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FREE knitted sheep pattern for YOU!

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You might think that I ONLY love to SEW toys…. but when I can’t get near my sewing machine,

I also like to KNIT!

So it’s NOT THAT strange that when I was first thinking about my

INSOMNIAC Teddy Bear pattern design, I wanted to make a KNITTING PATTERN for Izzy’s sleepy sheep. I thought it would be FUN for me to be able to knit some sheep while I was up with insomnia in the middle of the night – AND way less noisy than my sewing machine!!!

Sheep pattern knitting

BUT, because I know that some people cannot knit, I designed her a cute sewn sheep instead and I was going to leave it like that,  BUT then,

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FREE Gingerbread Man Sewing Pattern for Christmas!

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Gingerbread Men for EVERYONE!!!!

Gingerbread man softie pattern

As a Christmas Treat I’m giving all the newsletter subscribers “Ginger the Gingerbread Man” Pattern for FREE! NOW, I KNOW some of you have already got Ginger as part of the Slush Snowman Sewing Pattern

BUT hey, I just think

Everyone SHOULD share Christmas with


So if you haven’t already got the “Gingerbread Pattern” you can get it for FREE here this Christmas!

CLICK HERE for the Gingerbread Man Pattern>>

Happy Christmas and ALL the best for 2012!

Pauline McArthur - Funky Friends Factory.

Happy Sewing,



FREE Pattern to make your own soft toys at home!

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Hi, I’m Pauline, and this is me, in my little toy design ”factory”my sewing room!

Free Pattern

Whatever we call them – plush, plushies, stuffed toys, soft toys, softies  – we ALL love them!!! So why shouldn’t ANYONE be able to make their own softies at home?

I have decided to give my Honey Teddy Bear Pattern as a THANK-YOU gift for NEW subscribers to my Funky Friends Factory newsletter. I use this teddy bear as my ‘beginner’s pattern’ because she is great for learning ALL the basics of how to make your own soft toys.

So enter your details to sign up for the Funky Friends Factory NEWSLETTER here.

Then simply stick around… there’s LOTS more Funky stuff coming your way!