch!




Trace the pattern markings for the witch’s FACE PIECE onto the *** RIGHT*** side of the fabric!

Trace witch's face


Sew the EAR PIECES together in pairs.

sew witch ears


Trim the seam allowance to 3mm (1/8 inch) and turn the EARS right sides out.

TIP: This is my SPECIAL TINY PIECES TURNING TRICK! Use a ballpoint pen! Take it apart, push the hollow pen tube inside the EAR PIECES then push the fabric ‘into’ the tube with the inner bit of the pen. (If the pen is covered with ink, use a tooth pick or chopstick instead). Push the EAR PIECES right sides out, over the inner bit of the pen – it’s SO EASY! 🙂

trim and turn ears trick


Pin the EARS to the FACE PIECE.

pin ears to face


Sew the NECK PIECES together from A – B.

sew neck


Pin the NECK PIECES to the FACE PIECE matching point A.

pin neck to witch's face

TIP: I like to do one side at a time. Use lots of pins – this is a very important seam as it’s on the doll’s face so you want it to be neat,smooth and even with no wrinkles of course!

pin the neck


Baste (tack) the seam allowance to the NECK PIECES. You can leave this step out if you like BUT I like to do this because it keeps this seam allowance flat and all facing the same direction when you stuff the doll’s head which gives the face a nice smooth finish.

*** IF you are using craft eyes insert them now.

Baste or tack the seam away from the face

Next we sew some witches boots:


* FOR THE TUTORIAL I will be sewing the witch’s BOOTS in  cream fabric
so you can SEE where I am sewing – >
BUT your boots must be sewn in BLACK!!!!

witch boots sewing pattern

Sew the BOOT PIECES together in pairs from C – D.

sew the witches boots

TIP: I like to finger-press all the seams of the witches boots as I go along because this makes sure you get a nice neat shape!

fingerpress the boot pieces


Pin the HEEL PIECE to the BOOT PIECES matching point D at the back.

sew heel



Sew these pieces together with the HEEL PIECE down so you can watch out for any wrinkles and smooth them out as you sew this seam.

sew with the heel down



Smooth the seams by finger-pressing them….


finger press heel


Pin and sew the SOLE PIECE to the HEEL PIECE, matching point E. Do NOT sew right to the edges of the fabric of the SOLE PIECE.

sew sole


Sew the SOLE PIECE to the BOOT PIECE on one side first. Stop at the dot pattern marking, again do NOT sew to the edge of the fabric of the SOLE PIECE.

sew sole on other side


Pin and sew the SOLE PIECE to the BOOT PIECE on the other side and continue sewing the BOOT PIECES together at the front up to point F.

sew sole


Open up the BOOT PIECES and pin them to the bottom of the LEG PIECE, matching point F.

sew witch's leg


Fold, pin and sew the witch’s BOOT and LEG together at the back, leaving the top of the LEG open for stuffing.

sew back of witch leg


Turn the boot and leg right sides out and stuff the boot very firmly with toy stuffing. Fill the legs up to about 1½ cm (½ inch) below the ‘knee-sewing-line’. To make the ‘knees’ you need to pin the LEG PIECES flat, with the seam at the back, and then sew from the back to the front of the legs, a few times, along the ‘knee-sewing-line’.

stuff lower part of leg

TIP: The knee must look ‘very skinny’ (thin) from the front… or you have pinned it wrong!


Fill the top part of the legs with toy stuffing to about 1½ cm (½ inch) from the top. Pin the legs closed at the top so that the seam is in the centre at back. Repeat for the other leg.

stuff the top part of the LEG


Pin the legs to the FRONT PIECE using the pattern markings to guide you. Sew the FRONT PIECE to the BASE PIECE with the LEGS pinned in between and matching point G.

sew base to front - legs in between

Now for some WITCH arms.

STEP 18a

Pin the INNER ARM PIECES and OUTER ARM PIECES together in pairs. (NOTE: The top of the OUTER ARM PIECE is wider than the top of the INNER ARM PIECE – it is meant to be like this!)

pin the arms


STEP 18b

Stuff the ARMS up to about 1½ cm (½ inch) from the top.

stuff arms


STEP 18c

Fold and pin the ARMS closed at the top so that the seam is in the centre.

pin arms


Pin the witch’s ARMS to the FRONT PIECE.

pin arms to front



Check that the ARMS and LEGS are positioned correctly. The witch’s thumbs point up towards the head and the knees are very skinny when you look at the doll from the front. (Oh, AND also check that the BOOTS are the right way too – heels to the BACK!!!)
check arms and legs

STEP 20a

Pin and sew the witch’s BACK PIECES to the FRONT PIECE, along the side seam, with the ARMS in between. Stop at L (see the pattern markings!)

pin back and front pieces


STEP 20b

Pin the BACK PIECES together at the top and use an elastic band to hold the BOOTS together. This will make it much easier to sew the side seams!

secure legs and back pieces

Now for the head.


Pin the NECK PIECES to the FRONT & BACK PIECES along the neck seam.

pin face and neck to front

TIP: This is a very important seam, so sew slowly, lifting your sewing machine foot to smooth out any wrinkles!

sew neck to back and front


Pin and sew the back of the witch’s NECK and BACK PIECES. Sew from H  – K – J (on the BACK PIECES).

pin back of neck

Let’s sew a cool witch’s hat!

STEP 23a

Pin and sew the BRIM PIECES together around the outer edge. Trim this seam allowance to 3mm (1/8 inch) and turn the BRIM right sides out.

with's hat brim


STEP 23b

Use a chopstick or the end of a paintbrush to make sure the seam is turned nicely then pin the outer edge of the BRIM PIECES flat and sew a line of top-stitching 5mm (half an inch) in from the outer edge. This keeps them flat and adds a nice decorative touch if you sew it in a purple thread!

turn with's hat brim


STEP 23c

Fold the BRIM PIECES in half and use 2 pins to mark the centre front and centre back of the inner edge. Turn the witch’s head right sides out again. (Her eyes should be looking out at you!!!)


STEP 23d

Pin the BRIM to the FACE & NECK PIECES at the back and the front. Match one of the pins with the middle of the FACE PIECE and the other with the seam of the NECK PIECES at the back of the head (See the 2 red pins!)

pin brim to face


STEP 23e

Pin and sew the the BRIM to the FACE & NECK PIECES. Sew this seam with the FACE & NECK PIECES facing UP so you can

watch out for wrinkles!

sew the BRIM



Check that the BRIM is sewn on correctly BEFORE you go on – your little witch should look like this – >

check brim


STEP 23f

Turn head right side in (her eyes will be on the inside now) so that the HAT BRIM is inside the head. You might think it’s not possible to fit the BRIM inside the head but it’s actually quite easy  – just push/stuff it in!

turn head right sides out again

STEP 24a

Sew a line of stitching on the top edge of the HAT BAND.

sew a line of stitching on the BRIM


STEP 24b

Using this line of stitching as a guide, fold the top edge of the HAT BAND over to form a hem. Use LOTS of pins to hold the hem in place.

pin BRIM


STEP 24c

Pin the HAT BAND on top of the HAT PIECE, aligning the bottom edges. Top-stitch the HAT BAND in place, 2mm down from the folded edge.

Sew brim onto hat


STEP 24d

Sew the darts in the HAT PIECE. (I have added some bright orange dashed lines to show you where to stitch.)

sew darts in witch hat


STEP 24e

Sew the witch’s HAT PIECE together at the side seam.  (Again, I have added some bright orange dashed lines to show you where to stitch.) Trim the seam allowance at the very tip of the witch’s HAT.

sew sides of witch hat

STEP 25a

Turn the HAT right sides out and push the hat (tip-first!) inside the witch’s head.

witch hat goes inside head


STEP 25b

Line up the side seam of the HAT & HAT BAND with the pattern marking on one of the NECK PIECES. (This can be on either side.)

line up hat

TIP: If you haven’t marked this, you can measure and place the side seam of the HAT about 4cm (1½ inches) back from the FACE/NECK seam.


STEP 25c

Use LOTS of pins to pin the HAT in place, there are a lot of layers and you don’t want them to slip.

DON’T SEW this seam YET,
there’s more to ADD!

hat pinned inside witch's head

Let’s get the HEAD on this cute little witch!

STEP 26a

Fold, pin and sew the darts on the HEAD PIECE. Fold, pin and sew the HEAD PIECE together along the back seam. (Sew from the top of the head to H at the back.)

pin head piece


STEP 26b


pin head to hat


STEP 26c

Match point H at the back and point M at the front as you pin the HEAD PIECE in place.

head pinned to hat

TIP: Re-pin the pins, that are holding the HAT in place, as well as adding new pins in between! You want to make sure you secure ALL the layers of fabric – it would be a REAL PAIN to unpick and sew this seam again if they did!


I sew around the head twice then sew a zig-zag over the seam allowance to secure all the layers of fabric.

*** PLEASE use pink thread, NOT BLACK,  like I did! The black thread showed through the fabric of the FACE PIECE and I wasn’t very happy with that!!!! 🙁

zig-zag - but use pink!

Right, let’s sew her up!

STEP 28a

Push the arms and legs up towards the head so that they are out of your way so you can pin the BACK PIECES together at the bottom.

Pin back pieces


STEP 28b

Sew the BACK PIECES together from N – O. (The arms and legs are left sticking out of the turning/stuffing gap!)

Pinned back pieces together


STEP 28c

Pin and sew the BACK PIECES to the BASE PIECE matching point O.

Pin the back pieces to front pieces


Turn the witch right sides out through the gap left in the BACK PIECES. Stuff the witch’s head very firmly with toy stuffing then fill the body.

Sew the stuffing gap closed with a ladder stitch.

Turn and stuff the witch's head and body

TIP: I like to use a children’s paint brush to push the toy stuffing into the doll. It is great for pushing the stuffing up into the head and for compacting the stuffing to remove any gaps, lumps or bumps!

Your witch needs a Pinafore:

STEP 30a

Cut a piece of purple fabric for the pinafore SKIRT PIECE 10cm x 50cm wide (4 x 20inches wide). Zig-zag right around this piece then fold and sew a 12mm (half inch) hem along the bottom and both sides of the SKIRT PIECE.


STEP 30b

Sew 2 rows of gathering stitches along the top of the SKIRT PIECE. (I use the longest stitch length on my sewing machine for this.) Pull on the threads to gather the skirt so that it is about  25mm (1 inch) shorter than the BAND PIECE.


STEP 30c

Pin the SKIRT PIECE to one of the BAND PIECES. Leave about 12mm (a half inch) free of gathers on each end. Adjust the gathers so they are spread out evenly along the BAND PIECE.


STEP 30d

Fold the STRAPS PIECES in half  along the length and sew the sides together. Turn the STRAPS PIECE right sides out and press them flat.


STEP 30e

Pin the STRAP PIECES to the SKIRT BAND. Mark the middle of the BAND PIECE and pin the pointy bit of the STRAPS about 12mm (1½ inch) out from this so they are about 25mm (1 inch ) apart.


STEP 30f

Pin the other side of the STRAP PIECES to the BAND PIECE, using the photo to guide you.


STEP 30g

Pin the pointy bit of the STRAP PIECES 12mm (half inch) in from the end of the BAND PIECE so that it is in line with the edge of the SKIRT PIECE.


STEP 30h

Pin the 2nd BAND PIECE on top of the first, right sides together, with the STRAPS in between. Sew the BAND PIECES together along the pinned edge and also along both sides.

witch pinafore straps


STEP 30i

Trim the ‘corner’ of the seam allowance of the BAND PIECES so they will turn more easily and neatly.


STEP 30j

Turn under the bottom of the 2nd BAND PIECE and hand sew this down to finish off the BAND.


STEP 30k

Sew on a snap or some Velcro and add a decorative button to cover you stitching.

And she needs a witch’s CAPE too:


Cut a piece of black fabric 16cm x 28cm wide (6.5 inches x 11 inches wide) for the CAPE PIECE. Zig-zag around the edge of the CAPE. Fold and sew a 12mm (half inch) hem on both sides of the CAPE PIECE. Fold and sew a 25mm (1inch ) hem at the bottom of the CAPE PIECE. Do the same for the top of the CAPE PIECE and leave the hem open at the sides to form a casing.

Cut a piece of ribbon 75 cm (30inches) long and thread this through the casing. Use the ribbon to gather the fabric at the casing and then tie this around the witch’s neck. I used 15mm ribbon (just a bit wider than half inch ribbon)

witch's cape

Sewing the face:


Sew the witch’s mouth and nose with a double strand of embroidery thread. Use a small, neat back stitch. Add some freckles if you like with some French knots.

*** IF you are embroidering the witch’s eyes do them now.

sew witches face

Felt pieces:


Cut the BUCKLE PIECES from felt. Place a black felt square onto one of the gold squares and sew them together. Glue or sew these in place, one on the HAT BAND and one on the outside of each boot.Cut the felt (Don’t forget to cut it on a fold, in one piece so there is no ‘join’ at the front of the face!)

Cut the HAIR PIECE from brown felt. (Don’t forget to cut it on a fold, in one piece so there is no ‘join’ at the front of the face!)

Pin the HAIR PIECE onto your doll. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the felt to make tassels for the hair. When you are happy with your witch’s haircut, glue the felt in place with fabric glue. I like to add some invisible stitches in brown to make sure the hair is extra secure!

witch's hair from felt

Your witch is ready to LOVE!!!

I can’t wait to see




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Till next time,

Happy Sewing,