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Posted under A day in my lifeBlogNEW Softie Patterns on 2020-01-01 13:50:57

Yeehar! My Bumble the Bee sewing pattern is ready for release to the general public! I wanted to make a BIG, HAPPY, ‘bumbly’ Bee that you’d just want to pick up and HUG! The world needs bees and everyone can have their own cuddly one, too! Bumble has some small bits like feelers, so I’d say this pattern is not great for a beginner… unless you desperately want a bee!

So without further ado ~>
meet Bumble the BEE



Bee pattern


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NEW Kookaburra Pattern!!!!

Posted under A day in my lifeBlogNEW Softie Patterns on 2019-12-08 21:58:30

Yeehar! My Kookaburra sewing pattern is ready for release to the general public! I avoided designing a Kookaburra for ages because I thought that ONLY Australians would know about this kooky bird. When the members of the Sew Many Funky Friends Club voted for a kookaburra as the next Funky Friend they wanted me to design – I finally had to admit I was wrong!

So without further ado ~>




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Memory Bear making workshops in the UK

Posted under A day in my lifeBlogFFF News on 2019-11-27 09:41:20

I am excited to be working with a lovely customer of mine who is running workshops in the UK, to teach people how to sew their own precious memory keepsake bears.

Cheryl is a foster carer who began to sew lovely keepsakes, made from my Funky Friends Factory patterns, for her foster children so they had a special memory to take with them when they move on to their forever homes. She kept getting asked to make keepsakes for other people and realised that if she kept going she could turn her hobby and love of sewing into a business… and that’s how Bear in mind Keepsakes started!

Giraffe animal keepsake - Bear in Mind Keepsakes


Cheryl had an idea to share her love of sewing keepsakes with her community by offering workshops and so we have set her up as a Funky Friends Factory wholesale customer so she can purchase patterns to teach classes with the Funky Friends Factory patterns.


Keepsake Bear Workshop - Bear in Mind Keepsakes and Funky Friends Factory


How does it work – how can you join a workshop?

Please contact Cheryl Lally either via the BEAR In Mind Keepsakes website or via the BEAR In Mind Keepsakes Facebook Page.

Cheryl is offering a beginners class teaching the basic skills to sew your own keepsake bear from my Melody Memory Bear pattern. The cost of the class includes your own printed original pattern to take home with you so you can make more  memory bears after the class!



Cheryl chose to use this pattern for her workshops because she finds this has been her most popular keepsake requested by her own customers but she also makes lots of different animal keepsakes from my other Funky Friends Factory patterns and may do classes with these as a follow on down the track.


I LOVE these treasured keepsakes Cheryl has made from my Timmy T-rex dinosaur Pattern!

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Come meet me in the Sew Let’s Quilt It Shop in Dallas Texas!!!

Posted under A day in my lifeBlogFFF News on 2019-10-04 14:07:32

This is my first EVER ‘fabric shop event’ and it’s going to be in America! I’ll be at Sew Let’s Quilt It in Dallas, Texas, and they’re planning a Q&A session and (a little embarrassingly for me)  a pattern signing session! 😝 I got a chance to visit Patty’s shop after I met her at Quilt Market and I found some gorgeous fabrics for sewing soft toys – which I am looking forward to doing again!




Shop Visit details:

  • Date: October 30th, 2019
  • Place: Sew Let’s Quilt It in Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Time: Exact time 10 – 5pm


Patty has asked people to Sign Up so she knows how many people to cater SNACKS for… 

PLEASE CLICK HERE to let us know
you’re coming to see me!?! 🙂


Sew Let's Quilt This Store visit Dallas

What EXACTLY are we getting up to?

I’ve been invited to spend the day in Patty’s store. Here’s the blurb about the event from their website…

“Come and hang out with Pauline – the fun, toy-sewing, designer behind the Funky Friends Factory as she chats about ALL things toy-making, FUN fabrics, COOL toy-making tools and techniques and shares her best TOP for making the cutest soft toys EVER! A day of Funky Friends Frivolity!!! 🙂 We will be having a ”formal” Q&A session in the morning and afternoon (eg. 11am and 3pm?) BUT you can pop in any time between (store hours) on (Day and Date) because Pauline is going to be spending the WHOLE day in our store!!! (We feel so lucky to have her here BUT she says she’s more than happy to hang out and “play with all the pretty fabric in our store” for the day!!!) We have convinced Pauline to sign copies of her pattern and she would LOVE to help you pic out funky fabrics and haberdashy for your next toy-making project while you are here. Come and share the Funky Friends Factory fun!


Wow – I think that sounds like fun!  haha!!!!!! 😀


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LIVE SEW-ALONG Call 3 – Sew lovely keepsakes with my FREE Calico Teddy Bear Pattern!

Posted under A day in my lifeBlogFFF News on 2019-09-20 22:31:06

We’re celebrating the NEXT intake of our SEWMANYFUNKYFRIENDS Club by opening the Club up to everyone for a FUN NEW LIVE SEW-ALONG!

The third LIVE CALL was all about sewing keepsake bears ~>


Look how cute the basic Calico Bear Signature Bear Pattern looks as a Mini Keepsake Bear.


sew lovely keepsakes with Funky Friends Factory


It’s the exact same pattern – just printed at 80% to make a Mini Keepsake Bear Pattern.


how to resize a mini keepsake bear


The size of the Mini Keepsake Bear is 9inches/23cm SITTING and 11½inches/29cm STANDING (compared to Calico Bear Standard Size printed at 100%  – which is 12inches/30cm SITTING and 16inches/40cm STANDING). 


FREE Mini keepsake bear pattern



during SEW-ALONG week
you can get the
Mini Keepsake Bear Pattern
for FREE!!!!


Then we did a pattern hack to make the teddy bear’s muzzle a different fabric/colour!


muzzle pattern hack


AND we made the keepsake bear from school uniforms to make a uniform keepsake bear. This is a great way to remember your school days, or college days too.



We enlarged the pattern to make a Maxi Keepsake Bear. Again it’s the exact same pattern – just printed at 120% to make an enlarged teddy bear pattern for a larger ‘Maxi’ Keepsake Bear Pattern. Here I got a photo of them side by side for you to see the size difference. 🙂

FREE Maxi Bear Keepsake Pattern


AND… finally, when I managed to get the ‘kids’ to sit still for a photograph… LOL 🙂


What fun!!!!

…and here are all 3 side by side so you can see the difference in size when you print the pattern at 80% (Mini Keepsake Bear Pattern) and print the pattern at 120% (Enlarged, Maxi Bear Pattern).

Calico Bear, Maxi Bear and Mini Keepsake Bear Patterns


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