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Diary of a beginner toy making – Heather Hippo

May 7, 2012 | A day in my life, Blog, Toy-making TIPS & TUTORIALS

Hi, It’s me, Jo again….

Since I became a part of the team at the Funky Friends Factory, I have been sewing my way through the Funky Friends Factory patterns so I know what it is like to sew EACH one.

So far I have tried – Silly Scrap Snake , Plattie the Platypus, and Cheeky Chook.

I’m so excited to make another Funky Friend! This time I will try to sew Heather HIPPO.

I decided on some pink and yellow FLOWERY fabric with bright yellow for my contrasting fabric – a nice bright cheerful combination, don’t you think?

I quickly sewed  the front and the back body pieces together,  followed by the front and back legs to the tummy piece.  After that I sew the tail and turned it right sides out. I put some stuffing in the tail and I pinned it to the back body pieces.

Wow that’s fast!!!

Everything was going smoothly until….

hippo snout 1

I mucked up the snout!!

It was because the snout is has curves and my mistake – well, the fabric slipped and so there was a hole in the side of the snout! Then I remembered what Pauline is always saying, to use lots of pins and use the SLOWLY, SLOWLY approach!

hippo snout pinnedYeah what an improvement???!!

After about an hour I have successfully sewed the snout, gusset and the ears together. I have decided to sew the eyes first before continuing as I will not be using these small black buttons instead os embroidereded eyes. Look how cute she’s turning out!

I had a bit of trouble with how to sew the foot pads. Since I’m a beginner, even though I followed the instructions, I still made mistakes and had to rip the seams again!

hippo foot
I remembered that Pauline has created a blog post about this –  How to sew a PERFECT plushie feet . I checked out the photo tutorial and saw how to sew the foot pads and once I saw what I should do, it was MUCH easier.

At last I’m done sewing but how can I turn it right sides out???  Silly me –

I forgot to leave a gap. Hahaha!!!

Oh I didn’t notice the time!! Good thing I have biscuits so I didn’t feel hungry! So after 8 hours and 10 mins…….

I have made a really cute HIPPO!!!

I love the color combination and even though my sewing isn’t perfect it turned out really nice.

I’d love to know what you think of my cheerful hippo?


Till next time,

Happy Sewing,



  1. Kaysi

    Jo should make Honey Teddy! Hasn’t she made her yet?!

  2. shirley Smith

    I think your Heather Hippo is really lovely Jo, congratulations!


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