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    Home made Dog Toys Sewing Pattern - ball
    Dog Toys INSTANT DOWNLOAD Sewing Pattern PDF
    Home made Dog Toys Sewing Pattern - bone
    Home made Dog Toys Sewing Pattern

Dog Toys INSTANT DOWNLOAD Sewing Pattern PDF

Using your fabric scraps to make something fun also saves the planet a teensy bit too – less emissions and water used in the manufacture of new fabric, NO emissions from having to drive to the shops, or from an aeroplane flying in your goodies from an overseas manufacturer! Guess my playful Labrador never thought of THAT – she just fell in love with her new toys!

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Dog Toys Pattern Pack Contains:

Splat the Flat Cat (30cm/13" from nose to tail tip)
Please do not be upset or hate me for this apparent cat abuse! I am ACTUALLY a CAT person but I love my 2 doggies too! : )

Magic Fabric Balls (3 sizes - Chihuahua, Spaniel and Great Dane!)
I call these balls ‘magic’ as it seems incredible that they only have one seam (!) , it feels like magic when you sew and sew and sew and end up at the beginning where you started! They are also magic because you need so little fabric to make something such FUN!

Fabric Bones (20cm/7")
Not as tasty as the real thing, but will last MUCH longer! The Fabric Bones have a separate pattern for Stretch and NON-stretch fabrics. The size of the bones will also depend on the stretchiness of your fabric.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD Soft Toy Sewing Pattern includes:

  • Ready to print sewing pattern (no need to resize)
  • A colour picture of the completed Funky Friend toy
  • A full list of material requirements
  • Layout diagram
  • Easy to follow instructions


The Magic Balls and Fabric Bones dog toys can be made in stretch or NON-stretch fabrics . The 'Splat the Flat Cat' dog toy needs to be made from fleece or a stretchy/ knit type fabric.

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