Harmony Art Organic Fabric GIVEAWAY ~ plus a Funky Friends Factory free pattern of your choice!!!

It’s been a long-time since I first got to meet Harmony in person. She is the fabric designer behind the Harmony Art organic fabric range and she popped into my booth when I was at Quilt Market in Houston… and she really is as lovely as she looks! πŸ˜€

Harmony Susalla - Harmony Art Organic Fabric
So when Harmony told me she had designed a giraffe print organic fabric and suggested we do a fabric and pattern GIVEAWAY, I said of COURSE!!! πŸ˜€

NOW you can sew your own

toy giraffe!


Giraffe pattern - Harmony Art giraffe print fabric


So, what can you win?

You can win some organic fabric AND and a FREE Funky Friends Factory pattern of YOUR CHOICE – it doesn’t HAVE to be Raff the Giraffe because I know a lot of you already have that pattern and I want EVERYONE to have a chance to win a free pattern! 

Harmony Art fabric giveaway


How do you enter?



When I see how pleased people are when they’ve sewn a toy themselves – it makes me smile! This week I have decided to share some of the cool customer versions of my soft toys…

to inspire YOU to sew some super cool softies yourself!


First up is this divine Tula Pink Pinkerville Hobby Horse sewn by Shazz McHArry using my Hobby Horse sewing pattern and the NEW Tula Pink Pinkerville fabric!! I am a mad-Tula Pink fan so this Hobby Horse turned into a unicorn made my day! πŸ˜€

Tula Pink Pinkerville Hobby Horse sewn by SHazz McHArry




Next is a gorgeous version of Raff the Giraffe toy pattern sewn by Cooks Curious Crafts. She sews LOTS of Funky Friends Factoy toys and you can see them in her Etsy Shop… I love her unique toy blocks! πŸ˜€

Giraffe toy pattern


Next is a really sweet, girly-pink version of my Puppy Dog Pete toy pattern sewn by Jill Toevs. She made this cuddly soft toy pup for her new granddaughter. I think Puppy Pete looks very sweet in pink!


Puppy Pete sewn by Jill Toevs



Some of you have noticed that I am no longer selling posted items (like printed patterns and toy-making supplies like Craft Eyes) on my website so I want to let you know why… Maybe you missed this blog post about us moving to the country? It’s completely different to where we lived in Brisbane. It’s lush and green, cold and rainy and when you drive to the end of the road to get the mail ~>

there are

driving to the post box


Driving 40 minutes into town (and 40mins home)  to go to the post office every day kinda defeats the purpose of moving to the country for a quieter life! πŸ˜„ So that’s why I decided NOT to have any posted items on my website anymore.

Don’t worry – you can STILL BUY printed patterns and Craft Eyes –  let me tell you HOW!


ALL my Funky Friends Factory printed (paper) patterns are availableVoodoo Rabbit Fabric who will be my distributor for printed Funky Friends Factory Patterns.



When I left Brisbane… I left ALL my hundreds of great quality Craft Eyes with Kylie too. Now you can buy these awesome Craft Eyes from Voodoo Rabbit Fabric website or you can visit them in their really cool store in Annerley.


Kylie Voodoo Rabbit Shop Annerley


Get some craft eyes at a great price!!!

To celebrate the fact that you can still get these AWESOME craft eyes  – Kylie is giving my customers an EXTRA discount on the Toy Maker Eye Value Pack. 

The pack contains 9 different styles of toy eyes (5 pairs of each style of eye) hand-picked by me to suit all my Funky Friends Factory patterns! 


Toy-maker Craft Eyes Pack


Lots of people sew lovely keepsakes with my patterns. All it takes to create a unique gift is some used clothing and a bit of time to recycle them into a special keepsake toy.

Michelle of Bunty’s Basket Keepsakes has been using my pattern to sew lovely keepsakes for her customers. This is her keepsake version of my Easter Bunny Toy Pattern sewn in some cute pink baby clothes.

Keepsake Bunny Toy

Michelle can make you a beautiful memory keepsake bunny as a great alternative to a memory bear from your child’s outgrown baby clothes AND your keepsake comes with a cute adoption certificate! She also offers personalisation as an add on, so you can add your child’s name and date of birth, a birth weight or a short personal message or quote.

Prsonalise Keepsake Toy


This is Michelle’s keepsake version of my Lamkins Lamb Toy Pattern sewn in some cute blue baby clothes. Lamkins is a bit smaller so she recommends him as a great choice if you have small first size baby grows which you wish to have made into a Lamb Keepsake Toy. He comes with his very own adoption certificate too and she can add personalisation with a name and date of birth on his chest.

Keepsake Toy Lamb - Bunty's Basket Keepsakes


This is Michelle’s lovely keepsake version of my Mitch Monkey Toy Pattern sewn using some cute batman baby clothes. She says Mitch the Monkey is a perfect keepsake for a boy or girl to have –

“made out of your very own cheeky monkeys’ clothes!”

Monkey Keepsake Toy

And last but not least I want to highlight Michelle’s lovely keepsake version of my Larry Lion Toy Pattern. Her toys are so beautifully made and I love her sense of humour too –

Your little one will definitely feel safe
with this beautiful beast watching over them! Roar!”

Keepsake Toy Lion - Bunty's Basket Keepsakes


Michelle’s keepsakes are made with the upmost care using her home sewing machine, with cute embroidered details added by hand! Bunty’s Basket Keepsakes can sew lovely keepsakes just for you… or you can use my patterns to use my toy patterns to sew lovely keepsakes of your own!


Aren’t they all ADORABLE?

Pauline McArthur - Funky Friends Factory. .

Till next time,
Happy sewing,



I created my Calico Bear pattern as a Signature Bear in 2013 but over the years I have noticed lots of people sew lovely keepsakes with this bear pattern. All it takes to create a unique gift is some used clothing and a bit of time to recycle some used clothing into a special keepsake toy.

Sadie Davies of Memory Bears By Bonny Bears has been using my pattern to sew lovely keepsakes for her customers…

using baby clothes…

Sew lovely keepsakes with my Calico Bear pattern and baby clothes

school uniforms