Australian Wholesale Distributor

I have moved to a rather remote area of Tasmania where the couriers don’t even service! 
So I have set up an Australian distributor for my patterns… Voodoo Bag Hardware had already been wholesaling the toy eyes that I recommend and now they will also be stocking my patterns! 

Kylie Voodoo Rabbit Shop Annerley

Please can you CLICK HERE apply for a wholesale account with Voodoo Bag Hardware and she will set you up with a wholesale account. You will be able to order my patterns directly from the wholesale section of her website as well as the good quality craft eyes that I recommend –


* On the website you’ll see there are also BULK packs of craft eyes of 100 pairs and 250pairs and 500 pairs.


Thank you for your interest in my patterns, I’m excited that you want to have them in your store!!!

Bye for now,